The Day I Await


I hold my words silently, but you've no idea how much I want to blast them within your ears,-
I want to scream them so loud as to burst the barrier of ignorance sorrounding your eardrums and pierce them with a truth so shrill that they will bleed a river of blood,
A river flowing in length for every lie that has slid off the silverness of your serpentine tongue,
A river flowing in length for every fingerprint left on the surface of anothers belongings,
A river flowing in length for every bout of ignorance and stupidity that you've portrayed in your life,
A river flowing in length for every day that I must look in your face and be reminded that my life is the close equivalent of living in hell,
A river flowing in length for an endless amount of possibilities, but i've really no need to say anymore,
Those alone and you'd be another lifeless body on your way to the crematorium,
It's only fitting to burn your body when your spirit will wind up burning too,
I wouldn't think twice of gracing you with the privelege of a peaceful burial in which the people, if any, may shed their tears and send their blessings with the withering petals of flowers,
Even the corrupted soil of our Earth would be put to shame if you were to be lain inside it,
You are a demon in flesh,
The body, mind, and soul are one, and, in turn, they should all suffer the same fate,
And sick of me to say but that is the very day that I await,
You always say that you've grown tired of our home, and so I anticipate the day in which you are introduced to your new one,
Unfortunately for you that home will be far worse than any Hell that you or I have ever seen, and I fear for you in that way,
I would almost go as far as to say I feel bad for you,
But that's just almost, and that almost would only be after I wipe the smirk from my face,
On this day you will be rejected in front of the Golden Gate of the kingdom of the most high and be cast into a pit of abysmal darkness in which shall soon be lit with the fires of hell,
You will cower in fear as you stare your most profound nightmare in its face,
You will hold in your heart some hope, but the thought of mercy on your soul or any others from the Devil is unfathomable,
He will give you a stare of penance in which you shall feel pain for every sin that you've ever commited, and he will allow the fires of your own transgressions to melt your skin and burn you to the very core of your soul,-
This is the day that I await to be your eternity,
This is the day in which I can say that I have reached true tranquility,-
I find it funny,
These words from a man who is so much less than sinless,
I myself may very well share the same fate that I wish you to see,
However, it's ok,
As long as your burning next to me



I enjoyed writing this poem for the reason that I was able to put into it some of my deeper feelings and wishes for this person that I must hold in on a daily.

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