Early Bloomer


Crying, screaming, with a runny nose until your voice is hoarse, 

suffocating slowly from all the noise even though there isn't any force, 

painting your face every morning because you know its time for another show

you step outside and see a flying leaf, its saddening to see it go


If only you could fly away and find a better place

then maybe there would be no need for you to destroy your horrible face

the hatred and disgust  rises once again

and the way you feel right now, you know you can never make amends


you think its your fault and you only blame yourself

if only i was a better person, then maybe they wouldnt have left

then you think about the ways you could make it up

your eyes forms tears once again and you start to hiccup


darling please, it wasnt your fault

they try to instill these phrase into your thoughts

but you know that the trigger was pulled

when you became as stubborn as a bull 


there was never anything sweet or polite

and the demons that hid came out in the night

your voice was stopped and your limbs were bound

the mutts outside didn't even hound


you wanted to apologize, but then again there was no choice

you had to close your mouth and hold in your voice

when you refused to be hurt again they became crazed, ill, and pained

then they threatened their life outside in the rain


when you turned away they pulled the trigger and everything ceased

you shook your head and released your breath, happy to be at peace 


Crying, screaming, with a runny nose until your voice is hoarse

suffocating slowly from the noise even though there is no force

painting your face every morning, because you know its time for another show

you walk outside and breathe the air, now youre ready to go 

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Our world
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