Tell Them


And Did you tell them all the anguish you've caused?


Those sleepless nights where my heart beat too fast for me to rest--


Did you tell them?


The way I violently shook and shuddered,


wracked with anger--and upset by betrayal


Did you tell them?


What about when my concentration dispersed,


and my motivation to focus on school dropped--


Did you tell them?


What about all the good things I've done for you?


The support I've given you?


All the time and money spent on you?


Did you tell them?




Were they informed how delicately I would


tread on eggshells--for years?;


How I was always in the wrong--and you in the right--


Did you tell them?


Or did you filter out every good thing I've ever done because of your insecurity and jealousy?


You did.




Did you turn around and ry to destroy every shred of good perceived in me becuse you're hurt--


because you've never learned how to cope--


because you desperately want friends yet scoff at those you think you're better than--


because you're frustrated you can't hold down the simplest of relationships--a friendship?




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