True Loves First Kiss



True loves first kiss
Does that really exist
One moment you want it forever
But the next it's like "fuck that nigga"
"Fuck that bitch"
men complain bc they got a wife who cares too much at home
women cry bc their heart is now made out of stone
love has become so bitter and so cold
But now I'm on a role
Here's how the story unfolds
I'm not searching for love
It's gonna find me
Bc right now I'm doing me
Don't got time for the games of wait and see 
Time to face reality
Making love passionately 
One missed call and spaz out irrationally 
Love becomes a casualty 
Then you get a call back
You answer bc if you don't, you know you gonna miss that 
But you hide your feelings
Pride is taking over 
Exchange harsh words and you get shot down like an unarmed soldier
Now you hide behind a boulder 
No moves left
she screaming at you for stealing her heart, theft
you screaming at her to save whats left
Truth be told, your heart wasn't completely hers
You had deep thoughts of other women 
Of what it could have been
The what ifs
Taking for granted the love she provided you
Gods gift
But the rest is a blur 
Bc now you're not sure
If you really want her or her
Her words slur
They hurtThat pain turns to angerYou almost hate herBut you love her
You hang up
Shes holding on
You carry on 
Running in a marathon 
But you're loosing
The mind is still choosing
Her heart you're abusing
still, she thinks of you
They say if love is true
You don't gotta think twice
But loves a gamble
So you role the dice
Make a bet
Your heart is set
What you do 
Ask for a request
Pray that God gives you the answer
Pressures on 
Got to choose today before your mind blows
Just can't let her go
You take her back
Just like that
Back at it
Sex is real
Love the way it feel
Insecurities rise 
Try and fight the tides
But the waves got you caught up
It's rough
Yeah it's tough
You take your last breathe and go under
Storms coming fast 
The rain pours
Scars come to light 
Giving up, you just might
She's holding you tight
Don't wanna fight
But you realize this isn't where you need to be 
You're not happy
Tears dropping, She cries
Half of your soul dies
This love comes to an end
Nothings left to amend
Time passes, Got a new girlfriend 
And this never ending cycle starts again
True loves first kiss
Despite the tragedies,  we can't seem to resist
One moment you want it forever
Next it's like you wish it didn't exist
So loving myself is what I wish to persist  


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