My Idea of Love

A carton of cherry-limeade, and a

package of Reese’s–short one cup –

Lets go sit on a train and collect rust with our a**es.

Chase me up the driveway at zombie pace

Tickle me till I’m blue

And hold me close as we laugh and sway.

Night slowly falling outside, music blaring in the background

Our bodies close, and content.

Let’s share the perfect set of words through kiss.

Roll down the windows, and I’ll stick my head out.

The wind on my face, sweet smell of rain, the radio murmuring hushed tones.

Never had my head felt so clear.

Light painting us in the gloom,

Lets hold each other in a lovers embrace.

I’ll kiss your tired face, and stare into somber eyes

That whisper back,

“I don’t love you anymore.”

It’s never uttered –it doesn’t have to be

Because that is what love is.

Time lost

And memories you can never burn away.



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