A facade.

Gold plated, short lived.

Available for everyone to see.

And so it was a mask of gold.


A radiant heart, riddled with holes.

Just behind the cavities,

There you see,

Glimpses of the stone within.

Her heart was worn,

No longer with its previous luster,

It was decaying as an apple,

Rotting away.

Eaten by the candy coated lies,

Sugar sweet, easy to take in.

Swallowed in large gulps

Greedily she took them in.

She took them because she was naive,

She had no idea of the end game.

They fed them to her,

Their sweet, sweet lies.

So they would destroy her from the inside out.


It started with the stomach aches.

A dull roaring pain,

Their words churning in her gut,

Creating a toxic waste within her.

One that would hang there,

Even after it passed,

In her memory.

She could feel it now.


Next came headaches.

Piercing as she came off the high,

Ringing in her ears,

She swore it was real,

She could hear it.

She could always hear it.


Now there was vomit.

Putrid smells came from her toxicity.

She heaved over and over,

Trying to rid her body of them,

Of their once sweet words.

Her body shook as she emptied herself,

Desperately leaving behind all they had told her.

Leaving the things she held so tightly to,

And that was the most painful.

Learning the truth of a lie,

Learning hurt from those you loved.

That was the white hot pain she felt each day and night.

The shock of being shot by the one you were protecting.


She keeps her mask on now,

Even to those she is closest.

She will never feel that pain again,

Even if it means she will feel nothing.


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