This I Do For You

I am not her

I do not have the effortless waves that fall below her shoulders

The works of art created that exceeds any previously set expectations  

The good grades

Top athlete awards

Perfect social status

Or Flawless figure

I am not her

But you love me anyway.


You love me anyway right?

You love my short blonde stringy hair that tangles in the breeze

My attempts at creating music and art that only you will ever experience

My emotional breakdowns

Hectic schedules

Trust issues

Or flawed frame

You love me anyway right?

Because If not I will change.


I will change for you

I will change my diet that consists of endless carbs and unnecessary fat

Hide my excessive breakdowns that prevent me from having thick skin

Adjust my morals

Break my standards

And Push myself

I will change for you.

Because I love you.


Because I love you


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