Silence In The Dark


Hard to maintain
But not impossible
Especially when nobody listened in the first place
When silent
Everyone's happy
The absense of your voice is music to their ears
Even when your doing it for a cause
They don't care
Few see purpose
But all love the absense
A sound so sweet
You not saying one word
But no one ever hears your thoughts
For they do not listen closely
Now realizing speaking has no purpose
So why did you learn
They believe if for no medical reason 
It does not matter
But it does to you
The importance is great
People out there
Is good reason to you
The silence is so different
Usually so loud
And full of anger
Or laughter
Now no sound
Suddenly everything is so quiet
They don't know you or what you've been through
You may not know them
But you don't judge them
So why can they judge you
Everyone's cheering
You haven't the slightest idea why
Then you realize
You say a word
They seem upset now
As they come to remember
The voice that has been missing
Theanger in them is visable
And you decide
Talking is overrated anyway
You did it for anxiety and bulimia
Depression and anorexia
Self harm and those no longer here
Due to the darkness pulling them in 
Too far
But they just want silence
To emerge once again
It doesn't need meaning
Just silence
So you let the darkness 
Pull you in deep
Seeing nobody cares
And you give in to the silence
Your voice once one of many
Now not even a whisper
Darkness shadows you
As they make a joke of it all
The darkness so cold
So deep and unfeeling
It keeps its victims locked away
In its cages
Some never manage escape
Others are lucky
And some are simply pulled in to far
As you watch people once so close
Not a sign of aknowledgement
They call you crackhead
Simply out of control
Crazy Abnormal
And fat
But you come to a realization
You don't care
You never did
So why bother listening now
Maybe they can be right
It doesn't matter though
Just tells you something
They'd rather you give in
And they are fake
The darkness is pulling
And I refuse to give in
Silence is the loudest scream
And as a friend once said;
In that moment 
Silnce was no more


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