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I have heard people say that they were going through Hell, And most of the time, they didn’t need to say anything, and you were able to tell.
In a world of darkness, I am always told that the light will prevail.  Through moments of uncertainty, What guides you will never fail.   
You are my love You are my dove You are the only one whom I want to keep in my heart   You are the liar You are the fire You are the only one who made me weep in my hard   You were my law
Leo Lioness Go into your cave Lick your wounds I understand Your a leo lion too,,,,   You give all of what you got All that you can do....   I will clap when I am near
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
I think I lost myself, again Because here I am, fondling the sheets at 3am, looking for you in the darkness I only feel comfortable, if you are around And I can't eat, unless I feed you first 
Slip. Trip. Stumble. Fall.   Slipping on tears. Tripping on fears. Stumble on life. Fall with strife.   Slip. Trip. Stumble. Fall.  
The time came when we no longer smiled as we once did at Table 26.   Nor as we laughed when pouring rain pounced on our walk  so we melted a kiss against a tree.   
She looks at her self in the mirror. The pain in her heart is like no other  in the world. She looks at the imperfections  in her self.  “Why am I so ugly”
Sitting in front of the door with the tears streaming down my face, Knowing that there is no way that I can get out of this dark place. Just as I thought things were turning around, life decides to take a turn,
For so long, I kept holding on, trying to convince myself that all of this was for something, But I wasn't prepared for all of the hurt and pain that it would bring. I am covered in bruises, cuts and scares from head to toe,
I am the person I needed when I was younger. And while I wish I had someone like me to kiss my boo boos and to tell me it will be okay and to pick me up as I tumble, I am happy that I can be that for other peeople.
I pick up the red and black pants that I saw you wearing in those pictures that I look at all the time, And I really thought that by know, I would be able to call you mine.
The smell of sand. The feeling of peace. The edge to cry for absolutely no reason. The cravings...the need to be held.
You shot at me, but I survived. You aimed again and I dodged. You didn't give up. You followed All the way. I began to see you as My shadow and better reflection I didn't recorgnise those eyes full-
In a rush of people sometimes there are a few that get knocked down. They fall. Get kicked, Trampled, Bloodied, Bruised, Lost,
Eu ingurgitei Sua decisão Estou indo embora A mansão
I'm just tired. Not the kind that sleep can cure. Tired of being let down. Tired of faking happiness. Tired of being sad. Tired of waking up and feeling like I'm worthless. Tired of trying.
It hurts so much That I now fear nothing It hurts so much That I revisited everything Under the noon
I am so good at remembering The pro of remembrance if you will Which doesn’t mean I have a good memory It means I’m bad at letting go And sometimes our strengths are our weaknesses
L’amour est un rêve qui commence L’amour est une chimère qui commence C’est une ballerine qui danse C’est un poète qui pense
Stormy clouds are traveling through your heartAnd bitter grudges are ruining your happinessHate destroys and love builds everything whichIs beautiful. Get a grip on yourself while the midday sun
you drop a bombshell on me that you might love me again again, you never stopped, you're unsure but you gave me hope that delicious, foolish hope that I gobbled up because how could I not?  
I seek truth in your eyes, find lies I never knew existed and wonder how stained is your soul? I wish to discover purity caged within you, to dig deep until I can uncover the purpose of deception.
You know, I thought if I just kept writing about my pain That the pain would get better That I would get better That maybe by sharing my hurt I wouldn’t hurt anymore But the truth is that
     I trusted your words I liked to beleive you liked me my stomach feeling like it's twisting inwards knowing the truth I flee your trickary came in sets words entered my head only to break my neck
Waking from a dream that carried me away Away from the past sorrows of day to day Free of the shackles of a hard working life Three times I’ve forgiven, wrongs causing strife  
A switch is what it’s like between me and you. One day you’re turned on and I’m off. What should I do?    You scream so loud to try n’ get through
We are going to dig to bury our dead: Mother, father, sisters and brothers, Uncles, aunts, friends and strangers.
Title : [Redacted] Date : 6/2/21
I Seen You Falling This Night Of Fall Having Turned Winter Right Before My Eyes..... I Felt Your Constraint Your Hands Around My Neck I Felt This Tightening In My Chest, You Try To Hide.....
I can't count the times,   I hurt you yesterday's night,   I was irritated and furious,  
Im tired of writing about love Pretending I understand it And all it’s complexity As if I have any success stories   The truth is I am still just as oblivious Just as dumbfounded by love
It doesn’t matter what I name this poem Or perhaps it won’t deserve a name We never name the things we plan to kill you see Since names make it that much harder to watch it die  
I never been this confused, what if my life will just turn to blue? How will I survive, if I don't know what to do.
This is just another love poem Nothing too exciting Just a lost soul grasping to words To try and pull himself out of the dark Love? dark? Didn’t expect those words together? Or maybe you did
Haïti, Un Pays Kidnappé   Haïti Est un pays Kidnappé, il y a belle lurette
I began to write this poem Telling myself it would be the last The last one I wrote to you The last one I wrote because of you Your final one But I lied I realize now
You know, I wrote a poem about Tuesday’s once upon a time It wasn’t a happy poem It wasn’t a sad poem either If anything it was a disgruntled poem A poem about how Tuesday’s are the worst day of the week
A boy raped me Told me it was my fault Whose alter do I run to when he ran through me like a crosswalk   My defense Senseless Derivative of my fences Barbedwire to make the top higher
You know, You never really learned to accept a gift Whether it was a compliment Or wine Or tear drops on your couch And especially my heart You never could fathom my love It’s depth or viscosity
I'm so tired Of tryingOf pretending everything is okOf being unloved But I can’t sleep foreverNot yet
Why does loving you feel so different Feel so natural? So unnatural? So…. Conflicting? Why does loving you feel like bees in my stomach Like fireflies in my heart Like ants under my skin?
I drove home yesterday. All the way from north to south. I drove home yesterday. Not a sound escaped my mouth.   I drove home yesterday.
Donna, donna che ho tanto amato Oh ! Ci sono diverse primavere fa Che il tempo fosse bello E il vento fischiava basso e lento
I am not going to sit here and pretend that I am okay, Cause if I am being honest, it really changes and I have to take it day by day. One day I go to bed smiling and I am still very hopeful for the future and what it can bring,
My heart aches and yearns, my eyes have no more tears to shed, like experiencing a drought my mind can't think straight anymore, it can't focus you fill my head, day and night i am weary
As embers in the night, you set my heart on fire intense and violent, wildly out of control spreading intensely i find myself lost in the thought, that is "you" though maybe it was my own wishful thinking
I cry, but only by myself Constantly I reminisce about us Red was the setting sun, setting your silhouette ablaze Your smile which shined brighter than any star   I keep wondering if you think about me still
Emotions, too hard to hide feeling, sensitive to the touch feeling these emotions that I have for you makes me vulnerable for I feel too deeply i feel,
Do you remover the first time you saw a plus sized man in a movie? On TV? In your local theater show? What did he look like? Did he smile? Did he laugh so full his tummy shook?
I see your very tired  Life and love has beaten you down The days have grown long and I want to hold you in my arms They say hurt people hurt people
Everyone told me that I was crazy, but I so badly wanted to prove them wrong.  I feel like an idiot, for hoping that things would go the way that I wanted them to, and for holding on for so long.
Imagine a life where your parents are forever lasting in love.When you never have to worry about the two people that gave you life will never separate.But my imagination cannot fathom that unrealistic life.
  Why do I look like this? Why do I have this body shape? Why am I not pretty like the girls on social media?
  You stopped talking to me like it doesn't hurt. I'd rather you scream until you're blue saying you hate me then to be like dust thrown into the wind. Why do I constantly stay knowing the outcome?
I keep them in my little box of altoids. on the second shelf in a wooden decoration I made last time I was stuck people broke my soul so I chose to cut the parts they didn't like 
The halls crowd around me As I push through bodies and backpacks My feet fall lightly On the dirty concrete floor Students laugh Students cry Everyone is lost In their own self-centeredness
you hurt me  you were supposed to protect me    you broke me  you were supposed to hold me    you terrifeid me  you wee supposed to make me brave    you left 
Why do I feel  this way? Why do I always give you the benefit of the doubt and never cut myself the same slack?  words        spew and 
Love is dead. It doesn't live here anymore. How could I of been so nieve? So damn pathetic ? He blames me. Says I make it hard and complicated when I'm involved. Nine years.
For the losers who lost us. The people who loved us. The lucky people who get to meet us. This is for you.   I don't have an attitude, just a personality you can't handle love.
For the losers who lost us. The people who loved us. The lucky people who get to meet us. This is for you.   I don't have an attitude, just a personality you can't handle love.
i've been losing in a lot of ways  but by the days it's proven    the things and people i keep putting energy into life tells me i'm not meant to   but i didn't want to lose this much
"Learn to love deeply, you may get hurt. But it's worth it as long it's true love." #c9_fm
My heart speaks a language  no one understands. It's dying to speak. But it's already dead.
Alone everything pulled inside of me. Surrounds me within me. Unable.
Heartbreak. They say it causes both emotional and physical exhaustion and pain... That was enough to scare me away from it for so long-  Love I mean- I never let myself fall hard enough to get hurt.  
Memories of sunshiny days are fleeting   They pass in a blur of ecstatic haste and they leave behind the bitter taste of longing   The touch once remembered
How do you feel, When you witness demise? How do you deal, Without effort to try? How do you see, When you're dead, so blind? Who can I be, So dead inside? How can you say,
                     Greatest Pain    I remember this pain like it was yesterday My life was forever changed nothing will ever be the same  My greatest fear 
Her The Anniversary of What Started Everything My name is kimmy and i was raped at the age of 3 it has taken me 29 years of my life for those 13 words to escape my hollow mouth
Will I Remember at the end? Crying eyes Yet I like to pretend Questions not asked That how I want it to be Die young and live fast I'm hurting, can't you see? I wear a big ol smile
You say you love me but you’re notYou say you’re going to fight and give it all you gotYou say you find it hard to breatheYou say you’re mad at me but I’m the one who seethes
yell, scream, shout   silence is scarce.   with every word spoken, a new argument begins.   each room of the house is a minefield.   i tread lightly, but somehow always become collateral.
You gave us teenage revolutionaries,  fighting against dictators  against governments  that didn’t listen  wouldn’t listen 
The lights in her heart getting darker, you know? An embodiment of grief from head to toe The sparkles in eyes vanished & heart sank The colourful soul is turning to be blank
The needles on the wall clock with the ticking sound Pulverizing my soul, making my heart pound Every audible gasp ensuing the other one A blink of eye that snatched my reason
I know it's silly ... i use to fall asleep i would see your face my eyelids would fill  with bright colors and my nose would breathe in your scent and i would hold you close
Don't you dare believe I just 'left' you.My love will always burn inside of me for 'My Boo",For you're the first and only who I let take a chunk of me.​It stabs me inside knowing I waited 20 years for an AIT fling,
Night after night, I somehow find myself  Closer to you than I have ever felt. The time spent with you seems eternal. I feel as if I know everything about you Even when you don't speak.
  Dear ex-lover, I wanted to taste the way you bleed and just like in between the lines i read no you didnt love me, didnt want this tree to suceed 
I.The twisting spindlesof nature’s Quenched Desirepoke angrily into her spinewith the fresh sharpnessof slaughtered promises.
Stand up Take a bow I've done the thing I seem to be best at I fucked up again Work Home Life Love It's surprising I don't fuck up Breathing Eating Fucking up
Hello, My name is....  you probly dont care. I mean who am I?  A girl in a crowd... I open up. and you close. My mind starts to wonder... what couldve been if i said my name?
It's Funny... If you show you don't care people start to beleive it. they start to hurt you then they leave you Then your laying there cold tears fall down your cheecks
I know you are not here for me I kneeled and prayed to the trees the trees only my lips had kissed whalst you kissed her silhotte  she was missed, but not quite gone You had known me long
i still remember  the feeling of your hand holding onto mine our fingers intertwined i miss our silliness as we tickled each other and laughed together or when you put you arm around me
Been thinking too much about you And its filling me with dread My soul is screaming for its mate Cant silence the noise in my head You cut me deep once before Im still trying to stop the bleeding
you did nothing wrong, you’re a good person but you’re hurt, and i figured that out by myself i know you’re afraid to open up i know you’re afraid to let down your walls and let someone in
I Fall down onto my knees I look up into your eyes I can see you praying to the heavens Set a fire in my heart Don’t you know I want you
I roll a blunt and sink deep in my thoughts. I smoke a blunt until I get rid of all of my thoughts. Clouds of smoke then I feel nothing at all.
I can’t breathe the second before I pass out I won’t open my mouth until it feels Like my head its exploding within   You don't seem to care
Sometimes I wonder if I’m real If I really exist or if I’m just told that I do I can not prove to you that I exist Nor can you prove to me that you do. Is reality a conscious effort Or perhaps it simply is?
My life has been on hold for so long I didn’t even realise No progress has become the new norm While I sit here and wait for you to love me Like once upon a time when we were both so young
How many girls are thinking what i'm thinking right now? This kind of crazy makes me want to start drinking. on and off again Confusing me, making me think i'm in love   
Am I an effigy? A solid statue for you to practice attraction or affliction? Building me up with words and sweet gifts. Reasons to make me forget that the fire is coming. Filling my head with straw that I was convinced you picked just for me.
When you told me that you didn’t love me. I was not surprised. I did not stop to question how you couldn’t love someone as empty as myself. I was disappointed, I will admit it, but isn’t this always how it goes?
i am weak. like eye of the storm.   i marvel at the terrific ocean while my reflection stares at me   i meet its gaze.
Once I had a heart, A heart as big as the world! Well maybe not that large… But it fit inside of a girl. But over time I find it broken, Shattered beyond repair. I should have never let it open
Dear Love,  When you entered my life  You’ve brought me nothing but happy days and I can’t thank you enough for that I pray that one day you see that you were worth every minute
I begged you for forgiveness But you sat on your throne a laughed I know you gave me my time with him like I asked you too You gave me his love so you could watch me As you took it all away from me forever
I would rather hate you then love the idea of you. That's the world I've been inhabiting for the last few months. My stream has emptied into the sea of your emotions, and I am tossed around in the malestrom of your moods.
I want to die. It's been a while since I said that out loud The screaming voices of the world have sworn me to secrecy But it’s true. I’m not afraid to say it Not afraid to accept the inevitable
As far as feelings go,  I'm the last one you should ask.  I've been meeting too many emotions That I have lost my way.   Disjointed lines  And heartbreaks altogether  Made me a vicious predator
Oh my Love how it is you try & do love me how you get & desire to be so close Oh my Love how that desire will get you crushed
  I remember the smell. His hand against my mouth The dirt and grease  That will always be lodged in my memories  
When your world freezes over like the tears from your eyes Like a call from the doctor or when your mother cries To feel your heart sink like a stone thrown in anger To the depths of dark seas, as if tied to an anchor
The familiar scratching at the inner linings of your throat like a cat scratching at the walls, screaming to be let out. The sensation of your airways closing like that time when a man you did not know choked you for reasons you did not know.
I miss laughing with you About everything and nothing Laughing until we cried And crying until we laughed We were this unbreakable unit of people
i take off my shirt, turn my back to the mirror and look at all of the scars- taking a knife to my back seems to be everyone’s favorite hobby,
coke and acid and weed and girls that weren’t me but you were my only drug my only addiction   and to you, to you my drug of choice, to you I was loyal
it was as though he was helium, and I just happened to be an empty balloon.  often we found nothing but tedium,
The Seattle Skyline at Half Past Three. It never meant that much to me. The Seattle Skyline at Six'till Four. I've never wanted so much more.
 Your skin, Paler than a jug of farm fresh milk.    Your lips, Dryer than a drought in Death Valley.    Your nose, More crooked than Hillary Rodham Clinton.    Your hair, Rougher than ‘98 Compton California.    Your eyes, Deader than roadkill on I
They expect me to stand here in silence to find worth in how they deprived me of who I truly was .
Some days are nothing but black Fighting a battle in endless fog Seeing nothing, hearing only pitiful static   Some days are nothing but black Nights bring emptiness, fading wordlessly to fog
Head under water Held in place, trapped I'm losing my breath Held in place, trapped Still, you keep me there Held in place, trapped It is all my fault Held in place, trapped
How when your life starts to spin out of control You barely notice          How you can never really pin point the moment When things got out of hand Or you choose not to
I feel like a bubble of emotion Floating in the ease of your presence  But I think I am always waiting For the inevitable "POP" And knowing it wouldn't be possible To put us back together
but no matter how hard he tries he will never be able to change he overthinks and doubt will arise he locks his feelings in a cage  
I plod down the frost wrapped streets, My lips carving a grin with every passerby, Their natural reaction is to smile back, Maybe because they’re joyful.   I wish I could be like these acquaintances,
I just want you to see the way you've hurt me, the mask I wear everyday to hise the pain, the pain that is going through me, I need this pain to be slain. I just want you to see the way you've hurt me,
No one asked me what I wanted No one cares when you’re not wanted I am not the man I wanted But no one asked   No one asked me who I loved No one cared I wasn’t loved
Love is color blind...pure, innocent, it transcends beyond the color spectrum of Black...White...Red...Yellow Love reigns from within, deeper than skin tones on surface
Who am I? But a demon in the deep. I might not be like you, But I still need air to breathe. Is it you who will drown me? You who force me down? I fight, not for a victory,
I remember the time, my eyes were full of this purest hope I hardly remember How it was To believe I deserved To hope But, Day after day When I feel The morning
Stitches by erika taylor   Stitches  Can’t seem to contain  My wounds   Opened, and reopened Like a fresh cut, 
[This poem was written at the end of  a very long and emotionally tiring week.
You're lying in bed. Are you in bed or are you lying? I cant figure it out. I'm tired of trying
Hazed silence/   Hazed silence of the drip of water/   Hot steam trails that hit the frigid pavement/   Heavy pants of closure  
Far away in mind but close in heart The time well spent is more than I could need Yet I’m still feeling the tears I left on your shirt
Remember how when you were little you would scrape your knee How you would run to mommy crying How she would kiss your “boo-boo,” put a bandaid on it and it would be all better?
Can you feel it?  My disparity, It’s there and all I feel. I’m desperate for you, Your touch, 
do you know the word home? do you know what it means? do you know what it  smellstastessounds  like?  do you know what it  feels 
Listen up, I don't care. What anyone says. Got a hole in my heart And a hole in my head. You can't convince me, That you meant what you said. When you spoke so softly, By my hospital bed.
If you wanted to see how far  you could take it before i broke. Darling you should have looked closer. I was already broken
Everybody wants to talk to me Everybody wants to know about the secrets that i bottle The thoughts I keep to myself Still nobody is ready to know the truth
 I will always be here for you. I will be there for the late nights, the early mornings,  the breakdowns and the breakups. I know you don't love me. But, could you please just love my name on a screen?
     barely a woman at all, at 14 i began a search for love. to prove to myself that  i could be loved. i began a search for a feeling. to feel anything.
You were young  and dumb.   A  man from Juárez, driving around Aurora.   Banda music blaring  from the speakers,
As the new tracks licked the freshly fallen snow My eyes seemed to glisin brighter than ever As if my arrows could taste the thick metallic liquid of the soon to be
That beautiful girl Under the blossom tree Reading her books She never acknowledged me. And in my mind I knew she never would And even though I wanted to, I knew I never could.
So baby tell me what's up. Why are things getting rough. When I try to text or call you, ya' never pick up. It's such a shame, I gotta take the blame. You only think that love is a silly little game.
