It hits us! Always in the beginning we feel good, peaceful, warm. This will last forever… we always think that. It ends up to be cold, bitter and sour. A bad image that I could never get rid off. It hurts so bad we thought this could last forever. How did it conclude like this on the edge with no answers. I close my eyes and wish for wonders holding on to the last slither hope. We understand reality but we don’t understand reality. It changes so quickly and everything shatters the rush of thoughts puts me to slumber  I cant escape my nightmares I run run run run only to go nowhere; pitch black I fall into eternity for forever. Heart stops cold sweat I yell and open my eyes still yet to understand reality.



This poem describes what we all go through and how we react to each situation. I chose to write about the struggle of wanting something good to last forever but something always interrupts that "something good" and in the end we are left with no answers but confusion. 

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