Born again in Darkness to find Light

I have seen into the light,
For so long I never had it in me to stand upright,
I was always so pathetic,
I never looked in the mirror as my own worst critic,
It was always up to me,
I can be whatever I want to be,
You don't know what being born again is,
I am the only one who has tried and did not miss,
Yet, after the impossible I have done,
It scares you now to see what I have become,
None of you can put me in a box in your mind,
Very few of us are truly one of a kind,
Everyone can see what they want to from me,
But, no one's opinion is for free,
Everyone has their own motives,
I am the only one who just lives,
I live without jealousy or shame and love like no other,
I care nothing for what you think except for one other,
But I have always fought,
Or loved harder, faster, and longer than you thought,
Sometimes for only the wrong reasons,
But, as the flowers bloom in the seasons,
I was born again on the sharpest knife,
In the middle of the darkest night.

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Enigmatic Pariah

Very intense poem. I like how the intensity picks up about half way through, and continues increasing until the end (at which point I feel like it reaches its peak). It is also quite interesting how the beginning starts off with the speaker, feeling weak and unimpressive, but just getting more and more empowered until the poems end: it creates a nice climactic effect, that never loses the readers attention. Nicely done, really, nicely done.

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