If the truth is coming outThen I’ll always love youHow could I run away from youWith your eyes like diamondsAnd how could I stay with youWith your voice as gentle as a chainsawYou pulled me in
I don’t need youI don’tIt took me 8 long monthsBut it’s trueI don’t need your smile or your laughI don’t need your hand tangled in mine
We are still the children painting pictures to hang on the fridge, but now it's too late to start over. Too late to pick a different color. Every stroke is a different future and every drop a different reality.
Free Your heart For me today, Tomorrow, any other day, Whenever suits you best! I'll be here--in every day life   Waiting Patiently alone
Why is the world so judgmental? Like people, Hungry animals choose their prey By looking for the weak or wounded They pursue them—
because you’ve never seen the kind of love that picks you up when you fall because you can’t remember the last time you saw your mother smile or the last time your father’s words weren’t laced with venom
All I hear is the blood pumping into my veinAn open cut, slit by my brainI don't scream outI deserve painI prefer myself this 5 years agoI was introduced To a monster in my own skin
Path to the Heart She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest That perfect moment as it picks you up, right before it breaks into a beautiful surf, Reflecting the world in her eyes.
If only I could control my life, maybe it wouldn't be so hard to survive, I'd burn my memories into ashes that fall to the sea, and delete my feelings like a flash drive or on a CD,
Speckled shadows on my collarbonesWhere your greedy hands wrote your name,Where my selfish whispers angered you,My desperate pleas denied youThe prize buried deeply in my chest
Now, I know what you’re gonna think, I know what you’re gonna say, “Another poem, really? It doesn’t even have a title! What’s it gonna ponder on, world problems? We don’t need to be reminded of these things!”
I felt you and it scared me how much you could see you were the first person to know what I'd been through   and you still wanted me? I wasn't sure how to feel
I still remember in vivid detail the first time my father made me bleed. It was a cold November evening and we had just finished dinner. I was all dressed up in my golden basketball jersey ready for a game.
You know what they say and you’ve heard what they’ve said Go seize the day Don’t stay home in bed   But my head is too heavy And each move is a battle My bones are not ready
You want me to feel broken Alone, nowhere to go I’ve heard the blades you’ve spoken I have the scars to show   But I won’t stand by complacent Won’t let you spread your hate
You hit me hard You played your cards You broke a glass And caught the shards   you broke my heart tore it apart You left me here Nowhere to start   So the story goes
I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you happy I’m sorry that I can’t make myself happy I’m sorry that happiness isn’t a language I speak But I loved you I’m sorry if I pushed you away
I am drifting, a lonely piece of driftwood covered in pale moonlight on an open sea. I don’t know where I am going nor where I came from, but I am drifting. I feel hollow, empty like a piece of me is gone and it can’t be replaced.
I’ve been trying for weeks But I can’t seem to find it I’ve been biting my cheeks like the idea is inside them   But the blood starts to pool with its signature taste I feel like a fool,
i would brighten the sun to keep you warm, but you just put on a jacket.   i would wipe your tears to make sure you can see, but you use your sleeve.   i would search for you in a crowded room,
To the girl who thinks being gay is a choice:   Honey what is you doing?
i'll admit it i am not much of a poet i do not know much about rhyming i just know about the individual and how it is hard to be original how we sit here and talk about nothing
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone you’re gonna miss the way I loved you you’re gonna miss the way I let you hurt me you’re gonna miss what I let you get away with you’re gonna miss the way my hair shines in the sun
Do you hear the storm coming? feel the thunder shaking the ground? can you see the lightning in the distance? feel the wind weaving through your clothes? can you hear the rain getting closer and louder and heavier?
How my brain responds to “I love you”:  
Yes I am broken, but I am not defeated. I am like a salmon breaking through the surface of the water in order to fight the current. I am a glow stick breaking in the hands of a child on a summer evening, spreading my light.
“Hey man, saying this for your own good.”  
Be gentle with my heart, Love, It’s a fragile little thing. 
There once was a peaceful creature hidden away in a sweet cedar forest. The forest was ancient with beautiful features, but never a stranger or tourist  
I wish I could tell you I have something to say But when I finally try to You walk far away   The somethings a secret That only I know I tried hard to keep it But it’s starting to show
Do you remember that time at that place with those people? How could I forget? Omg that was the best! I totally miss it! Remember that time that you were crying in the bathroom and I pretended I didn’t hear you? Oh yeah!
I do not care for violence Yes, you heard me right But if you hurt a friend of mine Then get ready for a fight   I was raised on stones and firewood With hot coals beneath my feet
Do you remember the days, the nights, the adventures we always used to share? Flying away on wings of laughter that were built on mutual care. Five good friends and lots of fun was all I used to need.
I once had the chance to take a stand  To give the world my helping hand  Or make a difference in this land  But I walked away    When I was young I loved to dance  To put my soul into a trance 
These heavy hearted warriors  With medals on their wrists   These sadness stricken gladiators  The world can not resist.                       They fight their daily battles 
Surprising things that remind me of you:
Can I ask why are you staring? Could it be perhaps my size? Or is it cause I’ve got these planets swirling in my eyes?  
Can you smell the smoke? like the smell of summer nights we can barely remember, sitting in circles around a glowing red light. Do you hear the distant crackle?
I don’t know why I sit and wait for your attention or why my heart is so pure that I can’t actually admit how upset I get when I don’t talk to you. it sucks.
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t pretty or serene Trees were bending, ducking for cover  and snow hit the ground with a scream. Unsure, I asked, “Is this a blizzard?”
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t pretty or serene Trees were bending, ducking for cover  and snow hit the ground with a scream. Unsure, I asked, “Is this a blizzard?”
I try to spend the night with someone new I’m on a repeat, always with you All of the flames, yours Is the guilt required when I’m out of all doors I can feel your presence in my fingers
My biggest regret was falling for the wicked Yearning for something he never intended to give  Usually unattached and unbothered was I  Never showing emotion but boy did I lie
It’s when you sit down and your ass already hurts. The lamp shade remains crooked, but you put it off Until tomorrow and you start falling into that place; The place without walls, but filled with floaty feelings,
Here we are You across from me You’re back is all that I see And she’s holding the trophy   The mistakes I have made are my own
i found the truth in the tear-stained pages where i spilled my heart and soul   i found lies in the sickly sweet whispers that i thought were made of gold   i found love
You beat me, You yelled in my face,  You slammed my head into the walls. You broke my soul,  it came crumbling down today.    I always said that I'd forgive you,  but I haven't,
I tried to save your heart. I tried to tell you that  he wasn't worth your time.  But, you didn't listen, you rejected me.    Now your heart's all broken, 
If I've fallen and I can't get up will you save me? Will you help me to stay strong?   If I've fallen  off the edge of the earth will you help me? Will you tell me
I am like a hand grenade. Come one step too close and I pull the tab. I don't trust anyone to keep me safe. I'd much rather be the one to destroy myself.  
Slightly hovering above the murky waters is my consciousness, Slowly drowning.
You were my big brother though we weren't blood, Through everything you always came through,  Now that you are gone my tears begin to flood,  Wished I could've said goodbye, who would've knew? 
A rose by any other name Has thorns that are just as sharp. An ocean in any other day Will drown you if you try to run.  
You hold my hands Wrap the gauze around my bruised knuckles, Whisper me pieces of words For my mind to create Into stained-glass portraits.
The shocking electric pulse, Flowing through my veins. I’m charged and strong, Ready to fly, Through the driving rains. I drop a single bolt,
honestly at this point i have absolutely no idea what to do anymore.
It is not just one, there are many, one for each you Wounds, Hurt One for each absence How much you? How much me? How much of us? How much time and absence on this goodbye?
DISAPPOINTING when the only expectation that matter is to be loved   EMPTINESS caused for not listing   CRYING without reasonable reason   EVASION of the more simple things in live  
all I can see is flashes in my head , Memories back when we were together The world was so different.. for the first time, We were just living for the hell of it, Nothing to regret at all..
Strong enough to destroy you. Powerful enough to prevail you.
                      When I look at that face there is nothing in. This world more clear then what I see, this is someone who’s achieved nothing. A being so afraid to change it does nothing but stare.The embodiment of sadness and anxiety.
  This is an ode to the boys who have hurt me. I will not talk about the ones who came before the ninth grade,
You asked me to write for you, So I wrote of a boy with stars in his eyes, A bright soul, and his heart on his sleeve. I wrote about how he died and how the light left his eyes
Your flame-seared name... It burns... When I learned of you, Dear Flame, The games you play, The hearts you slay, When I found this out All thoughts of you Just went away
You grip me in your hand Holding onto my glass tight as if you knew it would be the last time you'd ever hold me. With a smile on your face you throw me on the ground Just to see if I'd break and when I shattered 
“We need to talk.”   White bay windows overlook the block. We always closed the blinds up here. Keeps the neighbors from shock.
I am a victim.  I am a victim of my own mind.  I hold myself captive.   I am also my own abuser. For years I have abused myself into being the victim of my own mind.
You can't hear me You can't see me You can't feel me You have given birth to me But you ignore me I am alive! Not your dearly departed And yet still to you I am a failure, forever imperfect
This holiday is hollow, These cheery ones are lost. Everyone is happy, It seems Everyone But me. I always feel alone,
I was given a gift by someone I truly loved, A little green turtle, Something I could put on my key ring. She had one too, And it made our love grow stronger,
When you hurt There is a malevolent force  One feeling you can feel Which is all great remorse.   It was only once Wait it became twice The feeling was so good It became thrice.  
It happened twice. I let myself believe. I thought that I might matter. But what I didn’t see. I loved and lost, And was broken eternally.
Pressure keeping me in a state of mind Though it's not fine Desperation in my eyes
They asked me what are some different types of drugs For me a drug isn't cocaine or pills it's a person  He is my drug  He is what I got addicted to  He is what makes me feel like i'm floating 
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
You watched me from my window and took out your anger on my body with your eyes.   ~awatr
He shook me furiously and the thunder shook the house surrounding my fragile skeleton.   ~awatr
When I met you, my heart trembled the way it did when she left.   ~awatr
I see you in every angry fight, every bruise, and in every goodbye that is never said.   ~awatr
She loved numbers the way I loved her hair, messy and unkempt.   ~awatr
Her eyes reminded me of the old embers in the fireplace, unkempt by my absent father.   ~awatr
The clouds wept for they knew my pain.   ~awatr
I hid under a mask of submissive apologies.   ~awatr
I spent every waking minute thinking of you. And when I shut my eyes at 3am? There you were again.   ~awatr
I stole a friend, I took them hostage, I held them here to listen. You didn't know me when I pulled my gun, you didn't know what I wanted. You begged for your life, I begged for you to listen.
Acting out emotions may delve into extremities Throwing knifes of truth And bullets shredding thin   Ricochet Ricochet Ricochet  
Someone save me from this pain, It keeps me trapped inside my brain. Someone save me from this hurt, I’m not even worth a pot of dirt.
Oh, how I hate this day, It reminds me of everyone I’ve lost. It fills my soul with dread, It breaks down my mind. It reminds me that I’m alone,
Her face is broken with tears, Her heart is shattered with grief. Holding no sympathy, his face was blank. His heart is cold and dark. Love destroyed them,
Its scribbled in my head Dripping with blood Mess That's what I am A girl my past self would not be proud of Me A liar A mess Constantly depressed And upset Cuts on my thighs
These demons always plague me, They keep me in constant torment. Where could the angels be? They aren’t stopping my demons. The demons only get riled,
Everyone has demons, But mine are different. They feed on my pain, And play with my sanity. They jump from shoulder to shoulder,
Every time I close my eyes, A star explodes inside my mind. I see the ones I’ve lost, They’ve all left, At the highest cost. This exploding star,
This demon in my head, It fills me with hatred And fuels my pain. It denies me sanity, And reminds me of my loss. It plays back my memories,
My life is a black hole, Sucking in everything around it. Even light cannot escape my darkness, Even those that I love cannot withstand it.
She was always by my side, And she took away my pain. She fixed all of my brokenness That was trapped inside my brain. She shone brighter than a star,
I can’t breathe right, My fingers twitch uncontrollably, People keep on speaking, They act like I’m okay. My brain feels like it’s breaking,
I am a tortured human soul, The world would be better, If I go. If I leave this world behind, What is the place I’ll find? I can’t live, with this pain,
The way you speak to me only shows the way you speak to yourself. -so please stop hurting the both of us 
Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to not constantly Worry about what people think of me, to not wonder if that woman on the other side of the room - that hasn’t even looked in my direction - is laughing at me or laughing at the completely rand
You gave me love for one day  I see you constantly and what do you say? Absolutely nothing    I am told this is the way you are  That you love to be loved and fail to give any   
I wish she tasted like cherry A hopeless, cliche, passion So I don the cherry chapstick For a bittersweet illusion   Her velvety lips are strawberry I don't mind strawberry
If silence could kill... The feeling of emptiness... The pain of reverence... That never-ending wait... That unfelt bait... I could live with an unspoken lie...
like clockwork  it struck when i was sixteen  i thought i would be safe   no one should have what i have down there    find the common denominator   one second plus two seconds
My vision darkens. My stomach churns. My heart races. You saw my pain but you used me anyway.   ~awatr
Someone moves;  I flinch and instantly my mind is pulled back to how you were.   ~awatr
The red petals  Remind of blood  Which is  What they will draw  When someone  Dares to come  Too close  Beautiful souls  Always have  The sharpest thorns  To protect 
It's funny  How I convinced myself  That you weren't  Replacing me  Just making new friends  But my worst fears  Became true  Because of you I became another girl 
The new year has come Why do people find this  A time to change  What's wrong with changing  In the middle of the year Why can't a person change  Sooner  Wouldn't that  Save us 
I see his face and her face, I see all the rest But do you not see the hole in my chest?   I hear his voice and her voice, I hear theirs too But darling, where's your voice? I only want you.  
A bird who loves his cage and his view of the tree Is still a bird in captivity The loveliest of cells still has the power to derange   I wanted so desperately to be free The tempting breezes to leave me be
I'm´ drownin´ in my head, I just can't stop thinking,Maybe soon this heart will stop, so the thoughts will too.You're mind is scarred
I wish You really cared Not the lies  You constantly  Told me  But the sad thing is I still believe  Every single one  After all this time 
The person  Who you  Confided in Told your pain Let them into  Your heart  Those people  Were the ones  We thought  Wouldn't hurt us  In the end They all do
“I’m fine.” The biggest and most common lie ever used in this world.   ~ ~ ~  
it's a long and lonely mile home from your door hold me in your arms just once more its a long and lonely mile to walk till daylight comes and i fear your smile's still here and it's tearing me apart
Just a reconnection. Please, it is all I ask. Just one spark could set ablaze our past. We could be something again. But this time, we’ll last.
To hurt, to love, to live. It’s all part of life right? But what is this so called thing “life”? we all compare things and say “that’s life” what is life? Is it the fact that we breath. Is it that we hurt?
"Hey. Are you okay?" "I'm fine." "What's wrong?" I'm not quite sure how to answer that. Do I believe something is wrong with me? Depends on the day, time, and who's asking.
"Somewhere", spoke the grey lips in the wall.Somewhere before sunrise,before the first bird crows to dawnand the apathetic are yet to uncurlthe grit that gathers like dustbetween the fold of shallow eyes.
Who are you? I do not know you. I do not know you vile ways,The way you take pleasure in wounding me so.
there is another thing that I cant unseemy brother smilewhen he used to see me he used to smilebut now its clouds I hurt him so muchI cant even begin to describe what he could feel
I hope nobody trusts you againlike I did you I pray you never hurt another personlike you did me You carved into my soulAnd have taken peicesThey will never grow back
I saw a crowd in front of me And their dreadful action I had no voice They were pressing me hard They exploit me, Break me I feel suffocate to the depth Fire was covering my soul
No one wants to be friends with the depressed kid Or the one with crippling anxiety That poor child who was traumatized, but Everyone steps away when she needs help When the evil Dark
At that moment,  I let you go. I felt my heart let you go. And it was the most refreshing feeling I have ever felt.  I still love you - But I'm not your prisoner.  and I never will be again.
Goodmorning honey, so they say distant at heart.. but close at screws so vivid you see, you without me things missed for things misused selfless laws governed me troubled, shrubbed up with worry
I find you all so funny. How easy you can play with my heart. I’ve been through so many boys. Not sex but experiencing what it truly means to love someone. You all lie. Perhaps it’s my fault.
I find you all so funny. How easy you can play with my heart. I’ve been through so many boys. Not sex but experiencing what it truly means to love someone. You all lie. Perhaps it’s my fault.
You’ve been waiting for this moment You swallow your pride and dignity You confess everything you’ve been wanting to say Just for a reply that he doesn’t feel the same way   Time stops
Late at night, the broken spirits sit on barstools, hunched over the counter like question marks They ponder their place in this world They drown their sorrows in bourbon to escape the outer flood attempting to engulf them
I hurt from a pain I can’t find and I bleed from the blow I don’t remember. I miss the memories I never made and I long for the love
Lonely cage lonely world lonely someone  lonely girl the hunter spotted  his naive prey he lick his chops and makes his way “because I love you”, he says with a grin
Flowers can't grow without water,  Love can't grow without guidance.  Flowers can't grow with stress,  Love can't grow with hate.    Flowers bloom and die, 
You don't love me.You want to love mebut You don't love me. I don't know why I helpI'm the one who needs helpYou don't ask for helpBut I need to help.
When tragedies happen we often think, "it didn't happen to me, So it doesn't matter as much" we think we are a safe distance from the violence.  That's what they want us to think. 
The Question September 10, 2018 ~ Monday I came to get help Not to get hurt And every time you make a move
tiptaptiptap fingers on the table rhythmless and bland, we cut off the cable. tiptaptiptap rain on the window erratic and soothing, we watched the world go. tiptaptiptap
Meetig first time, Exciting, Meet halfway, Compromising.   Get there before you do, Mind starts wandering, Think what to say, Want to appear interesting.   You turn up,
waves of desire. stormy days and his ocean eyes, and a world of hurt being left to decipher what I did I did wrong, what put me so far away from what I wanted even after I wrote you a song
Gravitating backwards she declines,Liquefying to earth's compression's,Ruined but intertwined,Cannot bypass innocent transgression.
Undescribable pain, Writhing hands and feet, Radiating ove ones self, Yet it feels like nothing.    Crying with no tears, Clawing at the flesh, Yet it comes from within,
To My Ex, J . G . .....
We've been down this road before. Each time it hurts a little more. I really don't know WHAT you want from me. When we are doing good, WHY won't you let it be? I KNOW that you love me, don't say that you don't...
There's nothing more I'd like to do, then snuggle in close and fall asleep with you..
I really want to call you... & tell you I still care... But I know you won't say it back.... & I don't think it's fair..
There's a place for everything and everything in its place.. Well, where do I put the memories of the past I can't erase?
FOR: My Ex Now, but My Love ONE 4ever.. J.G. (*BTW, MOST of poems are about him....) I'm glad you took everything that would remind me of you.. Cause I don't want to remember anything we went through.
the makeshift lines of the devil's eyes are lurking in the room his breath lingering on my skin I don't want to do this again.   the first time I met him
I come from blurry images that look back at me from the mirror I say I'm beautiful but harsh words from the past hit me like a pair of Anvils weighing down on me Bulying hurts and lays skin deep
We humans, we stand united. We humans, we stand so strong. But some rights we are denied and We're told we do not belong.  
