First day of high school, I wore a dress to impress and I guess I was subjective to the people that I messed with, but it didn't stop there. People were staring at the waistline of my elastic that made me look fat. But I liked it, they niticed me. I wore a coral jacket and dyed my hair black to match my shoes.  You know, the popular ones that only skinny girls wore. Well, me too. It took me an hour to find my first class, even with some help, I guess they thought it was funny 'cause I couldn't figure it out. I showed up 55minutes late to Spanish. But, afterwards, I knew where I was headed. My favorite class was next. How could I not miss it. We learned about infatuation. Even on the first day people talked behind my back only 2 feet away in another desk, giggling that I was in-fat- uated. But in fact, I was comfortable. In the end, they were lashing out 'cause they were insecure of themselves. Violence is never the answer.


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