putting words to it

This isn't me

I am out here

I am not here

This body

I don't know

Whose it is


He came in daylight

He came as a friend

He came as a game

That I didn't know

I didn't want to play


They never told me

I couldn't trust them

The seven year old

Didn't know


This isn't me

I take off my clothes

And I don't look down

I wonder if he remembers

I wonder if he liked it


We see each other

And we smile

I wonder if 

They can see

How my heart

Beats faster

Than it took

For his hands

To take off my clothes

I wonder if

They can see

How my hands

Shake before I remember

To close my fist


You can't understand

Unless you are one of us

A statistic

A category


There are times I wonder

If I made it all up

Until the clothes come off

And his fingerprint

So long ago

Still stains me red

I see it


I want them to understand

I want them to reach

Into this tornado

Into my calm center

And pull me out

I want to be okay

I want fear

To not be a gender

I want nightmares

To be something

Other people talk about

I want to

Walk to my car

And not look for

Escape routes

As if his hands

Are reaching for my throat


I'm tired of fear

I'm tired

Of the sympathy

"It makes sense now"

Like my rape

Is a proverbial

Light bulb

As if I now make sense

I am not a rape victim

I am a woman

Who was raped

My survival is my life

And there is no prize


For doing

What others find normal

Now go to sleep

And wake up

And this is not me

I am a shadow

I watch this

Body change

And I think

What would it

Look like

Slashed with red?


This is not me

I am a woman

This body

This malformed







This isn't me 



i couldn't have said it any better 


Amazing, you are incredible, titanium!

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