Hello, Do You Love Me?

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 13:51 -- mnezat


Do You Love Me?

I know the last time we spoke you made it plain

That you didn't care about me, or my pain

You shoved all the blame on me

And now it's as obvious as can be

You framed everything you said around the goal

Of hurting me, ripping me, piece by piece, until I had no soul.


Do you love me?

You used to promise me every day

That you would love me and you would stay

Watch as those promises burn

And now you say it's my turn

Well I don't want to play this game

You're driving me insane

I guess I'm just a number on the list of girls you love and left for the flame.


Do you love me?

Yes I know I fucked up, and I couldn't give you the space that you asked for.

Everytime you left I thought the last time I would see you was you walking out that door

Yes, I know, I'm insecure

You took that, built me up, then broke me, asked me to say yes sir.

You say jump, I say "How high?"

I say jump, you say "No, why?"

I was raised that if you love someone you stay

Talk it out, figure out a way

I forgave you for every broken promise

But you refused to even consider this

That's why I'm standing here, crying



Did you ever love me?

Every morning, every evening

You said it, no stuttering

How was I supposed to know there was a problem

While you're smiling, laughing, loving like there is no problem

Hours before our last fight

You made jokes about marrying me, there was no end in sight.

You took me to heights I've never seen

Picked me up off the ground, washed me till I was clean

You made me laugh like I've never laughed before

You loved me till I was sore

Told me I was so important

Told me I was so brilliant

Told me I was beautiful as a sunset

Told me how much you wanted me, and I will never forget

I guess none of it mattered anyway

It was just too easy for you to throw away


Do you love me?

Yes, I know I have flaws.

Scars, uncomparable, this weight I carry, flaws.

I get angry and I say things I don't mean

I get emotional, do things you think obscene

Flaws, and yes, you have them too.

But I never loved you despite them, I loved them because they were what made you, you.

You say I have no right to love you

That doesn't make it any less true

Let me make myself perfectly clear,

I didn't fall in love alone my dear.

I am not ashamed and I make no excuses for those feelings.

And as I'm screaming, crying, coping, and dealing

I have but one question


Do you love me?




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