Your Effect

I don't know why I was attracted to you

Its not like you were a good person from the start

But after it was all over, you left me blue

After you left you still made my life fall apart


You came into my life like a bright light in the calm dark

But as time went on your light became a blazing hell fire

You were stuck to me like a birthmark
You said you loved me but when back was turned you labeled me "liar"


You never trusted me, and thought I was a cheat

If I didn't talk from the moment I woke up, i was dead

I knew you had issues, but my emotions were not something for you to beat

You tried to cut off my support, they were legs of my bed


I told you to stop, you ignored my request

You kept cutting, and spoke bad of me to the best of all

I get the green-eyed monster is not the best

But controlling me like you did made things fall


When I told you I loved you, you never listened

I tried to prove it but that was never enough

You pushed my boundaries and things quickly descended

You made me cry and weep, but even then I stayed tough


Even if I was unhappy, I made sure to hide it

I never got jealous, because I trusted you to do right

To you we were Romeo and Juliet, I wouldn't kill myself over you one bit

This love I felt for you felt like a corset fitted tight


Romeo and Juliet, ready to die at the drop of a coin

This is no Shakespeare play, though this poem is almost a sonnet

You were just a parasite I wish that never had chose to join

Your willingness to die over me made me want to vomit


I tried to find my faults, to see if I was the problem

I asked everyone if I did wrong

Everyone saw, I wasn't the same sense Autumn

I finally saw what's been happening all along


You knew we were falling, so you pulled your suicide card

You trapped me in your web of issues that swarmed you brain

No one should ever have a relationship that hard

I still to this day wonder what it is you had to gain


Even though this broke my heart to pieces

Now this issues no longer makes me a mime 

Love no longer reminds me of diseases 

Falling in love is no longer a crime

This poem is about: 
Our world


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