Dear ex-lover

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 16:36 -- Kbliss


Dear ex-lover,

I wanted to taste the way you bleed

and just like in between the lines i read

no you didnt love me, didnt want this tree to suceed 

you fell in love  with my flowers not my roots almost as im milkweed

But im human, im human not a seed to plant in your emty garden

I wanted you to undress my soul

instead you undressed my lust and love

I didnt want you to be my hero, i wanted you to

support me and be the best sidekick in the world

It made you mad so mad, the way i moved on with such speed

But everynight, i cried myself to sleep

i never had felt a pain so deep

you were the love I always went back to

but always unwanted in the end.

In that regards you lost me, you fucked up.

I loved you, (I fucking loved you)

when our friends bring up your name

a melconly look in my eyes and a big smile

as i change the subject.

You say, you miss me

I miss me too, the me before you

cause now i cant look at stangers the same.

I missed you from the beggining,

it was like my best friend was dead to me

when you put a timebomb on us.

You thought i was fine with flings, 

you clearly dont know me then.

I want you to rember this,

what you did to me everytime you kiss her

and everytime you toch her

You dumped me, because you could not focus

you dumed me 5 weeks before you said when i was sick

you dumped me the day after you said you loved me

and a week after we made loved.

You killed me, tore me limb to limb

and when you look in my eyes

and ask if im happy and i say im fine

i hope you know im not

i hope you no the reason that i dont message you the same

i hope you know why i distanced myself

i hope you know why i dont hug back

i hope you know why...

Im done, i am, im done.



Your ex


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That is a very powerful poem, I love it!


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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