Dear Katherine,

My friend. My love. My life.


It’s was a new year. 

I was starting over. 

Not sure who to trust. 

Not sure where to go. 


Then I saw you. 

Recognized your face. 

Maybe, just one last time, 

I could try to make it work. 


You could be the one.


When I finally knew that you were,

I wanted to know all about you,

I wanted to share all I had with you,

I wanted to be your best friend. 

I wanted you to be mine. 


Our friendship grew fast. 

It grew strong. 

No one believed it could last. 

We proved them wrong. 

Now we stand tall above all,

Showing the world who we are. 

Nothing and no one can tear us apart.


Except for each other. 


Only been a few years, 

Though it feels like forever,

The time has come, to share 

The truth of who I am. 

No more hiding behind smiles. 

No more buried emotions.

I’m digging deep,

Showing you what’s inside. 

I hope you won’t run. 

I hope what you see,

Won’t send you away. 

The secrets I hide 

Are big, dark and ugly. 

They still come back to haunt me. 

But maybe, just maybe,

You can scare them all away. 


I’m not perfect. I’m not whole.

I was broken and bleeding,

From deep cuts made

By those, I called friend. 

Standing on the edge, 

Ready to jump,

So tired of pain, of feeling at all. 

I was sick of it all. I

Lost hope. Gave up. Let go. 

No one could hurt me if I didn’t care.

No point. No one’s perfect. 

They’ll all let me down. 


Except for you.


You’re not perfect. 

But you’re perfect for me. 

Alone, I’m not whole. 

But with you I’m complete. 

My pieces and cuts

Are put together and stitched by your love. 

You are my true friend. 

You pulled me back from the edge. 

You keep me grounded.

You give me something worth feeling. 

You give me joy, peace, comfort. 

You are my hope. 

You are who I hold on to. 

You will never hurt me. 

You will never let me down. 


You make me smile.

You make me laugh.

You are always with me. 

You are mine, as I am yours. 

My heart. My soul. My reason for breathing.


My dear Katherine,


You are my everything.

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