We may have all gone through nights, when we couldn’t sleep
Thoughts about the ex just wouldn’t make us sleep
Why we thought about our ex even after we apart?
Why I am so obsessed with my own past.....

Although not all break ups goes well 
There are those who weren’t even officially declare
What happens to all your promises? False hopes and fake plans..
Because of you my life got messed up and takes months to reprogram

Many friends easily says.......... just move on and show your real spark 
But who knows that memories are stuck like a watermark 
My mind say move on from the one who left you alone in the dark 
But the memories make everything so Insomniac

I don’t know which would be better?
Talk to you.........? Or forget you forever!!!!!
I don’t know what this feeling Is? Is It love.....? Or is it hate? 
Whatever it is I don’t regret....

                                                                   Pranav Dhakal

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