Love,  when I was young,  i was told I would fall in love, why didn’t you tell me, how much it would fucking hurt. 
you say i used you but i discovered you discovering me you say i hurt you  but you hurt me hurting you you say i used you but i confused you confusing me you say i loved you
I am shattered glass I am shards covering the floor Fools throw Elmers glue at me I stare in disbelief Elmer's glue
I am shattered glass I am shards covering the floor Fools throw Elmers glue at me I stare in disbelief Elmer's glue
O Sis, could I love thee like no other. For before my young eyes only squinted, A face inoffensive to our mother. I was, but a statue: black and minted.   Did not my ears think or care to listen
"uncle na!" I'd yell out, and jumped on to your back people would stare and maybe smile  to know she had a dad   adopted (maybe) or step-parent from birth either way, she's happy  
She sits still, her voice cracking from the fear of the hideous creature before her. Any slight movement and she will be killed slowly and painfully. The girl grows rather querulous waiting
You'd think lying here, my breath escaping That I'm scared I've tried pills Here I sit Both Wrists Slit I think I need my stomach pumped I'm not scared I hear someone knocking
I keep a turtle in my pocket, It clinks against a key. Both are deadly weapons, But only when used on me. They took away the darkness,
You were always struggling The one who was always in pain But you were the only one Who could make me feel okay   You were always indecisive
  Sweat, I feel it dripping down, wet. Heavy breathing  I close my eyes, hoping it’s just me dreaming. Softly touches me, I hold him tightly...   Trapped,
Whatever it may be The person who misses it is not me, But the one who gave it away. -G
Swinging on a flower petal, I Wrap my legs around it’s thighs and cry Welted and darkened stares Lost in the huge world of Anywhere.   Across the ocean I sat alone On a petal rested and untold,
I close my eyes and take a step Right, left, right, left   My hand placed gently, my hip grasped My right leg traps with the other, My mind goes to rest Right left right right  
I was in love with you before even knowing your existence.In your eyes I saw the meaning of love when you first looked at me. And I was wondering how? And why Me?
When I was a kidI always had this weird obsession with band-aidsThey're as close as I could get to the stickersMy parents wouldn't buy me
To forget would be a blessing, to remember, a curse. Remember how he held my shoulders down  covered my screams with a sweaty palm, ripping  all pride from my body. I felt rage as he plunged through my body, 
On cold nights like these Where I’m happy with People in my lifeAnd without you in sight I can’t help but wonder How did you turn out
I heard something today... I heard that a dead flower is not dead until it's pedals are nothing but ash. Do I know what this means? Maybe.
They are lost and scared But, nobody has cared We were wrong They thought they just didn't belong They put on a mask They try to act naturally
White grass Gray ground Yellow flowers all around Wide eyes Head down Hid behind a small frown One hand You’d take Try not to be back late Brown clouds Orange sky
A quarter of years I know you, From day one you showed me your love is true. You swore that you’ll bring me stars I believed you and til now you didn’t cause me scar
These thoughts that lingers in my head I cannot explain   Only These thoughts are encrypted by him himself   He who’s not powerful or mighty   But me who’s brittle and broken  
I was taught to free my mind I was taught to leave my pain behind I was taught to travel to a different time Without ever leaving my room behind I was taught to be free In which it helped with my anxiety
You used to be my comforter, Now you are my tormentor.   You used to be my guardian, Now you are my warden.   You used to be my protector, Now all you do is hover.  
you pulled me out of the fire my mind was in you became the water that soothed my burns my youth relished in the enjoyment of no more burning you had the tender touch that became the bandaids to my cuts
I thought about it a lot,you know. I thought about howyou would curl into my chest on thosecold, crispnights full of stars. A way ofsaying "I love you", but withoutthe sound, the verbal reassurance.
You have a beautiful smile, thats what you said. I laughed it off as just pretend. A month then passed and you were there, Right beside me combing my hair. Behind my ear in a loving way,
Bang, Bang. You Shot Me Down. You broke my heart and let me drown. You lost sight of what we had. You didnt care if it hurt so bad. We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place.
Enid Ibarra Human: A Lesson   When I was fourteen, I pressed my hand against A stranger’s chest and learned that a heart Has four chambers and cannot feel
I once met a man who introduced me to the different sides of love.  He dyed his hair a different color every other week and bound his chest so that no one would question his authority.  
I should have known the minute they started treating me different Well, now I'm all grown and I'm getting thrown out of my ass Forced to be all on my own, stuck with nowhere to call home
I open the internet Go to your page Instantly re-read all the works You've recently done Commiting them all to memory Before you hide Them all away. Hide your true feelings 
You said some things. Don’t hide behind a screen Say what you really mean Face to face To the person you seem Too shy to answer
Why do we do this stupid little dance? It's very well coordinated and I know the steps by heart But you don't seem to understand that with each twist and turn we destroy what we have It's broken down into simple steps
Where do I begin? How do you tell a tale so weathered yet so fresh? So foreign yet familiar. Your palm that once warmed my thin fingers
My heart has been ripped apart by your words your seething lies I denied because my love for you made me blind. Where is the light? You laugh at me as your darkness chokes me smothers the light that I wish would come back.
You say you need me  you want to be with me  you love me or do you   But... will you love me when I’m awake at 11pm, and 1:30 am, AND 3 am Shaking, crying rocking back and forth
I wish this wasn’t something in my life But when someone else does it, it becomes my strife. You crack another can open; I feel it cut into my soul. I won’t keep the sorrow unspoken; dying must be your goal.
i spend my days now trying to forget your voice, the same voice that made the my skin stand tall, the same voice that told me everything would be okay,
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He was a traveller Someone I couldn't compel To stay a little longer Oh how beautifully He seeped through my skin Something more warmer Than a summer morning's sun The way my body responded
Darling I am so broke And dead That we dont even Fit together When we meet Under the bed sheets Hidden in the dark Trying to find What's lost Trying to fix What's ruined
New Year’s with my family, Save one member. Valentine’s with my family, Save one member. Easter with my family, Save one member. Spring Break with my family, Save one member.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words, they just might kill me. 
Dear, My mother’s ex-boyfriend of two years, My biological father left when I was six And ever since then, I've been looking for someone to fix
“It’s okay.”   I can still feel it. The way your lips touched mine. Without meaning. Without feelings. I missed them.
Chin up soldier For love is war Because our hearts and mind can not align Is this what we need? Love is war  
what i find i cannot keep for when i'm fixed there springs a leak  
Is there somebody that could save me? From myself. From everyone else. From those that seek to tear me apart. From my heart that craves to be loved so bad.
Hope is not a fuzzy feeling. Hope is not rainbows and butterflies and cupcakes. Hope is not soft and sweet relief.   Hope is knowing that you can survive
You have this huge control over my body and emotions. I know that you find pleasure in hurting me. Again after again, after again. Why do I let you do these things to me...
It is all my fault... I should have done the things you asked... I would not have lost you like I did...
Peer pressure something everyone deals with... right? But in some ways, it was more drastic for me... Does it make you feel better getting a look at my bare skin? Soft, smooth with many insecurities.
That song It’s playing again Evoking memories Memories best left untouched But still, I listen to it I let it play
I came home that night smelling of rain and cigarette smoke and teenage love so deep, set into my pores like the ink on my skin.  
The dagger in my heart, It twists, Alas, My love for you has only hurt me. I should have known better Than To fall in love with Nothing less than a prince Who saw himself as little more than a pig.
I have seen into the light, For so long I never had it in me to stand upright, I was always so pathetic, I never looked in the mirror as my own worst critic, It was always up to me,
Come in, sweet friend! Speak to me in calm whispers as I study the kindness in your heart.  Your brown eyes fade from my memory as you slip the knife into my back. I learn there is none.
I am among the unseen And you are the light that stands before me. As I close my eyes to sense it, But it never reaches me. I am among the unheard And you are the voice that echoes so faintly.
The sky is so empty, So gray and cold, So barren and wasted. Clouds fill the air But nothing more. Scenes of despair and darkness. Sometimes a bird Breaks the moment;
This little bottle of chardonnay; My escape, my stimulation.  And you My every motivation, unending infatuation.   Each glass with every momentous sip The taste of grapes dance on the edge of my tongue,
Time waits for no one And I stand still, frozen, Unable to keep up. I chase and chase, Yet the seconds speed up. Round and round, the seconds speed up. Minute by minute, the distance widens.
You forsake me for another And leave me cold and lonely. You torture me with your eyes, They greet me yet they ignore me. You taunt me with your smile, It sends comfort but mocks me.
When you smile your smile It takes me away from this reality. And when I see those eyes, I'm suspended in a life-like fantasy.   Speak out a fresh breath of air; Orchestrate a conversation for me
I didn't mean to lead you astray; I'm weak, as weak as anyone or anything can humanly be. But the passion that melts me inside is for you. I lay besides an emptiness that is only meant to be occupied by you,
Even though you tore my heart in two I'm still in love with you. And if one day I can love someone else, I'll have forgiven you And I've learned to respect myself.   When I finally learn to let this go
are you the reason i left? are you the reason i dropped everything? are you the reason my heart was shattered?  yes you are    you ripped my heart out of my chest  you put it through a blender
You told me you loved me You told me that you cared But what we did to sarah… I guess this is only fair   You always kept me hidden I thought you meant it when you said forever you didn’t 
it feels just like bleeding like you’re slowly dying and as you are crying, hiding, alone at night you and that fearsome thing,  praying that you could feel something other than pure, plain sadness
Walls back up Don't hurt me again Do I let you in Let you win? You don't care And yet I do Let me stop Caring for you Walls up Guard too Protecting myself
Painting Greys
            I am constantly trying to remain sane but the status of our relationship is driving me over the edge            or maybe i am already over the edge and the breeze of 
light came from the window and fell on my arm the other day   it felt a lot like you warming me from the inside out wrapping me in peace and contentment   I watch the world pass by 
Your mind feeds you thoughts that all pile up into your stomachand become the apple seed that sucks away your nourishment and only gets stronger as it grows and grows 
Attracted to your glimmering mirage, blind to the consequences. Sweet poison dripping from your lips, numbing my senses.  
[I've never been one for screaming. But when something hurts deeply, I chastise for hours -- albeit at a normal volume.] These instincts betray me. The good nature I try to uphold
Dear Mom,
You see It wasnt always this way when the time passed it brought colors for sometime its only gifted grey   its a mindset they say trapped in my own behavior the devil next door
A break up is something couples dread the most. It is something couples avoid or else they'll feel lost. Our significant other is the one that makes us whole.
I'm being used and I know it. Still, I let them do it. They need me for their purpose and I can feel it. Still, I let them continue it.
It was childish... It was so immature... I knew it but I didn't really believe when you said you would cut me off forever...
I cannot wear the red blouse. Lines that defined my curves taunted my eyes Blurry tears dripping as I ran faster into dusk To fit into a teenage concept of “sex appeal”  
It's funny i ever  thought we would someday  be together Maybe even grow old together Even when we were under the weather We would make each other feel better
My Mother is the greatest actress I know She's able to portray the "perfect" wife when she's around friends because they're all BFFS She is a volunteer junkie because she cares that damn much
I'm paralyzed.Stuck in these feelingsstuck in my head.It's too late for treatment,I'm already dead.I'v
Leave me alone! I am not your property, I am not your slave Dont climb on top of me! Dont hold me down, Dont scream in my face Leave me to cry alone Why wont you please leave this place?!
See, just day before yesterday We were in love He'd smile when he saw me Hold me close Too scared to drop me See, that's how it used to be Still my best friend My number one shoulder
To the one who doesn’t feel like their enough, or worth it, or accepted. Not beautiful, Or enough, Or loved. I have a secret to tell you. It isn’t whispered but shouted.
Dear Death, I used to hate you. Actually, hate is an understatement. But over time, I have come to be your biggest pupil. You possess every trait one would say a teacher should have.
maybe you're not ready yet.ready for the lies.ready for the hurt.ready for"love". oh my sweet darling, love is when you are readyto love yourself because we may lieto ourselves,we may hurt ourselves but the bravest thing we can dois love ourselves
Dear April-man,   Do you know Why April is the cruelest month? I do. Because it is when you took me In your arms In your bed And I let you. I let you.
Dear Dad, Your sins have been forgiven by my God above. For the sins you’ve made and for the hurt that you have done to the child you say you love. For every time you’ve raised your hand to strike me down.
To someone that loved me,   Love is a venus flytrap, Oh so alluring. It is wildly free, Yet it leaves me burning.  
I think the reason we cry when we are just that happy,  is because we are afraid to lose something,  that is so rare to find . . . or at least that's what I do with you. 
You put a hole in my heart from the tip of that burning cigar in your mouth.
It is not me who over thinks. It is you who does the over thinked.
My words are lost tonight. They are in your mouth, Because you always seem to win the arguments.
You can either trick her into thinking your special Or You can threaten to leave her Which one would you rather kill her with?
You are the blood in my veins,  The only way I would let us part,  Is if I cut my skin and let you out.
I feel like I'm drowning in your words and every time I open my mouth to breath, I lose more air. 
You told the bird you don't like the way it sits on my wrist. You don't like how it would permanently stay. You don't like its meaning. And to make you happy the bird would have to sacrifice its own life in pain.
love is just not my thing.  maybe it never was. And never will be.
You had me fooled to think that you were right about everything.  But no you were trying to convince me to your side. Or at least the side you thought was right.  We are all wrong in different ways.
Pain Something we all endure Something we all hate People don’t like pain Neither on the inside nor out Pain
Always caring, but never cared for.
I know it has been hard I know that I have failed I know that I have hurt you And I know that you have been disappointed But thank you for believing Thank you for caring Thank you for wondering
Dear Mom, Or Pam, I suppose. Enabling the lowest of my lows. Do you remember me? Is it the memory or the idea? Cheap wonder bread and ham, cool kids who couldn't care less.
dear nicholas and twila,   when i was so much younger i was sad and often cried i always felt alone no matter how hard i tried  
Seventeen. First job. A boy named "Percy" Or so his name tag said. Months went by.  Text message after text message. Snapchat after Snapchat.  Dating. Dating. Dating. 
Acting okay. Asking for forgiveness, Always pretending.   Broken heart. Bridges burnt. Baby, wait please.   Crying for hours. Cutting off everyone. Can you ever forgive me?
Dear Katherine, My friend. My love. My life.   It’s was a new year.  I was starting over.  Not sure who to trust.  Not sure where to go.    Then I saw you.  Recognized your face. 
Fall to the ground,  my falling leaves  and branches that home you. You were once pretty things floating above the earth in your vibrant green. Yet devils and demons have had their way 
Dear ex lover,   I’ve given up on complicated introductions and reiterations of you in my mind. It’s time I freed myself from your grasp. You should know I no longer care.
Dear you, If I could rearrange the hands of time I'd pray to God that this time, I'd find the strength to spite you.  I'd stop myself-- from letting you engrave yourself in my smile.
Dear you,  Something that is not grey Is black and white, of course.  Like right and wrong And bitter and sweet.  A contradiction of "no other color," Could only be pain.  Our friend and enemy:
Life with No words  did you actually think it didn't hurt  you bottle up everything that you want to blurt People flounce pass you not noticing but you, you are not focusing  so kind hearted, so naive 
Dear Dad, How do you feel at 40 years old That you diddn't see your daughter grow up Now shes all grown   Im 18 now and lived my whole life without you Going to college now Forgetting about you
Dear Fate, Since the day I was born exposed to the empty canvas called life, that I was never in control of, we’ve been playing each other. Locked in a stalemate. I play as the mighty king;
1/30/18 Dear mom, I couldn’t understand why… Why were you so uptight with me. Why were you not patient with me. Why were you never home with me.
Dear ex-lover,  everyone is afraid something. Some are afraid of the dark, spiders, or even falling in love.
The day I left was the hardest day of my life Looking into your eyes killed me Blank, expressionless, emotionless It was your decision to play the wife.    I've been so angry at you for what you did
They say it's beautiful They say it's gorgeous Until they've touched the thorns They've been hurt by the pretty rose Why does it bring pain?   They say I'm beautiful They say I'm gorgeous
Hey Future. Did you know that this would happen to me? That this kind of emotional and physical hurt would slowly crash down on me On that day -
Dear, Belinda  
And then  It all  Fell Apart  Just as quickly as it had become,  It disintegrated into his fingers And all she could do was stare at him,  A haphazard mix of fear, and pain, and betrayal
to my best friend, call it whatever you want whatever this was it was us two stubborn teens stuck in this cycle going back and forth
People don’t understand that words can be strong and once they are said, they can’t be taken back despite how many apologies are made. 
BITCH That is what you called me, saying it so harshly like I committed adultery. BITCH When I do not obey to the regulations and submissiveness of a man, saying you love me, calling me baby but once I step out of the lines that you have painted.
Her Storm screams pain of something most won't understand, It's Storm of sorrow, belligerent pain. Rain is a new phase. Things are washed away and starts anew... untill the next passionate rage. 
The coldness you would put me through would make me appreciate the warmth you straightened me with You thought i would bend You thought i would yearn for your approval as i did as a child
You were the sweetest thing to hurt me Draped in the fur of sheep, disguised as the devil I trusted you, as you conjured pretty promises you’d soon break When I looked at you, I saw your upmost potential My mistake.
Dear boy, You're not a man. A man does not hurt women A man does not manipulate A man does not use social media platforms to harrass an individual A man does not make me say #MeToo A man loves women
I didn’t mean to choose this. I didn’t ask to feel like this. But I do. I want to feel like normal people do, but I realized that I just cannot.
I needn’t be The chains that Bind you so Alas I fear I’ve Unknowingly Become your Keeper
I don't have scars   I've never felt the tension and the sweet release a surprise so pure and innocent Breaking the surface   raw, primal pain sharp breaths Tangy, coppery
So why'd you do it? What made you think it was okay to blow it? We spent so long patching up the things that didn't belong And now it turns out that it was you all along I spent so long trying to make things right 
Someone once told me My life wasn’t worth living That in the end I will be so lonely Asking for help or begging my homies   Dancing away my stress Singing my heart Acting as if
Dear,AFFLICTION  I’m GLOWING UP and GROWING UP. That may upset most, and make many envy. Some may say “oh she’s acting new” or “she think she pretty” Never that honey. Honestly, this has always been there.
Dear You,   This is my least favorite part of my day. I can never escape her eyes. And my body can never escape her judgments.   "Bent, broken, barbed" That's all she seems to say as her nails
To the people who have hurt me Thank you. To the boy who thought I was too fat. To the girl who thought I was strange.
when you hurt me you seem to forget that with every punch with every cut with every gash with every slap you are just  making tears fall that will water a tree
Young girl, 13 You just know you’re playing your cards right Your parents don’t know That you snuck out last night Swore you were just protecting your friend
My stomach tied in knots, my heart beating fast. I'm wondering how long this feeling is going to last. I'm scared.
i feel you in my           bones you are the breath caught    in my lungs and running through   my       veins and maybe thats why  i find myself        running the blade across my
When you look in my phone. There is something lost in one simple glance;  The existence that defines me. A piece of me that I couldn't bury at birth.    Photos of my loved ones overflow the drive, 
"Suicide is not an option" I hear my therapist say, She smiles wryly And I want to scream.   "Suicide is a coward's way out" She continues, I do not understand She thinks this is a fact?
I try to love you, But I can’t. I try to accept you, But it is impossible.   They’ve told me to caress you, But I only have blades. They’ve told me to take care of you,
Too much:
It is hard for me to say "I love you"And no, it's not for the reason you think.  
Oh how I’ve messed up The trouble I have caused The hurt I have caused
Hey there dad do you remember me? I’m your daughter, the one you raised but never come and see.  I remember when I was growing up you would’ve never left my side. 
Dear Heartbreaker, I think of you every now and then Just when I’ve forgot You’re on my mind again   There are no remedies For all these memories I can’t forget And I don’t regret
Bulletproof, she's just something you can't break through Cold as ice, don't get too close or you'll get frost bite She's fine china, with a wall around her you'll never scale
This boy is just a young kid tryna make it out the hood. In this generation society is not good, people just need to get it understood. He’s not doing great when he’s really hurting
Dark place  No pieces to fit  Thinking am I good enough  Who shall I be  Either too big or too small  Only odd one of them all  Odd meaning being different  Being different meaning odd
Dearest Vincent  I'll never understand how... I'll never understand how you could do it. Your heart was so big, never meant for mortal men You loved too much for us to understand.
