I remember being happy. Everything seemed perfect until the day that was supposed to be "the happiest day of my life" and from there the happiness began to fade into destain. Hope was the one true reason I stayed, hope that things could all get better for our daughter and maybe even us. After hope ran out, I made a decision that I knew would change our lives forever. I thought that I would walk away from the thoughts that I had about him or at least feel some sort of remorse for actually going through with them. After the decision was made and the deed was done I had absolutely no remorse and I hadn't even lost a wink of sleep. My happiness began to come to light again. I was proud of myself for actually doing something for me and my baby, because it was only right. A week had gone by and I knew that they were going to come look for me after a while, because I was his wife and I was supposed to know where he was at all times. I knew exactly what they wanted to hear, they wanted me to say that he went on vacation or something to the tune of a business trip in hopes that they wouldn't have to tell his mother bad news. She hated him for what he was doing to me and to our daughter and didn't care where he was or why he was there. I waited for them.  When they came to the door, I simply said, "I did it".


** this is not real, just a piece of a book that I began to write and stopped



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