Dad, I Love You Regardless


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The questions in my mind,
Answers hard to find.
If I may be so bold…
How can you be so cold?
Temperature below zero,
I’d rather hug my pillow.
Indifference cuts right through,
It makes my soul turn blue.
Why don’t you see?
See the pain you cause me?
I try my best, to put to rest.
Can’t stop my heart,
You say “Don’t start.”
It’s never enough, is it!
Well I’m sick of it, kiss it!
I’m really leaving this place,
No longer up to disgrace.
Pain turns into anger,
Anger turns into a rush,
This ain’t a fucking blush!
Don’t worry you won’t pay,
I have nothing else to say.
My suitcase packs enough,
This really ain’t a bluff!
Decided miles high in the sky,
That life will not pass me by.
Open my wings to be free.
Only hope that in time you will see,
That it was actually you, not me.
Not asking for an apology
To you that’s an anomaly.
But for some reason,
In the change of the season,
You’re no longer oblivious to my existence.
It must have been the time or the distance.
A bittersweet feeling,
I feel myself healing.
A Little by little,
No longer brittle.
It took one kiss on the cheek,
To make the anger grow weak.
A small show of affection,
To eliminate the aggression.
Dad, I love you regardless,
These words are my catharsis.
Forgiveness in a warm embrace,
I’m glad we're in a better place.
I cherish the love you have shown.
Not going back, but man I have grown!



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