Find my peace of mind, the meaning of its bind, I keep searching through the mine with no success I have yet to find.   Open up your eyes, seek past all the lies, break all of those ties
Hello motherHello brotherHello sunflower Hello rush hour Hello proud boyH
Rotten Apples  Rotten Apples I’m the apple at the bottom of the tree I smoke a joint by myself I married Mr. Lonely I got boogers in my nose  I got cheese between my toes Rotten Apples
White and fluffy, soaring so high I am but a cloud floating in the sky There is no breeze to wake the trees And stir the air and the clouds like me  The sun is so bright yet it doesn’t burn For I am simply water that took a turn Nothing is quite s
And there was a simple time Much unlike now Whereas she who cried Was surrounded by people Then came along something that Suffocated her mind and body Left her for dead and sung deeply
A beautiful creature With a mane full of snow Silently sits Though she always knows   In the dark nights When no one is near He comes The only one to hear  
Why do people feel the need to hurt one another?We should all love one another. Why do people feel the need to stab each other in the back?Eventually, someone will have enough and crack. Why do people feel the need to make their peers feel like tr
Dear Dayja, Why do you float on strangers' opinions of your success When your own thoughts determine how you progress You've been through the fire When lust became his desire
To my ex-lover, You were my first real love, My first serious relationship. You taught me how to be in a relationship, How to love, How to be compassionate, How to commit.
You taught me to fear You taught me to worry You taught me fake love You taught me to drink away the pain You taught me I was ugly and worthless
I have trusted you with all my own,  you leave me laying all alone. I cannot bear to keep in mind what you did to your own kind. I did nothing wrong,  but you think I caused it all.
I wish not to be forgotten Or my seemingly numb heart Because of the things I’ve said But did not meant And my dry voice
Pain is only a 4 letter word but it's the one most often felt I feel it in my chest, see it in my dreams I can't escape this feeling No amount of time could give me any healing
Dear old soul, You can not see it clear, But you are my biggest fear. You have hurt me with your lies, And all your "Oh babe lets compromise" You have stolen my sanity for your own sake.
We may have all gone through nights, when we couldn’t sleepThoughts about the ex just wouldn’t make us sleepWhy we thought about our ex even after we apart?Why I am so obsessed with my own past.....
I fake a smile and say i am okayI think life would be easier in that waySick of a smile that i fake But that all i got from a heart ache
Dear bully Is there something wrong with me?I beg you please stop bullying me Telling me that i am fat Does it make you non-fat?
Sometimes memories are better forgotten.Sometimes they’re not,But some memories are harder to bear,Because in the end all happiness gets disappear.
I reside in a nest of twigs There is a spot on the bed Next to you My nest snaps under my weight The twigs They punture my back   You are worlds away And I 
Because I loved you,  I became, not one, but two identities  One day I would cling to your arms like a newborn baby clinging onto the breast of his mother, while he sucked the life that was given to him
I just want to feel like someone cares about me. It's the little things, like a goodnight or good morning text or a compliment out of nowhere.
I'd do anything you'd ask me to, because I love you... Although, I asked for nothing in return; But, for your love too...   Who is she! Why is she texting you?! What does she want! Give me all your passcodes.
I had no other way to  describe to you my pain  I don't think you will  ever be able to fully understand  but I can try my best.  This pain that I have in   my bones is 
I drank the poison, And became addicted. You warned me to ease off of it, Then you went and flipped it. You became addicted to my addiction. But when I lost my supply, You made sure I got high,
What good is it to first love you When love was never dealt? Why should I seek to put you first If the same has not been felt?   But who am I to make that call, And desire to receive,
"I don't want you to linger around" he says. "Right after the bell, come to the bus." Confused I ask him why I shouldn't. "Because I love you, without me, you can't have fun"  
Because I Love You  Doesn't mean you can hurt me Because I Love You Doesn't mean you can desert me Because I Love You Doesn't mean you're not supposed to care Because I Love You
smoke cough smoke cough keep choking on your lungs love chest pain chest pain going about another day you keep moving but barely awake not listening to a word anyone says smoke cough smoke cough 
You love me, I sit in my room playing games. You tell me you love me. I love you, I sit at my desk in my room playing games. You tell me you love me. You love me, I sit on my bed in my room playing games. You tell me you hate me.
Every time we communicateThere is no positivityThere's things that you put downThat I think are greatConversations are dullThey drain meWhile the fill you upTear me downWhile they bring you upShatter my heartWhile they toughen yours upI can't take
The most favorable flowers, Snipped from their leaves, Snipped from their roots   I want to hold you, I cannot seem to let go.  
  He is a hollow shell found on empty beaches You try to get a hold of him, and he breaks in pieces His words are venom but his eyes are tears
When we moved from Missouri to Oklahoma state We did not have a place of our own on that dateAnd so some local church members offered their guest house to us on a loan
You were the first, the first man I loved, the first to hold me in your arms and make me feel like nothing could go wrong. The first to look at me like I was perfect, the first to make me feel truly safe. But You taught me something too.
They had me… They had me… They had me on my knees… begging for me to return back Begging to redo my shameful mistake To redo my past To redo the few minutes that I had… to regain their trust.
Dear Beautiful, You. Yes, you. You are loved. You are perfect. You are beautiful. In our society People are so quick to judge Based on what's seen on the outside
In the depths of the reflected light You can catch a glimpse, a girls' shadow It's a sight you can't overlook With her eyes so hollow and haunted Concealing within a ghastly narrative  
I hope you forgive me after I say this. Your capacity of love is nonexsistent. You only do whats convenient for you. So you do what you have to . But what about me? Why couldn't you see ?
There's a smile on your face But I know that you're in pain Your silent tears leave no trace But things just aren't quite the same, and   There's no reason for you to hide
   Because I love you I listened to you, Because I love you I cared about you a little too much I lost my self in the process of showing you my love, in
Because I Love You I protected you from bullies since we were little. "Crybaby" "Loser" "Whiny" "Weak" They called you all this and more, but I stopped it Because I Love You. Classes separated and we drift,
  I lost my life to a familiar face, He went by the name, Past. He shot me down with bitter memories. He poisoned me with lies.
I can feel that it's going to rain Yet I don't reach for an umbrella It's the calm before the storm that I really love Yet our storm has already happened And now it's the after affects that haunt me
Love is a beautiful thing, when done right Love can be amazing, without all the fights You should always be happy, never sad  Never tell your partner things you'll regret, just 'cuz your mad
It starts with an inkling A whisper of a secret that turns into a shout in your brain As the voice learns how vocal chords work better together Even when they are all raw from restraining 
Love is pain Love is kind Love is honestly a waste of time  there's no true love's kiss  or a frog turned prince because love is absent in today's kids  Love is hurt  Love is cries
You see it was these long nights in the winter   I found out in the fall  We're nearly past the aftermath the breaking point of it all
Because I love you I thought it was okay,  Because I love you I left it all at bay, Because I love you I let it all happen, Because I love you I thought I was in a haven,
There's not enough rain In the world to wash Away the hurt and pain Rain so pure, so clean is Muddied almost instantly   The world leaves an indelible mark on all it touches 
All I know is that it hurts.. Feeling unwanted and out of place..and I can't tell which is worse I should be more passive, I should just look behind it But the more I'm ignored, the more I'm reminded...
Love What is this mysterious emotion that everyone feels A deceptive commutative property In Self discovery I gotta find who I am
despair causes friction.  yes, hurt causes tension.   these years got me feeling undriven.  make it past these years.  work hard.  
Giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, no take I thought that just for once, my heart would catch a break Break as in rest, but instead the shit shattered
What do I do now? You're slipping from me, fading  And a part of me somehow Just watches as you call out to me  Screaming to follow you  Screaming to grab onto your hand 
I will not start with once upon a time.     This is not past tense.     This is now.     Every day. Every second. Every minute.       Looking in the looking glass,
She melted the sun, He took away the moon.   She plucked the stars from the sky, He organized them into neat piles.   She painted the roses white, He ran them over with his truck.  
I saw you todayAnd my heart flipped out of my chestLater that night I couldn't rest.Months after getting over youThere I was back in your graspAnd now I reminisce about our past.
Tell me your fears            show me you're human                                                                                                                                                   life is one
with eager eyes and a hopeful heart i look up to you, seeing only but the man of my dreams. the sun would come from behind your head, giving you a halo that could have only been worn by you, my love.
The years passed so swiftly, And swiftly so too did I fall in love, My only life’s desire for you to embrace me,
Masks hide the face from everything, with many shapesColors, and ShadesA mask of Purple hides my depressionA mask of Red hides my angerA mask of Pink hides my feeling of love.
Bound by blood, This wicked hate This unsettling darkness, This thing that only we know about.   Trapped by fears, We shiver in the cold. No one knowing what we hold.
This is the kind of love story that no one warned you about. This isn't the happily ever after kind of story. This is an incomplete sentence. The lonely page ripped out of the book.
Black hearts bleed red I would know For there is a sword in mine It glistens ike embers when I turn to the sun And it's red blood twinkles as it drips As if the drops are falling stars
She didn't know why Her anti-suicide talks Wouldn't work on her.
Do you remember the night that guy told you that you were the eighth wonder of the world? Why can’t you see yourself like that? Why do you insist on repeating the words of the past in your head countless times a day?
I know you don't want to talk to me because you need to breathe but I'm restless without you  they say the only ones up at 4am are the loved and the lonely  but I'm broken You see
Go ahead and talk you shit see if I will care all dem bitches spreadin shit that isn't even real bitch, whore, fake as fuck! you say I'm the slut?? "I sleep around" and "I'm fucking guys"
What's it like to be hurt The feeling isn't what we usually crave  Neither of two sides of a fight wins The whole world feels like it's about to end The adrenalin being ruhsed into the veins increases
My childhood's full of stories-- Happy endings and of kings: Of fairy-tales where love prevails And princes give me wings...   I knew that prince was coming, But I couldn't stand the wait;
The stitched wound was ripped open The heart bledIt ached like an earthquakeThat didnt seem to end Breaths waverBody shakes Please save herBefore she breaks 
And my heart pulsed- hard and fast against my unmarred chest because your love was the drug to end all drugs And that is why- it's so poisonous.
There is a voice in the back of my skull that screams for release, That can only be found in a razor blade, or between your lips. If I pick and prod at my flesh enough I realize soon enough I can't feel anything,
Little flower. Planted in the concrete, you tried to grow. It's not your fault. There are one hundred million people trying just like you. Crying, weeping, praying.. Please know you are more then they made you.
Call them mean names. Tease them around. Make them jealous. Spread rumors to everyone in town. Say sorry after doing all of the above. Hold their hand. Take them on dates.
Perhaps we are all blind sometimes. Our vision becomes shrouded in the pitch-black darkness of our own rotten words. Our blood turns cold, emerald with envy.
I have advice for whoever is listening. It’s not very good but I’ill try my best. I hate it when a book ends and I hate it when I accidently forget to replace the shampoo bottle before I get into the shower.
I look around this hopeless cold world and all I see is rain..A broken mirror to my heart, the pieces of pain..How soon we forget..Long years and a lot of regrets..
America, the land of the free and home of the brave America, the land of the enslaved and home of the depressed We sit here unabled to believe you when we can't even believe oursleves
Have you ever lost the lack of sleep because the thoughts in your head become too deep?
I'm three years old and I can't speak about the things my mama does I caught her once
we started off great  we started off happy but you started us off with someone else we started off together now i feel we are going to end apart  separate  you'll be fine  ill be dying inside 
  I never asked for it.. you say I'm nothing like your ex's but that's a lie.. im a bit of both... I hurt you... and I cheated... I didn't want to I was lost at thought
America. Land of the free home of the brave... for a few. America. A country founded on "All Men Are Created Equal"... Not true. America.
At 6 I never had a friend So when someone came up to me and said “Bare your soul and I'll give you the lint from my pocket,” I told her, “You can pay me by being a friend.”
I've been hurt before another scratch won't hurt me anymore I may have lost a battle, it left me agognizing on the floor, I am bleeding, and crying, and weak, but I know I haven't lost a war.
I keep thinking that someone needs to pay What can i do to make that happen I know i never will do a thing because of my nature Yet the fact they never saw my true pain frustrates me to no end I wish i punched you
Words like rain.   Words drop like a constant rain, Drowning out all that is humane   Words like rain.   At first start small
I blossomed for you I opened parts of me i can not see. I trusted you there And you left it unlocked and took the cherry key. I was lost wanting to feel wanted But instead should’ve wanted to be kept.
help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help l help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt help hurt 
The pain of the cuts in the bleed and the bleeding in my cuts, the sorrow's rush. Explain to what is happening, this unknown feeling of the pulse of a dying heart. Because I gave you my all. What makes it worse is that you left me to fall.
When your skin has been torn from your bones,And your life ripped apart,You have no choice but to part With the ways of old.Or continue on the same path,And refuse to fit the given mold.You can uproot the world with all your wrath,Lashing out with
i told him i loved him and he didn't say it back and now he's standing in the doorway watching me pack up my bags begging me "don't leave" but why would i stay why would i waste my time
Catching bullets in your body. That's how you feel when you love somebody. Finger on the trigger you don't think they'll do it, then BOW!  Your organs spilled and your blood is spewing.
Dear Mom, I woke up today screaming and then realized it was just a nightmare. I don’t know why you didn’t come to check on me but I know I will be okay.   Dear Mom,
Why do I do such hurtful things.. My mind, body & soul are just in separate places I feel I'm not where I'm suppose to be
In my years I have done so many thingsHurt so many peopleCaused so much troubleIt was never intentionalI never meant to hurt anyone like thatLike I didTo make them cry
Every time I think of our time as friends, I die inside. I feel as though I just swallowed broken glass. I want to curl up in a ball and cry forever. Everytime I see you I think of my mistakes.
Promises, promises. What do they mean? We give in to the lies, we give in to the need. You told me you wouldn't hurt me, you told me it was the last time.
Open. I see my window and the light shining through, I smell the toast in the kitchen, I feel the sheets on my bed, I taste the damp air, I hear the singing birds.   
I was pathetic.I was lost.I wasn’t me anymore…. because of you. I would indulge in..I would desperately seek.I would want…. alcohol because of you.
I feel a coldness that penetrates to the very core, and doesn't stop there. A darkness so deep that it blots out any hope of light. Despair so sad that I am barely trudging on.
Do you know how much the silent treatment hurts? When you put yourself within arms reach, but you're still out of reach. Everyday, I see you, hear you, but you don't seem to see or hear me.
It feels like yesterday It all happened to quick I cry from it still Why did you have to go So young So bright So handsome  So sweet The pain to know
My skin. Look at my skin. What am I? I am a mixed girl in a obscure world. When I would play on the playground. Small, this high, my wide eyes didn’t yet recognize the lies.
Your absence hurts me Why can’t you be by my side? Mentally killing me   Why are people cruel? Insecurities haunt me Please just let me be
Chances have been given yet you chose to destroy themI was patient thinking, maybe problems were getting in the waybut you chose to hurt me
I am going to be swallowed whole, And there is no fixing it, I know, I am going to be chewed, eaten alive, And the scariest part, is that I will survive,
Nothing could break us apart. We'd been friends for ten years.   I never knew a friendship could hurt, but it did, more than anything.   Your words twisted in my head
As blood gushes out of my wound and spills onto streets that someone in mine or yours were slaves on,  I do not think about #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter.
Ten years agoWe met in school<br>I was a nerd with glasses<br>And you were overweight<br><br>High school found us much the same<br>I was no cooler, and you were no thinner<br>But you had my back, and I helped yo
I never really understood who I was Now more than even I still wonder who I am Yet I think before I had an idea or I thought I did Just in one short year I lost that part of me
I play the game I love. The game fights back at me. I can not play, I can not run, I can not walk. I watch my friends play. They feel bad for me. I watch the months go by,
We floated down an endless ocean together from the beginning of our time My hand placed in yours and your hand gripping onto mine
November 9th, 2016 and my eyes restrain tears I feel the wrath of hundreds of eyes locking onto mine as I walk down the hallways of my high school
  My life is Intoxicating It’s so misleading It can be frustrating I guess I’m still debating on whether my life is worth hating.   My life is so demanding and friends
Built up hatred Oozes out of the pores of the misinformed. Can't seem to escape it. Can't seem to rise above it. How can I become an example When I feel like a sample Of America's weakest?
  I knew I was yours the moment you said kiss me The words hadn't even fully left your mouth and I was already there My mind hadn't even registered what you said
Why do men look at love as being a contagious diease  instead of a feeling thats here to fulfill your needs its mind bottiling to know that some men look at love as something that will never grow As i smoke
I try to stay positive but lately that just means gettin’ lit. What's easier rolling one or facing my problems? I'll tell you right now, happiness is halfway through the bottle.
The bitter, scarring painOf those I thought to be my friendsTurning and rejecting me.Family and loved onesAre not the same people.My childhood innocenceFades more and more rapidly.All the grief and heartacheOf years pastShred my heart to pieces. I
Thanks For The Epiphany's You left me traumaitized,But now I'm desensitized,When I mesmerize,About the feelings inside.And I don't wanna feel,Something that's not real,When I can't even begin to heal.Why can't I be everything you
No one gets you. No one wants to. Why bother fighting, When no one else is trying?   Everyone doubts you. No one believes. No one has faith, That someday you'll succeed.  
Every dream is not meant to be remembered But my dream of you I could never forget. Searching for your light through the darkness For the slightest traces of your flawless silhouette.
i wish i knew why i keep getting hurt. yes, yes i understand no one means to hurt me. they say one thing and i hold it close. not close to my heart, close to my mind. it consumes me.
it's simple in a woman's mind, don't believe she only wants love. she wants the loyalty, respect, attention, and care: she wants to be put above. loyalty means commitment, respect means good character,
  You can’t play footsies with combat boots   Thick like your thighs Heavy like your body
Here we are again. We've already met. The hurt, the pain, and the regret.  The feelings rushed in like waves headed for the shore. They left my broken heart even more soar. My mind aches for answers
Don't take this the wrong way,  You knew what I meant when you started dating me.  You knew I was different, You knew I could care. But you threw me away, you left me bare. 
When she becomes you and you become her. See she’s that other half of me that made room for herself. The light to my darkness for
Do you ever get that feeling The feeling of wanting to fly But your wings are broken Every word unspoken   Do you ever get that feeling The longing desire to run But your legs are paralyzed Your nerves are tranquilized   Tell me the truth As my so
I looked our old messages, and suddenly it all made sense. People don’t appreciate that kind of thing unless they understand it, and the only way you can understand it is through experience.
She’s the pretty girl with the perfect life .She plays sports and gets good grades.But one day, everything started to revolvearound a knife.
I should be exhausted I am exhausted Both physically and mentally Physically, not so much Mentally, too much This world is filled with mental exhaust I am one of them Can rest cure this
It's inevitable that at some point in life, we all become cold, whether it's for a week or a lifetime, we become cold.    But what is being cold? Being cruel? Sad? Distant? It's subjective to each and every individual.   
Did you tell them you were ok Did you laugh it off and shake your head because  nobody wants to look weak. Did you walk calmly out the door but run
Secrets {succubus} Verse 1:I try to not do it  but it's so hard not to love you.  I see your features when your gone.  They radiate in everyone  With your love I'm so far gone.  Can't tell you how I feel.  No word or words can explain it.  I'm jus
Dreadful Dreadful In every cell Dreadful Daughter Lives in hell Dreadful Dreadful You cant tell Dreadful Daughter Fakes it well Dreadful Dreadful Hear her knell?
