Yours to keep

You stole my heart and you know what?
It's yours to keep. It might be if use to you,
Because you're a heartless dead beat. 
A disappointing and stupid little cheat. 
You had me played, acting all innocent and sweet. 
I invested so much in us, but you're nothing but shallow and cheap.
I would have taken on the world for you. 
Thought I found something I'd never want to lose. 
Turns out I was so focused on you, I was oblivious to all the clues. 
Wasn't an accident. This was something you had to choose. 
You ruined it. The only one to blame is you. 
It's funny, now you care?
Now you want to make this work?
I don't care if you're sorry. 
I don't care if you want to go on. 
I don't need to worry,
Cause all the love is gone. 
You have the heart now. 
I'm the heartless. 


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