Running On Empty


Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
United States

"Alone, alone, alone..."

The phrase that plagues my mind day in and day out...

Yet it rings true about who I really am. 

I am alone.

Feeling ever so distant;

Ever so distant from my own mind,

My own emotions,

my own sense of life. 

A crowd of people surround me 

and still i remain

Oh so alone...

Oh so distant...

Oh so ignorant towards the rest of the surroundning world. 


Part of me screams for social recognition.

The rest of me laughs

Laughs at the improbablitity of me ever being noticed,

and at my seemilgnly impossibe dream of one day being sucessful.


I am but a car;

A vessel controlled by others.

The road is filled with many more miles

and I am destined to soon break down...

For I am running on empty




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