On the drive home, I noticed all the children racing around playgrounds, people walking their dogs, everyone being able to go about their lives while mine had been completely put on pause.
 It never stopped hurting, Every moment of every day, the pain engulfed her; It was hard for her to believe, The one person who she loved, Gone, never to return; Her eyes searched for him,
Losing you felt like my heart was ripped out my chest, I cried for many days all those sleepless nights, constantly trying my best, to stay strong and fight. Wishing you never left, wanting to bring you back,
Ash thick in the air,Getting hard to breath.Is this really despair?Is it time to leave? I fought the good fight,and vowed not to quit.Am I stumbling in the night?Or is this just it?
Sense of humorslowly fading away.Was it a tool for pleasure?Or just a mask per-se. It was constantly in me.The first thing i would useWhen a friend was in needOr when i needed to diffuse.
Life is funny at times we have our ups and we have our down There is so much to be said and done yet nothing comes out We grow to adore and love someone, then we find out that it’s not reciprocated 
No light, Darkness reigns at this hour.   No sound, Sadness takes at this hour.   Can't feel, Senses are far away.   Can't breath. No air left to take in.  
Yes I am broken and bruised, Yes willingly, I love the abuse, Yes the nights are long There’s not enough distractions in the day, Yes the reasons to leave Outweigh the reasons to stay,
  Are you Still here I am Still here Waiting For you Still pure
how can i love you when you're so distant? how can i love you when you're so emotionless? how can i love you when you're not here?  how can i love you when you're messing with other girls?
Red clouds my sight and burns in my mind A fire ever consuming and always ever brewing   The heat feeds off my heart slowly tearing me apart Bright, colorful flames
I am held captive, Captive by my own brain Jealousy wraps my wrists and ankles with razor sharp barb wire while insecurities pound me into the floor On days when I can take it no longer,
All my homies hmu like where you been Clearly Smoked out comatose and unresponsive tearing  Searing pain unmistakable 
Through the silence I hear the screams A picture of a perfect family lying in a broken frame A lifetime of happiness A lifetime of lies "If possible I never would have married him"
This pain is simply pulling me apartCaught between you and the freedom of hopeThe simple irony of your oath"I promise to let you breathe," Yet your hands are around my neck."I promise to let you see," Still you are all I know."I promise to let you
I guess I always knew you would move on I don't blame you for it,  In fact I'm happy for you. Still it hurts knowing that I haven't moved on. I know I made it seem like I never liked you as anything more than a friend, But that simply wasn't true.
You were once the man that made my smile grow wide,But now you're the man that makes my smile die.Every time I see you, my heart decides to break.Every time I remember you, my organs inside me ache.I'll never forget those really good times, when w
Here again; I’ve built these walls.
I can hear but you never tell me- how you feel that’s why I’m drowning- in these ashes of flames that we caused, caused to burst since we showed each other our flaws.Though we try we just fill with hatred- for the agony of the other in the other’s
He had been poison in her veins And she was insanity to his brain They made each other sick Whether it was the with love kind Or felt bonded to a contract they'd signed Knotted by promises
So, i heard your name yet again, today. Yep. Still got that sour taste and rotten smell that lingers well after you're gone. Oh, fuck you. Wait. That's all you ever wanted. I’m suppose to forgive you.
I leap up to life,  to see what is above me. The flame within me is burning. I look to the sky, and see the drrops forming. Clouds, clouds, clouds. I know that it is coming. I look up and there they are.
Empty is how you left me. Broken, my heart was left.  Lost is what I am. Stupid is how I feel. Falling for someone I can't have.  Someone I never dated.  You felt the same once 
                               I left about a year ago and hung pictures on the                                                      Wall.
The walls were closing in on me. Frustrated and furious significantly. A grey cloud of despair, can't you see it in the air? Where are you right now? You said you would always be there.
To my 8 year old brother who calls me ugly. What is beautiful to you? Let me guess Girls with long hair As long as it passes their shoulders you don't careSkinny Caramel skin As soft as silk Face with makeup and all A girl with no flaws May I tell
It cuts like a knife, yet it brings me life.    There is so much hate and I’m crushed under the weight.   It’s so encouraging and nice  it provides love, joy, and peace.  
  She’s a high school student and her heart has been ripped apart and now she is looking for a restart   But all people do at church is make fun so she’s on the run  
I used to tell myself I hated you. I would whisper it under my beath when you walked by and scream it until my lungs ached in the rain. I would write it on my skin and on paper until your name stained everything precious to me.
Again, I have fallen into a deep  vast  ocean blue where there is time for me and  you. The lilt of your  voice is oh so familiar. The shade of your eyes
And his mama asks "what's wrong?" And he mumbles "nothing" And he runs to his room, And he bangs the door shut. And he sits on the floor by his bed, And he sticks his headphones in his ears,
 I'm shedding tears for all the people we've lost just this year. From senseless violence to overgrown conspiracies, can't you see the enemy? They hide in plain sight so no can ever see.
I used to talk to trees. Often I sought their branches to hold me when I felt my body to small to contain what I held. They would talk me back into it- taught me how to grow inside a husk 
Sometime I realize there's nothing left to say When someone that you love says it's time to walk away and Sometimes I know that there's nothing left to do But pray these words come the way they always used to do
Maybe if I carved a smile into my skin only then will you be able to show the love you never had funny how pain can...sometimes bring the joy out of
Have you a heart so heavy you feel as though it will fall out of your chest? Escape the prison that is your rib cage and tear through your organs until there is nothing left. I do.I have a heart heavy with grief.I'm grieving. What for?For him.For
The way my heart set up is undescribable My love for you? Yeah, thats undeniable As I sit on the steps and cry....All I do is wonder why? Then I wipe my eyes....You wanna know why?
I used to say that "love" was not a strong enough word to describe my feelings but that it would do for now. I could go through the dictionary and look up a hundred synonyms to describe the feeling when I looked at him. Adore
Let my pain soak the sheets of the bed that holds me Let it permeate the walls confining me Let it seep out of my pores and into oblivion
I'm here don't, don't cry, I haven't learned much in school yet, but I know how to say don't cry. I'm here, its alright, I know you don't think I know what's going but he's strong he'll be alright.
It was like a candle being blown out: you leaving. My world has been dark before (it always has), but At least I had a little flame to give me hope back then.
Smokey room filled with chills, Empty bottles, and pills. Today's fears are tomorrows tears.  She feels Euronymous creep in, As he shatters every seam. Today she is seen but tomorrow dreamed.   
I've been here before. Desolate feelings creep in before I get a chance to close this door, once again.
I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes, I listen as she narrates the lies, Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies, Only yesterday he said, "Surprise" Proposing to her, that was so wise.
As I write out my pain, I tell you love's not a game This heartbreak's driving me insane, slowly numbing my brain   I try not to let it show, but deep inside my sadness grows
He bangs the door in my face in protest. Why do I hurt them that I’m meant to protect? All I see in his eyes is detest. No love left to detect.
Why must I speak? Whenever I do, conflict ensues. Words are spat into each other's faces, False accusations in all places, As I helplessly watch. I apologize yet again,
The smell of blood invades my nose every morning around dawn and we were not woken up quietly. My eyes opened wide to the sounds of screams penetrating my eardrums.
He is but a Rose, the undefinable beauty, an incomprehensible nature She grasps him like a child, but she bleeds. She wants to admire the beauty, his features as intricate as petals
I feel like I died a million deaths How can you not feel the same? I would say my tears are just allergies but really my heart cannot be tamed   I feel  useless seeing you with your other
A subtle drop falls Falling from his face Be it tears, or blood, it falls
He Was 6'5 Had Eyes that were a creamy brown The cutest smile And he somehow found his way to my heart… I thought that we were meant to be. And while I'm sitting here  Reminiscing
I like laying next to you You are probably the only person I can confide in for almost everything that happens in my life But, of course, the time we have together is sacred have a girl at home 
A rose & A Dandelion;I begged and craved for a love I would never receive. Peeking my nose into flowers that my garden could never grow. I sprinkled my seeds across a man who would never appreciate my own growth.
Happy girls can't write poetry. A poem full of smiles isn't as good as a poem full of tears because no one cares about you being in love or how you woke up smiling. Good poems are made from downfalls.
i'm not sure that i understand exactly what happened. you promised me a home but you left me abandoned. was i not good enough? did i do something wrong? just please explain to me
The person who always looks happy Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always care about others Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always works hard
I hear you words everyday in somhow in some way you say you aren't controlling me but I am trapped I'm not free.  You degrade me in public call me names to make me feel pychotic
A heart so mean, So evil and cruel. The deciever of many, But always the fool.   She will take your heart, Say she will love you forever; Then she will break you apart,
Only so many times a heart can tear So why did it? None of you were there   Hard to think that You'd believe all their lies It left me tongue tied So I cried   
Is today that day The day so dreadful to me Where you took my heart And shattered it to millions Then burying with your lifes  
Does anyone else feel like they are useless? Did anyone else think they could be better? Does anyone else hate themsleves more than their enemies could hate you? Did anyone else think they were loved this whole time?  
You knew who you were dancing with the entitre time, you were prewarned.         You knew i was fucked up, incapable of perfection, incapable of love.                  You knew eventualy i would hurt you.
Beautiful lies But once it turns Into truth It's ugly And painful I trusted you With my bare heart And even though I gave support And encouragement When I prayed 
She's drowning It's heavy Weighing her down Realizing Long ago That she can't  Swim Feeling weightless But the bad kind That makes you Feel like a shadow Like air
It stings deep inside Though it reveals itself As righteous anger Or perhaps A blind fury Is more accurate Your blood roars With the urge To inflict pain Only later
My heart was a sacred garden. Your stare was the rich soil. Nurturing kisses became the water. Your voice was my everlasting sunshine. My lilacs began blooming into purple rays. Illuminating. Glowing. Weeping. Falling.
If I could I would Go back in time When we first met I would look at you With different eyes I would thank you While we sat at a table Alone In front of the school library
They tell you to trust.
There are times in your life, times you’re overwhelmed by joyous feelings, then there are times in your life, times you’re overwhelmed by deep, dark, hurtful feelings.  
leave me be let me see for myself the cruelty  i know you supposedly didn't mean to hurt me so why am i sitting here with my heart bleeding and these tears streaming let down and left down i lay praying
When I write I never ask why. I never had to think about it. It always just happened. But it wasn't until I noticed That I write to survive, I write because words can save lives.  
The sky is eerily starless tonight And it is like the universe senses that I am not ready to see the stars  Hidden in the darkness I am waiting for the clock to strike twelve And for you to admit that you were wrong
When will i win a prize possession. Something or someone who belongs to me. Am i to urgent or never on time. Do i belong here or just well unsure of what’s going on.
I really am trying. So very very hard. But the pain from the past makes life in the present feel so hard. The stressors of today, call back the ghosts of times past. And I really do not know how much longer I can last.
Broken wings Shattered piece of mind Trapped on Earth Unending time No way back No way home Surrounded by evil No place to roam Good is evil And evil is here
Hurt runs deep Tears are shed Hearts are torn Love is dead Try so hard Always fail Bruised and scarred Blood's red trail Makes it's mark On my heart Like a bullet,
He acts tough I'm sure he is, But he's more than that He's soft at heart; Almost Sensitive His laugh is a beautiful soundtrack Playing the music that makes me smile
I melt away  There are no words to say I all I can do is sputter or merely utter That tore Down to my very core There is more than a feeling You really got my senses reeling
I'm falling deep,knees are shaking,I'm feeling weak.I don't know what to say,When I open my mouth to speak. All these fucking feelingsAre attacking me. Weighing me down, 
Which way should I go? My heart says yes, but my head says no. Should I go up the path, or down the road? My hopes are high, and then they're low. Waiting for answers, chasing dreams.
Gravity, a reality A slumber a tragedy. What I found out is maddening, Into the waves it’s dragging me. Lies, anger, chaos, passing. All around the lights are flashing,
Did you think I would never find out? I’m not as stupid as you may think I am. Do you feel accomplished yet? I let you in and it backfired on me. Even though it isn’t the first time why do I still want you?
Another smile, another tear, Another kiss, a lot more fear, Another hit, nothing is clear, Another memory that will last for years. Another heart that has been broken, Another wound that has been opened,
Never could I turn to one who knows me as you do I thought that I could never be myself until I met you. Endless, restless nights spent awake just holding it in, Yet you were right there, as though you were kin.
I wish there was some beautiful poetic way of explaining how i feel. I wish i could paint my words into a picture. But i cannot. Because i do not know how to make the feeling of absolute worthlessness,
i used to be every girl in every song you heard i used to pollute your mind and populate your world but it's not okay anymore and you don't want me there the way you did before
Ever since I was a child the world looked so bright It seemed like all the darkness was pushed away by light But my young mind couldn't comprehend all the truth After all I was in the starting of my youth
  On my ribs they stay, Permanently marked, A reminder to my heart. Sixteen stitches, black and beautiful, Surrounded by words above and below. Words that gave me strength,
The Father awakened from a hibernation. The Father cooked grits and eggs. The Father cooked grits and eggs. The Father awakened from a jubilation. The Father awakened to a situation.
I am someone But in the face of you I'm nothing With your something I can't breathe You're my peace of madness Won't let me go cause you want total damage
  If one isn’t ready for something Why prepare yourself for it? You began to follow your heart Forgot about your mind And fears
A word was never uttered from your mouth But apologies was spoken from mine A group of friends hung around you all the time While I had no one to confort me when I cried You stole my heart
depression hits you when you least expect it but when it hits you  it fucking hits  \\ hits harder than your running shoes can pound on the pavement
All I feel is exhaust. I am quiet at all cost. Through the morning dew and the evening frost I stay still and watch life pass me by. 
I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling.  Thinking. Blinking. Everything is going through my head like Nascar.  Faster than that in fact. Thinking.  Blinking. Wondering why it happened to me.
Trumpet player played the blues His soul out there for the world to see But none take him seriously
I whisper your name But the wind carries it away You're just a memory Blowing free Across the landscape To light where you may Or dare Wherever you land It just won't be fair
 My Box    The look, its there for none to see  but me.    The way it is  I can not bear
There's a hole in my soul and a hole in my sole It hurts when I dream and it stings when I walk   There's a mountain staring down at me   A silent letter (doubled, sixth to the end)
Sometimes we don't see Something is causing us Hurt Until someone lifts That veil Your eyes become Opened to the true Nature of the thing Sometimes it hurts To see the truth
One day I couldn't reconize myself. I looked in the mirror and couldn't find my face from all the troubles of the world. I wear a smile to cover the pain as I wash away the blood and scars. He hit me. As the red washed away my mind did too.
          mirror mirror, what do you see?           some hidden power buried deep?            or are the scars all that you see?          like the others who don't see me.             I am not Scars but I'm not free
This is my tomb, a never ending void. A creation of an alternate reality
Words can't describe the feeling inside, the pain, the sorrow, the laws you were supposed to abide. You say you understand, but you could never seem to comprehend the pain you put me through.
Looking at your hollow eyes, Its not a surprise that you lied. Your promise to never hurt me, Well that fell through, Cause I believed it, And became the victim to you.  
[ This is a poem about someone who I became friends with and later realized I regretted on this bitter night i decribed. Friends arent supposed to watch you fall without helping you back up...literally] 
All I need is my Bible, my faith in Godpursuing through my blood and enveloping loveFrom the man who taught me to hate, and stole my loveMy teacher, my abuser, stole my heart away.
I hear the words whispering in my head, "Lonely, alone, lost, forgotten." "You don't belong." I look at everyone around me and I ask myself, "Why are you so far from me when I feel so close to you?"
He made flowers grow in her heart and the demons in her head egnite. He caused her a lot of pain but his love was a piece of beauty.
I am nothing withoutBut everything withAnd if I knew nothing aboutI only wish it were a myth
I never knew how much so little could hurt That's the thing about living You discover things you never imagined Wisdom comes with age Why is it so hard to heed when oldheads say they've been there, done that,
This isn't me I am out here I am not here This body I don't know Whose it is   He came in daylight He came as a friend He came as a game That I didn't know
Hush my dear Shed no tear Keep it all inside   Turn your head As I go to bed And utter not a sound   Love has no respect for me Waste not your devout sympathy
Second place The backburner The fault bearer Worthless Stupid Idiot Liar Anorexic Twig Bird   In the background I silently watch as work takes over
I'm the ugly sweater, I'm just there so you may laugh I'm the ugly sweater, I'm here on your behalf I'm the ugly sweater, I've always been the same I'm still the ugly sweater,
baby girl I see you got the finest ass too bad you ain't got no class your lack of education shows desperation you seek for fame instead of self gratification.
When trials are headed our way We wait in vain for someone else to pick us up Our selfishness overcomes our consciousness And we fall even deeper into darkness   Life isn’t always daisies and roses
I hated him so terribly, so much so, I was confusedI wanted to bury my fists deep into his chestand slide them out comfortably "The thing is," he said, "I tried"We're both asteroids on a forgotten constellationAnd I held his gaze, held in my anger
"Broken bones Broken mind         How could I           Be so blind Broken hope Broken staff         I though you Once had my back  But it wasn't true As i onced belived 
"Try, just try They shout across the void But false hope,like a lie It's my mind with which they toyed But real are the tears in which i cried Am I more than a mindless droid? Not to them
"Stop with the lies And the hate And the hurt Filled with their cries Cause we treat them  Like dirt A small child shies At a hand  Raised to hurt This word is not mine
"Tired of fighting  Chains that you don't see? Tired of bleeding Feeling like you cannot flee So tired of hoping For a moment of relief  Tired of searching  For the right key
"It's your name i call Until my throat is raw Because i know you saw How, with my fatal flaw I felt your absense like a claw But still more poisin there is to draw, Out from the wound
He arrives at his living hell,School.Tortured and taunted by bullies,Like buzzards skipping and flapping around.One bully, the Dark One’s true name.The rotten bastard and his posse,
You told him You love him You told him Since day one You guys cuddled You laughed You hugged You kissed One day something happens You text him He doesn't reply back
Yeah bitch screw you too... I hate the word love straight up So to the bitch who ripped my heart out wassup Tell me how’d it feel with the other guy?
"Hey.. are you okay? I see the smiles that you fake The hurt as you turn away When you bite your lip and pray Wish they'd tell you it's okay But nothing seems to stay When the world only sees mistakes 
"Listen, listen  Do you hear The peircing scream Through the atmostphere  Listen, listen  Do you hear Those long, long screams Of pain and fear Listen, listen Do you hear
"The void It knows me Almost too well The void It throws me Under the spell You're not good enough It whispers You're not strong enough For your sister It's your own fault
"When anger finds me buried deep The hurt inside might make me weep  I try and take one final breath Before I meet a friend called Death Must go on Must break free But Anger tries to keep it from me
"Everyday the rage within me dies a little more But everytime I think it's gone  It comes back stronger still It kills my heart Everytime  To see the hurt And the lies The hand print of my hurt
"The wolves inside my head Gnawing at my brain Try to take my essence  And flush it down the drain Remember who I am If it's those wolves I tame If I can't defeat them I might just be too late
How can I cope with the things that I am coming across How can I remain the girl I used to be  How can I smile and laugh like I did back then When I know what they think of me How do you expect me to live my life 
I am slowly changing like a painting manipulated and altered by multiple artists. The artists and I grow old together. My tattered corners must add some character to me, right?
Long nights on the phone, So I won't feel so much alone. Our conversation was about every and anything, Oh, I wish it wouldn't end.   This thing called love had us together, 
The light in your eyes when you talked about her could light up the whole world for a million and one years
Love me! Don't fly away, like a bird who needs to be set free. You promised me your heart, thought you trusted me with  your key?   Now that you look into my eyes, tell me you care! HOLD ME!
