Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,
If death would just be easier,
Then dealing with life.
I think to myself,
What is life living for,
If there is nothing in life to live for?
There is a saying I once was told…
Don’t worry about life,
Cause no one gets out alive anyways.
But then all the problems in my life, 
Are kind of hard to not worry about. 
They over crowd you,
And once they get a hold of you,
They never let go.
These are some of the things,
I think about sometimes.
Any you know what?
I have thought about ending my problems,
Just killing myself,
Right here and now.
But then I try to think of all the good times in life,
But can’t think about many.
I think about love,
I think about everything.
The word either disgusts me,
Or I love the word - ha-ha.
Some of them suck – but don’t all families have weak points,
And I love some of them dearly.
Don’t have many, 
But the ones I have,
I love to death.
I wonder what would happen to each of these,
If I died.
What would my friends and family think?
But really,
If you thought about death,
You don’t really think about these things,


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