Mon, 06/10/2013 - 22:30 -- DeeB


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My Brain, I want to shoot it.
My heart, I want to cut it.
For my feelings I don't want to feel one bit.
When these two things fight it out, it's hard to hear which one is screaming out loud.
Your heart is something you must follow, for your brain will never allow you.
If you must make a decision, you must go with your gut.
Trying to hear your heart, you'll feel like a nut.
Going insane is what some people do, they can't quite hear those fighting two.
It's hard when your heart and your head fight like siblings, and all you feel are different feelings.
If only your heart was meant just for beating, and there was no feeling, would that seem like we were heartless?
What's your heart without feeling?
It would be like talking, but yet no voice, a brain without a choice, lungs without a breath, eyes without sight, and hands without a touch.
All these things go together because they were meant to.
Once you figure what your heart is saying, you'll know what you're meant to do.


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