the art of nothing.


This is for the girl

Who loves too hard.

Falls too fast.

Destroys her own heart.


This is for the girl

With the gaping scars,

That boys spill salt on 

Like a flaming work of art.


The girl who cries 

Too hard sometimes

But never in plain sight.


The girl who can shield

Both his heart and hers

In both hands

And still manage to fight.


She's the girl

Who deserves the world,

But is often left in the dead of night


With nothing.


She'd cry an ocean

To give you a rainbow.


You'd tie her down

And force her to watch you go.


She'll wait for you

Even as the months pass


So patiently.


But you won't return,

And it's a pain to me.


You've left to find "better"

While she calls you "best"


You're nothing, but a pest.

No better than the rest.

A pathetic fucking narccisist.


Every rancid quality 

That made mom a pessimist.


But she won't believe it.

She can't.

"You're perfect."


And she'd give it all.






To prove you were worth it.


Did you ever love her?

Or did she just patch up your ego

To help you recover?


She mends your broken heart and you...


You gift wrap it

For another.


And now there are others.


She's "moving on."

So she says.

But a beautiful heart 

Cannot pretend.


Neither can the strangers

That sneak in and out of her bed

Burning artificial roses

Into her narrow little head.

Disgusting indescretions 

Burning clear

Until the end.


Her pride 

Has been buried.

Her mind

In a frenzy.


Hell to any man

Who dares call her "baby."


Shit, she's gone crazy.


Disguising the words

"Save me."


Now she can't identify.


What was love and genuine interest,

Looks like pain and blistering lies.



It' all bullshit...


She didn't deserve to 

End up this way.


Lost and deciphering 

Every word a man can say.







Smiles when she's angry.

Laughs when she's sad.


Please, beautiful,

Don't ever look back.


Give the boy a chance.


The boy who gives you

All of his heart.


The boy who dries your tears,

And loves the way you are.


The boy who makes you laugh,

And brings your lonely sky some stars.


The boy who saw the innocence.

Though, you hid it from the start.


This is for the girl

Who's forced to start over.


The girl who can't believe 

She'll ever find another.


And that deed is for the boy

With hands and heart of gold.


Who believes that girl is worth

More than all things, bought or sold.


The boy who shows

That girl is all he needs to feel rich.


Boy, love her

And treat her well.



Don't be a bitch.


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