People will ask you: "Why are you so sad all the time?" People will stare at your wrists and wonder how you did that. How did you get those cuts? "The cat," you will say, "the cat did it."
Like lightning rips through the sky and pieces itself back together thus the communication was.   Being severed and patched over and over. Each time the sound of  thunder roaring 
It's sad when the perso you care about most is the same person who rips out your heart rips it out and just....just...breaks it... she fooled me into believing believing she actually cared
Remember me, my love For I will not flee I am the sky above And you are the sea   My love for you is burning Like flames I can't control I'm forever yearning On the love you stole
The needle falls from my hand.Golden orbs still bubbling beneath my skin.Honey coursing through my veins.The sweet nectar breathes life to my lonely heart.She reaches into the inner depths of my being.
I want to be happy even if it is just for a short amount of time.Is it bad that I just want love for love, or is it a crime?All around me I see relationships turning to stone.
I hear your voice As I sit in the silence of my lonely red bedroom I hear your voice As I try to convince myself that I don’t need one more drink I hear your voice
Sometimes the hardest thing is not being sick. Watching the world drag by from a second story window, too far away for anyone to notice, too separated for anyone to care.
I Love You Your name will be unspoken, But know it's about you.
What color am I? The color of my skin is supposed to define  My color is my barrier  What color do I have to be to be intellegent? What color do I have to be to be beautiful?
Singer 1: It hurts me to hurt others And you deserve my pain As much as you deserve A trip on heaven's train   Singer 2: My anger's hit its tragic end But I'm more hurt inside
Money talks, so do first impressions I guess she wasn’t impressed by my words, cheapened by my nervousness   she thought I was one dimensional
I drip drop and  call you but you don't hear me. You  are too far in the depths of your own
This poem is not about her small heart and how it beat against my chest, A steady stuttering rhythm, Th-thump th-thump th-thump.   This poem is not about her small hands and how they cradled my chest,
You stand beside me and try to hold my hand The warmth of you sets my mind wandering The way your whole face smiles before your mouth does cracks a glow-stick in my belly and the outside world fades like
You loved me  Too much that we couldn't handle it So much that it kept me up That it made me cry myself to sleep I loved you Too much that I didn't want to anymore
We always knew that the day when we split would come. I will always have the scars from you. The good ones, when we would play on your floor,
Prick. Betrayal hurts, oh the prick. The taste of metal, on a soft finger is lingering on my throat. Each drop is it's own separate thorn. Don't wither.
From the inside looking out A bright-eyed horse stands Head held high to the sky Ready to take on the world Without a single doubt  
knuckles are bleeding again  hit the wall too hard cover the ragged flesh with paint.  makeup's smeared again  mascara streaks down cheeks turn the smudges into tiger stripes.  
All these marks. All these thoughts. All these memories. Brings me even closer to the edge. Nothing is clear anymore. The second-guessing. The cloudy state of mind. The shaking consuming my body.
Angel My Angel, Stop flying, Stop searching, Stop remembering. What you're flying for, Isn't worth it. What you're searching for, Isn't there. What you're remembering,
Growing and growing I was taught to sit still and stay quiet. So I sat still and stayed quiet. Then there was a point when telling a secret would hurt someone in the family. So I sat still and stayed quiet.
Pain has become a part of me, Like a leaf on a tree.   Day or night, its still there.   Pain is when you cry so much it feels as if there is no air. Pain is and will always be part of me,
SaltwaterMy words taste like the seaRemarks can slaughterEverything that means so much to meI am no longer youngerI am now old enough to knowIgnorance can still echo like thunder
See your flower is delicate Delegates of angels persuade to me you're heaven sent But you know how the devil is.. With his disquises Almost Compromised me From the ground grew a violet
STOP! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! I scream to you I beg you from my knees I make so much noise I cry and plead I plead to the gods the lords the people the demons the angels and you  And you all ignored me 
                                             When I became a Man
If i disappear will you look for me? In the misty spring nights And beneath the willow tree And where the deer fight?
I saw your hand around my waist, your eyes staring at me with a kind of sticky chocolate hold that captivates me—holds me frozen in time.
I want you to think of me in black and white
I crush me between my fingers and palm, squeezing tightly - relentlessly Into my balled up fist I threw the things that make me me.  The bad things -
The slightest glimpse of his beautiful face, The allusion of his angel like voice, Could send me to such a magical place. Being in his presence make me rejoice.   When it’s just him and I being silent:
It’s a metaphor, see? You put the killing thing Right between your teeth, But you don’t give it the power To do its killing.  But you don’t get to choose If you get hurt in this world.
Dear Addison, It's momma. Happy birthday. Today is the day I guessed would've been your birthday. I think about you every day, and I love you very much. I'm sorry I never got to hear your heartbeat.
Growing up sucks in this world Having pressures to be perfect You try to get away from it Clear your mind and run away But you still have that voice The one in the back of your head
I know it will never be true Because although they say, "I will always love you" Deep down inside All I hear are the lies Telling me everyday, "You will never be good enough
Because you said i was beutiful i began to redifined myself, God began to work. You loved my inperfections, my weaknesses, my hurt. You loved my scars from the inside out so I let you make love me emotionally and physically.
I am flawed in every sense of the word. 
He said they slept together They believed him
To All Victims.. Keep Walking If you plan on lying to me and then break up with me when I catch you lying instead of owning it and communicate, keep walking.
Warning: This poem contains explicit words. Fact 1: I have spent £5.87 on self help books Fact 2: I have read 60p worth of these books
I shouldn't have listened to what everyone was saying. I shouldn't have doubted what I didn't have in writing. I knew deep down that they were wrong,
In a world this size It's quite easy to feel small and unimportant But you can't let that get to you Because the moment it touches you You're lost forever
You don’t know how long it’s taken me to write down these words These words will scorn me for the rest of my life I tried to talk myself out of these feelings, I’ve tried to talk sense into myself Just as you’ve taught me
Here is to the women who hurt. How their pain never told though their stories ever sold, intuitively resistant and bold.
I used to think I was brave. That I could be anything I aimed for. But then life hit me, kicked me, shit on me rolled me in dirt  and spit on me. I wish I could be brave again,
Feelings of yester year haunt me. Emotions tucked so far in  the folds of my heart they are almost invisible. Yet I cannot keep them from encompassing me. I feel a longing. Strong and familiar
When I am aloneNo one can hurt me anymoreNo one is able To tell me a lieAnd injury my precious heartBut there is still pain
Setting in the dark head full of thoughts the voices are screaming and screaming who are you? Do you even recognize this horrible being you call yourself?
In one hand I have safety In the other rests my heart Every time I try to unite them Everything falls apart   Why can’t things be simple Easy to figure out I once was so sure of the love
So long I have lived in pain Yet he just now can see All the pain and grief That consumes all of me   How can I be happy When I’ve only ever been hurt Instead of vowing to heal my scars
When I was little my father used to let me use his belly for a pillow. He was my rock in this tossing stream we call life, but just like any sedimentary he started to erode. Parts of himself were chipped away with each wave of sorrow.
Continually you ask that piece of polished silver
I'm lost and i been that way for so long, i bear the results of these years and i wear them as scars. Mistakes made and good intentions gone wrong,
i have seen small limbsslide through the armholes of toddler sized shirtsand their knees bend into boxes without any eyes have watched them flow through a rowof school desks without feeling the push of cold
I just want to be done.
Nails peel cracking, uneven- some long, some short
Dont take me getting myself together for granted I acquire a lot of attention , I'm very needy and just want to be love I don wat t be ingored anymore Dont take mw getting myself together for granted
OH SO...     You flutter and flail.  You break and bend my very being. Oh, the bittersweet agony of holding you close to my chest.
I tried so hard to stay by your side
It’s been a while now. Your horns of fire and blood
I believe it’s time for me to step down And let the mountains do all the falling.
They say love is a drug, so addicting and gives you a high that you can't come down from. But what they dont tell you is what happens when the high is gone and all your left with is all the hurt, that the drug took you're mind off of.
If I were a duckling, the church was my mother. I folllowed and obeyed to please one another. I knew not why I'd bother to question, Why I'd always head my elders instruction.
April 12, 2013 I had blue frosting on my lips, face covered in lies. You walked in and placed your keys in your coat pocket, "You lied, we can't be friends, Happy Birthday Erica" you said tears in your eyes and I said my goodbyes..
And the way we once were, still thrived in the past. But the mistakes we had made,
The weight of denial sits on my shoulders, adding pounds to an already crumbling structure, 
Dreams are just DreamsUntil you make them soarA Wish is just a WishUntil you fight to make it happen
I used to think anything you could ever tell me to do would be an improvement, that any insufficiency you’d catch, that I could make myself a better person by breaking my bones to fit into the mold that you cast.
I spend yet another night, jonsing for a kiss only you can give me, longing to be held only in your arms, wanting to cling onto you and lay down in our blissful silence, saying so much but at the same time, not much at all.
Even someone cold as you Could feel this summer heat I would just like to know If your heart breaks when it beats   August has long since gone Your voice creeps in my head
Misused, abused and left sitting confused Disrespected & rejected
I know you love me, your love is true But you have a funny way of expressing it, And with that I haven’t figured out what to do.
The words fly at me
Do you know the love I could have gave, Is only the love I really crave
A picture painted in red, Crimson sliding down a canvas of snow-white skin. Creating cracks in porcelain as the knife cuts deeper, The bright fluid oozing out from underneath the surface. Dulled senses are awoken,
A facade. Gold plated, short lived.
To love you, I need to know you I need to know your strengths, your weaknesses I need to know how far you've come and where you're going I need to know your likes and dislikes I need to know why you want me
  She left in distress Her hair up in a mess To her lover, she will never confess The thoughts she is thinking about Only lead discussion to shout   Deep down hoping he will find out
Being hurt doesn't matter Being controlled constantly is the norm People don't notice how you shatter   Overhearing the other girls cruel chatter In your mind their whispers brew a strom
Silent Stay silent
Where were you  You said you'd be here but yet your absence is pretty fucking clear. The hole you left in me is not done tearing me apart, I am slowing becoming into what I've feared the most; nothing. 
Brilliant flame among the dull ice shines brightly, bearing happy thoughts, but among the dead throng of ice,  nothing burns or melts, but grows icier still. Why? Comet bright and bold caressing the heavens
but what if i saw you again would it feel the same way would it be like my life source is back or am i destined to be dead are we destined to be dead i'd hate to think we can't make amends
its been so long and im still not over it we were closer to each other than i ever thought i could get to someone it breaks my heart when i see things that remind me of you but thats everything  everywhere
He is my sunshine Bright and warm  Putting a smile on my face!  
But baby I swear I never meant to hurt you, 
Words coming down, Hurtful and unnoticeable. Pang settles in the heart, Uncomfortable and unbearable. Next comes the tears, Wanting to wipe away, Yet with pride in the way,
Fallen victim to his desolate lies
Violence would have saved me. A thought I struggle to comprehend. It were the words that degraded me, broke me down, they wrapped around my neck. "Piece of shit" "worthless" "a mistake"
They said love hurts, but I didn’t think it would feel like this. A beautiful kind of hurt. That’s what I pictured.
I am normal like you yet I feel so much pain. Words that cut deep inside me. They hurt so bad the constant downgrades of my life ,yet I find the will to hold on
As I walk past him my cheeks turn red, I say hello but he ignores it instead I wonder how we would cuddle in his bed Or how his hand would fit in mine, My heart is in a bind.
They said, "you can be anything you want to be."
Everything started because of a boy. A boy that made her feel special. The first boy she thougt she ever truely liked, 
I think I might have just been  born of a disease. A disease where slowly my  flesh peels away  at the slightest remarks.  Where my eyes become to full and my heart become to weak
  Pain is an inevitable part of life. Pain is your body, mind or spirit way of telling you it hurts.
So I took a deep breath and asked her name And she said hi, my name is kate And I said hello But I knew she wouldn’t let me go   Cuz some people connect immediately  and other split immaculately but I know
I remember that it hurt,Seeing the one you love,Love someone else.I remember that it hurt,Driving out into the middle of nowhere,Just to scream at the top of your lungs.I remember that it hurt,
I wanna cry but the tears won't show
A faint mysterious cloud rolls overhead. Darkness comes along leaving room for regret.   Memories engulfed with tiny drops of rain, Slowly warning this is no ordinary day.  
With all my heart You are tender and kind Your always on my mind If you could rewind Stop all the fighting It's not right To fight Over silly stuff And don't be so rough
It was like drowning in the darkness of the seemingly desolate ocean Lit only by the odd glimmer of moonlight The odd sparkle of his eyes I can swim, but I didn't want to
I, I, It- Stella D’Vine I have to pretend I don’t feel. I have to suppress the stress. I have to swallow the tears. I have to pretend to pretend.   I hate the way I feel. I hate to feel.
How it feel up there? That act you got hanging in
My mind is spinning I am going to throw up Anxiety kills ~Dmonica
What if everything changed? What if it got better? What if it got worse? What if it I was happy?
Even among the noise that fills the room, the silence haunts my soul. Lost in the crowd, an identity becomes blurred and hazy. The tears don't shed themselves anymore, they too are trapped inside.
Heart beat pounding Exaggerated sighs Lips tracing scars Pupils peering into mine     Mind racing Endless hours   Piercing whispers Lingering kisses Even in my sleep
Give me the courage to speak, The confidence to act, The wisdom to understand, The hope that can lift my heart of stone and ice. Thaw it.
There's a scared young girl Filled with hurt, sadness and pain Let her voice be heard  
I had no warning When I first met you My mind would be centered Around something new   You seemed to approach me As a different friend Now closer than ever I don't want it to end
Ha...Ha. Funny Are you single? Do you like to mingle?
  Every day I feel nothing but pain, The pain I feel is hurting me inside, It feels like it’s eating my soul alive,
   The girl that can’t love because of you Once so young and naive I allowed you to blind me of my perspective of love,  A love so beautiful, A love worth value that spoke volumes.
they looking at me like he never gonna make it gave me a barrier I'm destined to break it I'll take it give me the good with the bad i had worse they say he not all the way there well at first
Have you ever been stuck with nothing to say? And though there’s plenty to say, you just can’t say it? Who’s going to listen? I am screaming from the inside, hoping someone hears me,
When a house is dirty, we clean it. We sweep away the dust and scrub away the stains until there is nothing left to remind us of the wreckage
They say, "keep your friends close But your enemies closer." I ask, then, how do you know? Who is your friend And who is your foe? One moment it's sunshine And happiness and laughter.
Here I sit all alone No one to talk to No one to relate to Wishing that one day I won't have to feel sad One day, maybe I'll find someone to love me Or just maybe be alone forever.
Late at night my soul cries and weeps .Laying i
A mirror stands before me Whispers of hate and laughter surround me They point out the outside flaws So I put on a mask to hide the hurt and the pain
Eyes closed breath heavy the feel of your body over mine my hands on your body your curves so defined I place a kiss upon your neck & whisper in your ear
Who am I behind the camera lens?  I constantly take pictures with my friends. Everyone that looks at my Instagram  thinks I'm going ham.
  Sometimes I hold my head in my hands and sink into the sheets teeth in a soft lip turned chapped too much pushing on me from all sides from nowhere
I never thought this day would come, I wasn’t prepared for this to happen, I cry myself to sleep every night, I can’t accept the fact that you are gone.
With all the cups you gave,
A wall, a wall with a hole so deep, so dark, the depths could never be known. A road, a road never traveled, nor will it ever be. An animal, lonessome and mateless, never to find his own.
Adults always tell us that they know best They have more experience, and time, they'll attest They feed those words Into our brains Inject that message into our infant veins
My heart turned into stone so I skipped it across the pond I made the choice to let it go because I didn't need it anymore Now I'm dragging it back because I found where it belongs
A stab in the heart from the blade you called love You said sweet things to my face then turn around and switched up Whats real & whats fake? In this time I couldn't tell
It had to be an Easy button  
It is futile to cling to something so fictitious. The world fades away. White.
This the object most fragile, And most adhering. Knows no wisdom.
I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better than I am at putting my feeling into words.  
I am broken. Into microscopic pieces. Pieces that are too small to find and put back together. They are fragile. Do not touch them, for they will break. Let them heal by themselves. If even possible.
The wind will blow away my sin Copper devils wait in the tall grass I walk on doves feet across the clouds Fallow my feelings little fish Sing about rain I sometimes wish I was a monster
I can’t speak the words You so badly want to hear   And I can’t make it go away But I can ensure you have help here   You think you are weak When I know you are strong  
At times I am menstruating My uterine muscles Pumping at my dry bloody walls  
Here lies love so broken and ruined Here lies her heart so battered and torn He ripped it right out of her not caring of the effects She tried to put it back but It kept cutting her, making her bleed
You are not alone Sleepy eyes Purple crescents burn bright under them Boney knees Baggy pants conceal lack of nutrition A broken heart, longing to stop beating It screams in agony
Was I bitter? Absolutely.
Screaming bloody murder, but no one can hear the cries Cannot hold on forever, can hardly put up a fight Locked inside a cold room, lying on the hard floor Beaten in the gloom, here be he prisoners of war
I knew it was broken the moment that I became unsure 
Trying to invent myself. I'll juggle it all and make all the right choices. I'm overwhelmed. Like a cloud stretching to cover the entire Earth.  It reminds me that I am small.
Happiness and Joy errupt like a geyser at Yellow Stone,
You Stole from me something important Before I could understand to cherish it You  Lashed out at me For my overwheming emotions You Made me become Hateful of myself.....
She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more.
Though I study hard and long People have questioned me all along   Adminstration always asking  And Parents always nagging   Let me choose the path I want  Let me choose the path I want 
The hurt
I thought i could Trust you, To help take away the pain, But as the nights grow colder, And the days grow shorter, Your starting to fade away, Like an old Memory!
oh dear little girl
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
Choke Choking on bile Fresh from my soul My eyes collect The wretched substance I will fight Never let the monster out Please, Turn around Your innocence, It blinds me
I had the chance to leave. I could have been free, to never be hurt again. So young, so dumb, I stayed and it begin. I spent my life loving you, since we were kids.
Water running down my face, as today i decide my fate going or stayin wouldn't even matter Would it?
I lay my head on your shoulder, Cuddle with you while the day is over. I lay my hand on your chest, viewing you as a form of protection, my vest. Clearing my mind of the rest, in that moment, I realize...Im yours and your mine.
It's the chemical creation that's emotionally fueled And the tears behind clouded eyes Unable to be loosed   It's killing yourself  With the feelings of self-hatred   It's the darkness
I'm looking at you but all I see is hurt, pain and anger. I see you're broken, I see the real you. I see that kid, that used to smile and laugh. I see that kid, that was happy and content.
I loved you so much I thought I could never let go I thought these were true feeling that you showed  but I know now and ive started to grow
I loved you so much I thought I could never let go I thought these were true feeling that you showed  but I know now and ive started to grow
You ever think to yourself what could I do different? Someone like you I bet you don't even consider it
Every answer is a lie, Every night it all unfolds. Only when I'd rather die Is when the truth is told.   Every answer is one I hide, It scares me more than you know Because when I search,
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
I never feel rushed Or pushed
Who am I? I'm the girl in a cheering crowd frowning I'm the girl who loves but never was I'm the girl who was hit constantly by someone so close Who am I? I'm the girl you left behind
A permanent reminder runs crooked down his chest a seam, a scar, still raw, deep, and red he is in debt to a strangers hand, loses rest for fear of failing his second chance 
They keep trying to tell me I should be happy. Ok, I am really trying, I mean honestly I ain't cut in almost 10 months now. People say that it's pathetic when someone is that sad,
This hurtsFor some reason or another this hurts
I'm in pain Outside i'm fine But deep down, deranged
Driving home that rainy night, Everything was normal, everything was right.I turned the same way I always do,quickly running out of time before curfew!Almost home, just a few miles to go, 
Don't be a brat! BAM BAM Stop being stupid! BAM BAM You need to learn! BAM BAM Don't fucking talk to me!
