Tue, 07/26/2016 - 19:16 -- Lebo

Pulsating pain shatters her fragile bones
Her mind a whirlpool of thoughts
An engine drone
A burst of heat! She moans
A Jab! A Stab! She groans
Aching for survival
A gentle voice
A tender touch
Surely that is not asking for much
Eyes full of love just for him 
By his fist her sight now dim
Her radiant smile meant to soothe
Broken ribs thanks to his boot
Slave to his charm
Veiling his ability to harm
Such a perfect prince a saint
How then could he cause her to faint
A love so special admired by all
A love in shambles what lead to its fall
A love with no equivocation
A figment of her imagination
How was she to deduce
That she would be a victim of abuse
What is the crime for this sentence she is Serving
For she is guilty only of loving
A love rooted so deep it could never budge
Alas! It was nothing but a mirage!!!

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Our world



I love that your poem speaks out against domestic abuse. 

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