It will all be ok

Im not sure if words can say

What is truly on my heart

No heavy darkened burdens lay

Nearest miles or far apart


Saying goodbye will be the hardest

To let you leave me here

You mean the whole wide world to me

To lose is you is my fear


Is it selfish to want to keep you

Right here by my side forever

But that is so far away into the future

And life seems too hard an endeavor


But I can do this, I am strong

My comfort and my hope in God

If things don’t work out the way we want

I will put my trust in Him, so on I trod


I thank God for you every day

Knowing that meeting you was a blessing

We can get through the difficult times

If we can endure temptation’s testing


Please do what God tells you to do

Even if that means I shouldn’t have mattered

Believe me, I would be sad

But God knows better, and He heals the shattered.




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