The door finally closes, another day spent, Another act finished, but I’m not content.   I look in the mirror, stare into my eyes – Were they fooled today by my act, my disguise?  
I fall, I rise.  I make mistakes, I live. I've been hurt, but Im alive. I'm human. I'm not perfect, but I learn.  I've encountered hardships, but im thankful. 
Within my heart lay a gap that I cannot fill A gash within my emotions that lay unhealed This wound inflicted bleeds deep within me This stream of emotions wil never heed A cloud of thoughts loom in my mind
Hearing the screaming and shouting in my house, I don't know what to do but grip my blouse.   I used to think "This is where it all ends", But I looked past that and started to ascend.  
All of our years we work and try to see, The girl or boy we are supposed to be. We go through school being judged and bullied, Just to turn around and judge and bully. We are called to act with love and kindness,
Get big Get fucking BIG There is nothing stopping you now   Stand tall Chest out Make those mother fuckers shake in fear   You're angry, yes And hurt
I flinch. False consensus effect strikes again. I'm not afraid of your touch. Fear has no position on the playing field. you recoil, my body like a stovetop to the touch.
he sat down beside me
                                             When will Life Start    
No rhythm No rhyme Just me And myself Dark hands Bright face WIth a dim glow in the eyes Worn out By the challenge Of living each day with a smile Inside
  Where do we go when we are lost? Where can we find ourselves and what’s the cost? I’m searching of the girl I once was. Looking and looking, where can she be? I see a girl, is it me?
Why did you go? For that I'll never know. 
Words cut down a mighty tree
We all drink the world in misery as shuffled songs pass through cheap headphones
Why dont you cry out my friend? Do you want your pain to never end? This is the fate some say you chose. But others would never know. The life was chosen for you. A horrible tale you were put through.
Tears don't mean sad or pain, Isn't even flow from wounded heart... Tears are way to express joy and sad... Emotion charged when fervently warmed... In Very sad or Ecstatic joy, 
I'm screaming 
"Look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful' . I'd repeat it. Look in the mirror and say " I love you". I'd try , but nothing would  come out . I'd go mute. I spent most of my life trying to hide myself.
Impressive in your eyes I seem, but more Impressive yet are you who believe in my life so vague, filtered to exclude the truth.   My anxious fingers produce
Mom tri
When I get comfortable I always feel pain
I don't know what I'm doing here.
The pounding in my head won’t go away The rush, the high, flying None of it will go away The rush, the rush, it’s supposed to end The night over, the day breaking --but fuck that why end it early?
I am a woman behind a curtain, and that's something that I find difficult to accept. Keeping lies, and secrets, I seem to always let them take advantage of every part of me my heart, my lips, my eyes.
I remember your face on which there was pain and disbelief distorting your features beyond recognition when I saw you for the last time. Forgive me For I caused your eyes
Walking away from this pain, Leaving it behind, To try and see, A new light.   
Over and over they raped her Made her feel as if she wasn't there Touched her innocent body
Behind the hazel, she's just a lonely little one. Behind the hazel, she wants to the world to be gone. Behind the hazel, she's fighting everyday. Behind the hazel, she's scared in every way. Behind the hazel, she's slightly shattered.
Many times we sacrifice hopes and dreams thinking that by doing so we will achieve bigger dreams. We don't understand how many we lose in the road until we look back.
Forgive me for always wanting to be in love, I know it sounds dumb and stupid. But I rather be in love and feel it’s warmth then hurt from the outcome Of its winter cold.
A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear 
I loathe your addiction to cigarettesand the women you go to seebecause one is killing you
Every day, she gets called a different name. No one seems to see the pain it causes. To them, it’s all just a game, Even when she cries, no one pauses  
“Free me”, she screams in his face.“No more.No more a moore.I am a river.I flow.I live and give
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
Insults fly through the air, Pain upon the heart, Boiled anger through the veins, Impatience floods the mind,   Yells, Screams, Accuses at night, A breaking soul,
If I died tomorrow Would you miss me? If I died tomorrow would you think twice about the good times? Or would all the negative and bad times be in your minds
Flaws and all She was born like this not very tall with curves he likes to kiss the chubby cheeks on her face a smile that lights up the place in her heart is very pure and soft voice that's hard to hear if you're not listening to the words she s
I am a moth attracted to a flame  Memorized by the beautiful luminance
No! I do not share stranger-stained cabs with beautiful guests of the nightlife. 
Darkness  Is all I can see  Death  Is all I dream  Happiness  Has long since faded away  Struggle  Each and every single day Mind  Is slowly turning to dust  Pain 
Behind the curtain What I keep hidden From your eyes and mind Is strictly forbidden   Under the mask What a clever disguise
I can't be perfect you see  I don't have the key  of all the things I could be I just want to be me I can't impress you You judge me like I'm new They all judge me to at whatever I do
I looked at you and I knew that it would never be the same I fell into your eyes, and thought I really knew But it was not something I can explain. A spark, a piece, and suddenly everything felt right
The guard is up No one can get in No one can see what I feel I don't want to see your face with pity clear upon it.   I built this guard many years ago When you shattered my heart
Notice me ticking Because I cant take every blow You so innocently throw At my ego   Notice that I am struggling That I struggle To trust And open up to you.  
Scared in a world with a variety of people, the rejects, the nerds and quiet people . With the people who belong on stages and are natural leaders , those who belong at the steaple.
Our eyes are once again forced open by the sound of a beeping alarm. Morning has stolen our precious sleep.
every night i sit watching the stars dance infinitely hoping somehwere you are sitting watching waiting wondering if i am doing the same
You were my partner…. you were my brother…You understood this side of me the way no one else could.We’d vent to each other, we struggled together every single day just to be seen as normal…
Calm, chill, charming, That is what people see. I present a facade of confidence. Little do they know, My insides are burning. Most do not know of the fear, The fear of the future.  
  Life is complicated, confusing, nurturing, pleasant.
I give you this lonely flower Which contains all i can give I'm sorry I didn't have the power To give you a better chance to live   But in this world that's dying Hope for a better tomorrow is rare
wreckless of the wicked makes me yawn
Fear is what I consume,
Smiling, laughing, eternally cheery Why can't anyone hear my screaming? Showing the world my best face Make sure that the mask stays
Mirror mirror on the wall Do you see me thin and tall? School is rough, the kids don't see The person I'm truly destined to be I try and smile or force a laugh All behind a face that's masked
Do I know you? The words you pronounce  are so ugly and dirty, But you say they fit me just perfectly.  Do I know you?  No, I do not  but here I am lying on the floor
You strum the strings of m
I dreamt of you last night. 
Ive hidden from connection for so long, kept my distance from people to supposedly save my soul But when I look back ive only hurt my self because all of them have moved on I am here still disconnected Nothing to say
"Alone, alone, alone..." The phrase that plagues my mind day in and day out... Yet it rings true about who I really am.  I am alone. Feeling ever so distant;
There's regret and remorse then trying to forget and move foward, but all of this time I'm thinking...
Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see. Do you see a happy girl? Or the demons that control me? Do you feel my pain? My jealousy? My guilt? Maybe now you'll understand
Sir no sir.                                                                                   Please leave me alone sir. Let me sleep sir.. This isn't rite please don't touch me.... I'm only 11; you're 50..
Black Lines, That’s what they see. This pen. My pen, Flowing across the page, My heart spilling, In black lines. These black lines
Depressed,tired of being called out,wanting to quit Try balancing a 3.5 GPS while you play sports and trying to "fit in" Sometimes I want to give up. But my parents taught me better.
punch right, jump to the left run away there's no time left jump up over the rolling barrel look behind you their still there look forward they cut you off turn the corner
Eventually it gets old You get tired of arguing just to have a conversation Your throat is still sore from yelling at the top of your lungs just to make sure your voice is heard
A young girl just twelve years old sees a guy from a few feet over s
A message to the douche I once were How are you doing? Let me change the question How were you doing? Let me guess You were crumpling sheets of papers From the handwritten words of your classmates
The school hall where everybody is in their own corners: the sporty girls tough guys rockers brains trouble youth A and trouble youth B even the believers strolling with their folks;
How can you grab me from falling if the hands you reach for is full of flames of fire
Its not my fault mom didn't love you
First impression Seems to be the best But why do I find it So hard to rest Late night thoughts  On my mind Its those same thoughts That take all the time Is time running out
I smile when I want to cry I laugh when I wanna scream You wanna know why  Because when I cry or when I scream It's pushed aside like a child's plea
Love isn't for me, darling  It's like a poison; Keep it away from me Everything feels like an explosion I just want to be left alone I can't even feel my own body anymore
I was blinded by what I thought was love But now I see as clear as the deep blue sea
all i can hear is the ticking of the clock, though i'm halfway certain there is nothing but silence. i would much rather be in a trance than here with such a horrid creature. you ignite my every being only to
I want you to stop beating yourself up about what happen, because I was protecting you baby girl . Am till alive-bu am just no on thisearth with you. I wan ou to always remeber these things yo're alway in my heart.
When I'm around you, I can't think... My heart hurts, I'm so weak for. I'd confess how feel-If only I could speak to you, you've worked yourself in and around, and under my heart, and yeah, some times I really can't breathe.
Teardrops can stain a surfaceTeardrops can destroy a work of artTeardrops can destroy makeupTeardrops are their own silent stormIf only people cared as much for teardropsAs they did for storms
It hit me one night on tumblr a blog i stumbled upon with a bio that sounded a LOT like my old best friend we never fell out our friendship never ended
Is my nature free? I will not laugh nor shout And engulf in reverie   And then I say I am the sea   The moon the glowing orb Is a friend to some but not the swirling sea
No one can see The pain in my eyes No one can see When I cry No one can see That i'm dying inside Thise comments you make Hurt like hell Those comments you made Left marks on my skin
People have always told me:High school will be hard.High School will beThe worstTimes of your life.You will be beaten to the groundAnd pushed so low that you will Forget
Sometimes I dream she’s dead, Blood flowing from her head, I wish I did it, One thrash head hit, Strung from a noose, Tied so tight, she’d never get loose, A smothering pillow over he head,
 1 Roses are red Violets are blue  your curtins are opend  and im watching you     2  Twinkle Twinkle little star i want to hit you with my car 
Do you see the man Standing back there, Behind the Curtain
All I remember from old days, Is crying so hard, must’ve been a phase, I couldn’t see, I saw from different eyes, I was so little, why didn’t they just let me be? Them being mean wasn’t a surprise.
From the outside looking in, everything was alright Mommy was happy, Daddy held her tight Everyone worked hard, everyone did smile, We were all happy, at least for this little while.  
Dad and some kids, shouldn’t it be okay? Dad was supportive….well he will be someday. Sometimes he came home, most days we were alone, But we hid when he came, we hid in shame.
How many times have I fallen, Only to fall apon the floor. How many times have I given my heart, Only to have someone slam the door. My heart now covered in scars, Has grown tougher then is has ever been.
dead. dead. dead. Don't let them see you.  They see you and you're dead. dead. dead. dead. You weren't made to be around them. They wouldn't understand, they never understand. dead. dead. dead.
Mr.Bully, your words hurt me and so does your hitting and punching Everyday you make me wish I could fade away I try to be strong but sometimes I cry  I'm so tired of saying I'm okay because that is a lie
When i speak is it kind? if not, what do i say?  When i look is it promising? if not, i will look away When i touch is it gentle? if not, my hands will reside in my pocket When i laugh is it genuie?
Beyond the face there is a brain. It may not always be right, It may not always be sane.   Beyond the eyes there is a vision. What I wish I could see, All the things that are missing.  
He's blinding almost, he's screaming out, "Let me go!" "Take me back!" "Let me go!" and..."Take me back." again Blue is where she found misfortune. She's tempted,
Sick heart, dripping with gasoline, fueled by the cigarettes thrown like darts the whip’s bullseye that tore her apart, innocent and caged, helpless to cleanse itself, gives in to the rage,
To my desire,   Is it even possible? I hate you so much. You are the crimson fire that burns angrily in me. You are the bush of thorns growing around my heart.
You hear my laugh, But there is a hollow ring. You see me smile, But there it's missing something. You feel my embrace, But there is hesitation. You never see me cry, This mask is my creation.
Tell me where, Where you at? Where you at? The warmth of tor smile made me want you even more, My heart is like a broken vase, In pieces, On the floor
I guess I didn't know how to love myself. The things you said you saw... I always did think you were delusional. For I am not beautiful, I am not worthy of Want.
A few simple words can make the whole world turn,
You don't know meI'm not the person you think I am
Don't slam my drama books down in the hall Don't throw me into lockers or a bathroom stall My home is not the school trashcan Let Me Be Me So what if my hair is black and blonde So what if you think I'm Gay?
if there ever is a day when im gone  when the wind sweeps me away with the pale dust and dingy acidic rain if there ever comes a day when my mouth is sewn shut for good and
1980-The year Rodney Alcala w
Even though she looks unhappy to be here, every time the last bell rings she doesn't hustle out the door like the rest of them do.
its in my lonely  that I realize how I am frail and boney how harsh I am to me,how my heart is stony it is in my lonely that I confront my phony masks get dropped and the acting gets chopped
Her single constants Of which I was graced; A slender frown  and withering waist.  
No one sees and no one can find What I hide beneath this facade of mine Constantly wanting for what cannot be Constantly wishing for a better school, A better life, And better friends
Don’t Start, Do- Don’t Fight. The clear. Plain. Mirror.   That keeps me…   Alive?   It.  
Can you see her? Did you know?
Before you laugh in my face and tell me that it was my fault, Know that I, am well aware I fell for you and i thought I knew what I was doing I thought I could play the game as well as the game master himself
I love you I am sorry, I just lost    control
I never regret it
it is today i cannot stand the thought of my next birthday i cannot stand the thought of another day with excuses and hiding and so much hurt that i feel numb
Maybe it was the way he held your hand, holding on like it would save him from his worst nightmares. Or was it the sound of his voice sleep deprived and full of despair calling you at 3 a.m. Just to Make sure you were still there.
 See thats the thing between you and her. You're getting better and she's getting worse. She ductapes her sadness with a smile and cries in silence. No one notices her bruises and cuts because theyre within.
In a world full of chaos and hate, you wanna know what lifts me up... you wanna know what makes me smile... you wanna know how I am able to persevere,
Who am I? The one cowering on the floor as the crowd walks by Fear rips through my body The anxiety tears at my heart with its needle-sharp nails My breathing increases as my attack starts
I made you believe me… You didn’t have a reason to doubt… Why would the first words I ever spoke to you Be a lie? It was psychotic.
You found me, Hanging there, The note that I left, is in your hands, And as you read, You start to remember all the signs, And you start to realize that, I could have been saved,
The secret signs you imagined The signals you gave back The special smile you thought was solely for you The feelings you thought were there but it turns out lacked The way you felt when talking to them
HOW would you feel if you were talked about to your face? You would feel as if they hate you and you're a mistake. WHATwould you do if you didn't fit it? Another bathroom to eat your lunch is where you'd sit in.
Without a tongue how do we speak Without love how do we feel  Without lungs how do we breath Without faith how do we hope without hows, how can we accomplise anything  The world is filled with hows and whats
White lips, pale face Wants to be erased
 You would think someone with a disease would have problems in school such as socializing or generally fitting in. Growing up down south and moving to New York city was a huge change for me.
I get kicked down the halls and on the inside I scream No More I here you two scream and fight breaking things into the night my brain is drained and all its going to say is
Feel me? Feel my pain Love lost Love gained Love will drive you insane Love obtained can be tamed Nobody wants to be temporary Don't have time for "hi's" and "bye's"
Mama, where did you go? We're playing hide and seek, and I just don't know If you're behind the couch or under the bed. But when I find you, my joy will show. This five year old loves mama with her whole heart so.
I may seem quiet, shy and weak. But inside I am more powerful that anyone could ever imagine...I just need be able to step up to the plate.
We live in shadows all by ourselves And sell our bodies on street corners Why? We smile to each other's faces and act like everything is okay When it's obviously not Why? We feel okay to tease others
its 3 am again and it all really seems so familiar, the dark sky, the quiet house, the creeping memories of you, and the feeling of death and sorrow in my chest  
You see a teenager. Day to day, smiling awkwardly at those who pass.I see a little girl. Sitting all alone, trying to hide her face from those who look upon her.You see a senior, attending classes, not paying attention.
I just don't fucking give a shit anymore.
Many people seem to forget 
  I cannot begin to imagine What comes within this baggage Friendship! What a slippy, messy slope?!! A non-romantic relationship Where two hearts begin to elope
You made me feel like I was queen, No matter what was said you would be there to pull me back to my feet, Like I was something special, You were the first person to ever make me feel this way,
(Before I was saved, This was me)  --------------------------------------------
Your words are like a knife a dagger a double edged sword cutting through Each time the wound gets deeper and deeper So bad you can't take it anymore and wanna give up, don't.
I dedicate this to you To all those who have suffered endlessly hopeless Fighting to live another day just like today too Rock paper scissors, oops you're out Get out, out of my life I don't need you.
"It wasn't anything YOU did, I do have trust issues." Your words still ring through my head What could have happened To make you this way Why couldn't you have told me sooner The tears I wasted
I envy those with amnesia Wouldn't you if you need to forget the people who don't need ya? I wish I could--I'd do anything for a memory pill Overdose to forget those who didn't love you and never will
Left with a broken smile, A twisted girls mind Can take you a mile Through the decisions she's made She's haunted by pain Brought to light to see The only good decision she ever made
  I tried so hard To hold you near But then it happened My greatest fear   You made me laugh You made me cry I still don't understand
'Twas but an hour, the brighest hour, the simplest, livliest moment.   Out like a flame, Out was my security, out was my thirst for life.   And I hated you
To see aint wat it seem How to get over wats still in a dream Close my eyes and there u are But when i open them u are so far The irony is u're right there Over and over i say it aint fair
I walk around with a smile Showing the world my happiness  while really I'm in plain I look around at how happy others can be  I wonder if I just smile I'll be the same  Never once had I cried or frowned 
Here I sitand wonder why.Why am I here?Is it just to die?Or is there a reasonFor this crazy world?A reason to be hereto spin and to twirl?
I have a past, we all do Some of it is lies, other things are true My grandma said I lied about rape My aunt said I was fake My church said I was a mistake My friends said they needed a break
The darkness is approaching Its taking my mind, body, and soul I can no longer function  Someone help me  Help me; before its to late The darkness is spreading I am becoming numb
Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you battling and fightng to get through
Lets live for today  Let past troubles fade away Let go of the uncontrollable, its not here to stay So why do we worry about other things they dont matter, they dont matter Nothing is here to stay
 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.
Outside, I am put together, my hair is done, my makeup is done, my clothing is ironed,
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
It would pull me in  Dare me to eat it And then I would And then I did And then I hated myself I wanted to be that girl  The thin one with legs The toned one with abs
Sticks and stones may break my bones But my bones can heal Say what you need to say Say what you want to say But say not what will break me   Sticks and stones may break my bones
When you look me in eyes , i feel like melting away. When i dont talk to you , i feel like i cant go another day. The way you say my name, makes me want to jump with glee.
Her heart is fragile  Just like a piece of glass is fragile 
I am a masked face in the distance,
In death we find a calm, sweet pillow A place to rest our weary head Gone are the years of endless worry Gone are the times of hopeless dread   This white palace knows no fear
First time i saw her i thought nothing of it, She was another face, among thousands. Another body, among millions. But a spark, a spark that would set my body on fire, Her beauty was not striking, her body less so.
