A secret

I wish I could tell you

I have something to say

But when I finally try to

You walk far away


The somethings a secret

That only I know

I tried hard to keep it

But it’s starting to show


Promise you’ll listen

Or at least that you’ll try

Cause I know that I’m laughing

But it’s so I don’t cry


You see the thing is I love you

And I know what you’ll say

That I should already know you

And know you’re not gay


But I can’t help but love you

For all that you are

Even though I don’t want to

I can’t help my heart


It’s told me to speak

Since the day we first met

Guess this makes me a freak

Caught in my own net


A trap that I’ve set

With my super glue heart

Too strong to resist

But it tears me apart.


So I suppose that is all

That’s all I can say

So just make the call

And I’ll go far away.

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