Pricked and poked being left alone to dress her own wounds,
I am fighting this war inside me
I am alone A single soul Who's heart is cold Bound by the thought of everyday madness Kept awake by the sobs of every night sadness  The tears feel like fire upon my eyes The days end in long sighs
I try everything to warm your heart, And you ignore me, but at what cost? It leaves me with bitterness, less sweet, more tart. After all, I guess love’s labor’s lost.
I thought we were sisters and That we could be completely Honest with one another especially Over a guy.   I thought I made it clear That I still had feelings for him.
Wow you used me for your pleasure then threw my away like trash 
What do you look like? Where are you? How do I know it's you? Did I do it right? When do I show you off? Who do I show you off to?  
I've loved. I've loved and lost. But it's better to love then lost, rather than not loving at all. Better to fall, and call for help rather than not try. 
This woman told me that she would rather date a blind guy than to date me Then I asked what does that mean And she told me Because he would be blind which means he can't see and I would know that he loves me
So Many Months Past And The Weather Changed A Lot. Never Really Counted The Days  That We'd Been Apart. I Guess Chasing Fairytales Can Only Last For So Long..
I am suffocating.  The elephant in the room is breathing all the oxygen  and my lungs have become too weak to function anymore. The tiles of my veins are cracked upon the impact 
Smile Smile Smile Breaking Don’t show Death Hurt Smile
You cannot simply tell me to get over someone I love.  It's not something that can be stopped all at once. That's like telling the earth to stop revolving the sun
I ripped myself apart for you and called it love. 
People wonder what my problem is
Empty Bottles Written by: Tara Renee Sack   Once upon a time you had a life Made a family, had some kids With your beautiful wife  
Standing, arms crisscrossed as the dead, I stand. And now she let's lose in soft lips a coo "Trust me" "I'll catch you" She's waiting, but I'm still standing because what -what if she doesn't?
A carton of cherry-limeade, and a package of Reese’s–short one cup – Lets go sit on a train and collect rust with our a**es. Chase me up the driveway at zombie pace Tickle me till I’m blue
What’s done is done. And I am done. What meaning do I have if all I mattered to, left me for dead? My beloved do not belove me. I am disposable. Superimposed into life, frame by frame,
Ain't it funny how life is always filled with pain Take amounts that the body really can't sustain   You're so depressed, you question your own state of mind 
Night after night my dreams felt so bright because she made me shine with all my light.
The illushen of the world around me is falling appart, and now i see how cruel this world can really be. How it tests you and takes away all purity, nothing is really as it seems. I'm not a strong as i apear,
I have seen the other side, More than eight thousand miles away. I have seen the other side, And it's like nothing you've ever met before.   The streets are lined with ramshackle stores,
Many shaped who I am. Many more shaped those who shaped me. I hope with my words many will be shaped by me. A spark in darkness created a universe that we all know.
You snatched the ladder from under my feet UNpurposely. And didn't bother to stay and cover my exposed wounds.
I was never that girlI'll never be that girlI broke heartsnot the other way aroundI slid in and out of these poor boys lives like the devil in disguise
I used to care too much, now I do not care at all, I have been up with my "friends", but they all watched me fall. My trust was so giving, I thought I was content,
We are connected not by choice but by some unbreakable law that forces me to carry you.
I am an optimistic soul I wonder about my past I hear the time keepers hands I see my future I want to start over I am a prisoner of time
The Hand of God
They say you spend your whole life rewriting the first poem you ever loved. With you, my dear, you were my first poem. I remember the way I said I loved you, I remember the way you shrugged. The way my heart was stolen.
Too many nights my mind wanders travelling to where my lost possessions are now. Ordinary belongings. A blue hoodie. Hairties. Pencils and pens. Then instead of wandering to unknown destinations,
Mother, why did you forsake me? All I wanted was approval.
I never truly understood the stories Where the girl would spend weeks pining after some guy "Way out of her league" Who didn't even know her name After she saw him with another woman  
I think about how we used to be Then I get stuck in my misery I still remember the way you used to look at me & how all those feelings came free  But now things will never be the same
Driving along down the street two vehicles are about to meet.
I never thought I'd hate something as much as you  You take away the good people from the world  You make them want you more then anything or anyone else  Those with hard enough lives you make worse
My emotions are tangled, In knots I can not explain. The feelings for her which I nurture, Are looked down on in great disdain.
Stranger. Bitterness. Anger. Hurt.   Because of your bitterness I am a stranger. Because of my hurt that makes me a stranger.   Your anger at the world hurts me.
Maybe I'm a little to insecure
Why can't things be. What they used to be. When I felt special. Around you. Guess things got too serious. Thought we could both bring the best out. In both of us. But I feel so alone.
What the hell is wrong with you?Don’t you know I’m beaten and blue?Leave me alone.I’ve done nothing to you.
This is my final prayer, That someone will care, But it never seems to change Because my mind is really strange.   It's dark inside, All my pain and demons hide, Maybe one day you'll see,
I'm fragile and shattered
My mind was my place. It was the only place I could be me...  It was mine..  Until everyone started putting their input inside. Then.. My mind went from happiness and sunshine to darkness.
I am a spicy fabric! I do not stick to the skin I do not sweat And who are you to say I am a ditz to be amazed at life’s simple pleasures? You always like to rain on my parade
She looks in the mirror and paints her face because a painted smile is easier than a plastic one and makeup is cheaper than a surgeon. She’s beautiful and she’s the only one who doesn’t know it. She’s lost in the dark. Running. Searching.
What could I do? What would I say? I cannot begin to imagine the pain I'll feel once I realize you are permanently gone You'll be like a distant memory of what could have been, what was
I wear my heart on my sleeve, Just because you decided to leave; I woke up with heart ache, So much that it might break.   I wear a smile on my face, And show love with my eyes;
                                 A man                                                         his deprivation.                        scampers from                                                               gateway to
Mothers not feeding their children , but feeding their habit instead ... Children staying an age forever because life was took to soon ...
Where has the time gone? Slipped away? Her hands seem so cold, So old, So far. She feels something Deeper. I know this to be true For I’ve seen the love In her eyes
She hides in her room full of gloom.
I am suffocating
I'll be fine on my own And your words break my fragile bones. I'm done with the negativity,
The late night half lit incandescent bulbs when sleep is synonymous  with the detestable scum scraped off the shoe laying on the floor mate under the bed
It didn't have to be this way They are always part of the problem I could have avoided another backstep If only it weren't for them I didn't need to have more trouble piled on I should have kept my distance
You know it happens. Something or someone just has to say the wrong thing. It all goes down from there. There is no way back. They just keep talking like they don't notice. They don't care they just hurt me.
The picture's fading The smiles painted are drooping Frowning, sadly Sad, she's crying, screaming But he's still talking   He hurt her once, she gave him a chance to hurt her twice  
people tend prey on the weak ones as much as they hate to confess.
Who has the right to tell me what to do? Who has the right to choose where my life should go and what it should be? Who has the right  to say to me that i can not be with the person I love dearly?  
Walking down the street with tear in my eyes and you still have words to say to me? My head in the ground, dirt in my face and your still kicking me?
Sometimes I wonder,
Sometimes I wonder,
I'll explain, and I'll try not to weep as I speak. But please listen, and don't ridicule me. Things occur for a reason just like the transitions in every season. The love I have for Him has sprouted up, and will not wilt.
You added the last bone to complete your skeleton of me
                   Victim Used by many Left by some To all spares every penny But has ears from none Caught up in a journey Though it's just begun
Its 11:55 right now and i began to think to myself why? Why me?  Why now? I work blood sweat an tears and do not know the reason why? Why does she lie? Why now?  My hands get weak when i think of this situation,
It feels as if its dark like a cave So alone no one can even feel my pain I know its been a year since you've been away But its a feeling that will never escape Friends and parents stand by my side
Now, I don't want this poem to be thrown in a big pile of others with a similar meaning. I want whoever hands this lands in to understand what i'm saying and feel what they're reading.
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
I've tried. I've tried so hard to be your model older daughter. (But I'm lying about that, aren't I?) I bend over backwards, I drive across town, I work my ass off. (But I'm so lazy.)
Why can’t you just love me for me…? Why does everything have to end in a fight…? Why can’t you trust me? When all I try to do is love you Why can’t you love me…? Is that too hard to do?
Am I still a child?Still having to ask for permission when no one is aroundAnd being told "You're grown", but always being shut down?
Today, whe
Why is the world filled with so much hate?  Everyday it's something different.  - some teenager's getting raped - drugs - alcohol - gangs 
I have so much to tell you.
You say this pain is my fault   that i put this gapeing hole in my chest  when all i tryed to do was set you free  from your monster inside  i put myself in harms way over and over again  i tryed to help 
You shall
Threw it all when You lost it all Threw the cause you find a way Just to let us know and say I'm with you today And when you are beaten down  You get right back up  When you try You never give up
An Infinite Sky Dive I want it.I miss it.Even though all its caused me is pain and heartache.I can’t talk about the past without building walls and iron gates locked down without key in sight.
  I can't see a world with out you , But then again I can't see  I'm blinded by your love, my insecurities. 
Lying next to you felt wrong, but nothing felt right these days.
I cannot just unpack, distract, extract my feelings. Help mother, help me! I call, but I do not call all at once. Signs of my pain were given but not noticed. She finally opened her eyes when I was on the verge.
There is nothing I hate more than to watch people suffer with problems they could easily solve, all because they're too afraid to say something. Everyone has that thing they can't say to anyone else
I think it's about time. I wanted to break out. I wanted to find some way to make someone hear. Me. It's like I wander in circles trying to break the loop trying to get away. No. It won't let me go it won't let me speak. Fine.
Love.  It comes in many forms. The love a parent has for their child. Instant. The love a dog has for its master. Unconditional. The love a sibling has for another. Growing.
Her world shook and violently crumbled, her loyal man was no longer humbled.
your words, they stingjust like a razor blade upon my skinsinking deeper with each cut you slit  
we've all loved We've all lost But all can be found We'll all live We'll all die We'll always strive For better or worse To love and be loved We'll find whT was once lost is now found
The life that we praise, what we call a perfect one, is not within reach,  but the life we call our own is just as desirable. 
Fade away Into yesterday Will anyone know when I am gone Trapped in yesterday Wanting to escape The sorrows that enrapture me Trying to be brave
to be Heard rip opEn the chest  And feel the emotions  Ripped from your lips hear Me, oh future, oh past hEar me, oh children born, old men dead Now is the time to act
Wearing your cardigan means I need extra protection; I fear that the day will be bad, or that I will feel more than under the weather.  
I am honestly a bit disappointed.
  he told me nothing could be without me. he couldnt live in this world if there was no "we". saying all this while "she" was laying in his bed. all these lies fed straight to my head.
Lonely girl is so far up above the world. She orbits around, without an anchor to ground her.
Above the earth we lay, Slowly we decay and wash away,
Your hands came up empty Your heart became dry When everything was set to be done. Everything that was once love became fear Now here I lay alone My body grows heavy but not enough to fall asleep
We all return to dust at the end of the day. There are a limited number of words you can say. Once the time comes, you remain forever soundless.   Use the words you are given,
I am in a constant state of unhappiness. In my unhappiness, the happiness is blotted out By a blank state of staring at something that should, but almost isn’t there
  Envy the Blind
The sharp and the stabbingLike the shards of a broken bottleAnd its gleaming smoothnessLike the beads of a necklaceThey cut my stomach  liningLuminescent- like stolen stars
Gentle curving lines and harsh crushing zig zags
At the time when I was youngI saw life and thought it beautiful.Never once thinking of it in depth,Never once asking it of anything.As life grew around me, so did I
I'm too proud to cry in front of you.
I want to rip out my heart to get rid of the pain. Im not ready for the next lifetime. Just take this feeling in between my breast away. Make the time go pass. When you're out of my mind.
Elementary came and went,While High school Just flew by,Now my sights are turned for Provo, I got accepted at the "Y".Start to Pick Classes now,Not sure what major to choose,
Half blood, Half flesh, But fully family.   Sister of mine, You have broken our bond, Tread on my trust, And shattered my hope.   Over the years our family has relayed to me,
Stop. Stop telling me to cope. Do you me enough to say the words you have spoke?   To ask me why I’m hurting just isn’t enough
I’m not afraid to feel again To be touched by the fingertips even though I have no idea what they have felt before Even so I want to feel your heart beat against my hand I want your voice to cover my anxieties
You hold me close and say, "Don't fret.""It's okay, I will soon forget".I know the words are only in my mind,But somehow this connection we have; it speaks to me.
Utterly alone she cries Dying Piece by piece In the  War Against the lies   Everything is wrong How  Can she Keep  On Being strong  
LonelinessIt eats at me like aninfectious diseaseIt crawls on my skin and digs into it like bedbugsIt stifles my heart
This is for those who can't stand up and speak.   And if they ever did, they would come across as weak.   The ones who are lonely, hurt, alone, and broken.  
You convinced me to love you with the illusion of it being mutual. 
I used to think I loved you I used to think you cared I used to think "this is it" I used to be so scared I used to want to be your all I used to think you did too
If thou did not exist would one have been tempted? Just one bite of whats been forbidden;
I loved you and I lost you. I only got myself to blame too. They say niggas ain't supposed to feel. Like you soft or weak and you gotta be strong all day, every day. But it's hard sometimes. You human, so why can't you hurt? Why can't you love?
I feel like that. That pale greyish wisp of ash that crumbles beneath the slightest touch, That's been consumed by a ravenous fire that first caressed Then incinerated every fiber of it's being. I feel like that.
'Tis a Lethean shore     Written upon a writhing worm --- A half-winged bedight seraph of yore    Coos, in a butterfly's term, Amidst a nebulous crowd, hearing
I need to take some time out of my schedule just to acknowledge some people to say sorry Now taking time out of my day to say sorry got to be major because that mean I got a lot of apologizing to do
Prom is tomorrow. I put my dress on today. The dress you helped pick out. I stood in front of the mirror. I looked at myself. And I thought: was I not pretty enough?
The first week I was sad. So very, very, very sad. I was on the verge of tears the entire week. I thought “be brave” one minute and “I can’t fucking do this” another. The second week I was angry.
Now she’s talking. Why? What right does she have to do this? What right does she have to say these things? What right does she have to make me feel bad about myself? No right.
I don’t know what to say. I still love you. But I’m glad this week is over. But now I’m less sad, And more angry. In fact I’m fucking pissed. You’re an idiot.
I walked into the building today, and I thought to myself, as I was marking my palms with little half moons: Be brave, be brave. Because I knew I would see you for the first time since you broke me. I considered skipping French.
You called me today. Told me you wanted her instead of me, that it made more logical sense Because that’s what feelings are about right? Logic. I cried. Yes, yes I cried. But I didn’t let you see me cry.
Crying doesn’t solve problems But it will make you feel better That’s why we cry on others’ shoulders That’s why our pillow is soaked at night That’s why the next day we can smile  
You hurt me, you hit me,
confident yet insecure
What to do with all the hurt? When inside you're fit to burst. You're supposed to be so strong. You're supposed to not be wrong. Put a face that betrays the truth. Give an air of being aloof.  
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" why does she starve herself? you're fat those are just words why does she hate what she sees in the mirror? you're ugly 
This life comes with so many demands..but it seem as if you  lost your understanding of being a man..but how can you be that which you have never had in your life..a man that can show or tell you the difference betwe
You hurt me in the worst ways you see it cuz it's all in how you play twisting the mind contorting it to your master piece. you must be in control so you can do what you want as you please
you've left me high and dry this time worse than ever I really believe that I  am unworthy of a lover   clearly you didnt know me or maybe you didnt care I shouldn't trust so quickly
Honesty is honestly a rare commodity.
The ocean waves touch my feet   As I walk along the lonely beach   Hands in my pocket, my head held high   Tears streaming down my face  
...sitting in a room, empty, consuming  the thoughts surrounding the little heart inside as a tear begins to form, and slowly falls to the floor, a voice silently questions, what are those tears for?
Controlling ... and so revolting,
Every step a little weaker Every breathe a little harder
I miss you so much it hurts or maybe i miss what we use to have, I use to think the phrase "i love you to much it hurts" wasnt true, but as I can see thats the definition of how im feeling.
Daddyless girl grows up missing a piece to her puzzle
Some people are bullies They manipulate people in sight They love to call people rude names They only do it to start fights   How you heard of Tyler Perry's movies
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
You called me your brother.
I dream about you every night. 
One, everything was all right- perfect 10-  times 9. Measureable by a letter scale,  A.   Two, I recall you but not what you said one and one? The scale is getting heavy and dark like
Did you ever love me, like I loved your hands? On my throat as you choked me with your lips, on hers. Did you ever want me, like I wanted your attention? Out of the corner of your eye, when she spoke.
They tell you not to make your home in a person That’s too risky. When they leave, you’ll be left empty, homeless, Sad, lonely.
Screaming inside, no one can hear it, I know when I die, I'll be a sad spirit. Concealed with pain, I lock myself in,
Dead eyes move in slow motion Dead eyes see so much pain Dead eyes look into the past With the lenses of retrospect, dead eyes see everything more clearly Dead eyes stare off, stilled by hurt and sadness
Everyday I cried over you And waited for the day for you to come through
It started out as beautiful Then slowly it began to crumble
Question. Pain. Life. Mystery.
I hear the word so often that I have become numb to it. I think that is the worst part.  They call me out of my name and they hate me so much.
Im at a loss for words right now I don't know what to say I don't know how to feel or how to go about my day    The images never leave my head Your happiness displayed
Can you hear it? Fiercly flowing, Coursing through your veins? It feels like fire Venemous hatred Aren't there rules to follow in this game? They took all you had and they gave nothing back.
You asked me how I knew I loved you, The words could barely leave my mouth. I tried to write it, I couldn’t. There was no ink, I could not do that to you, You deserve to know the reason,
I can’t take this anymore. How can the people that meant so much, The ones that were there for you, Never failed to make you smile, Be the same people to shatter your heart to pieces?
You know those moments When you just want the world to leave you alone, When the littlest things make you break down in tears, When there's so many things you want to say, but you don't know how to say them,
Today was a strange day. “Who are you going to prom with?” she asked you. I was sitting three seats away, and you looked at me and I looked at you. And you said “are we going to prom together? We made a deal”.
I remember your green eyes,  and the way I stood on my tipytoes to kiss you, One hand on the small of my back, the other cupping my cheek. That was in your kitchen.  
Does it matter that these tears fall for you? That they hit the floor and the page, but not your hand? Does it bother you that you did this to me? When will you pull me out of this quicksand,
I’ve never felt so lost, Nor felt so helpless, alone, angry and frustrated. Nor have I ever cried so much, or as often. Never have I asked “why” so many times. I’ve never been so weak.
Why is HURT here? Can you not make it go away. Again I will shed a tear. For we all suffer every day.   If there were magic to somehow erase. The pain we all feel. Would bring joy to our face. Then I would change the ability to HEAL.
I get HIGH SNIFF, SNIFF Into another place
You scream and you shout. No one's answering and you ask "Why?"  This world is cruel.  Get used to it. 
To loose such ties is something that I can’t explain.
When I first came hereI thought things were going to get better.
Life of a bully oh how it must be to have people cower all over your feet Storming and raging, even the skies are afraid of who ever would come across you and your rage  
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
Funny how we used to be so in loveand the sky's the limit was a frequent term...usedthen abused! My hair ripped from the rootBeaten for just an opinion... bitten for just a word spoken
#1– O/S:     Your mismatched eyes are so beautiful.               – One of glowing umber, as bright as the fantasy of Neverland,
  You stole my heart and you know what?
A writer’s sword is a pen Green, blue, red, black, yellow ink Inside a long plastic contraption