I'm Sorry

In my years I have done so many things
Hurt so many people
Caused so much trouble
It was never intentional
I never meant to hurt anyone like that
Like I did
To make them cry
Push them to become defensive and angry
I just can't seem to keep my words, my thoughts, my hands to myself
It was years ago
But I still think about those people
and the guilt weighs on me,
drives me insane.
I'm sorry no longer covers it
No longer ammends the wrongs I've caused.
Each day,  I try to lessen the burden of all my mistakes.
Each day I try to be a better person
Try to help someone,
Encourage someone
Inspire someone
With the hope that it might make things right
Yet I know it doesn't even begin to fix the things I've done
But it reminds me that I never want to go back to being that girl
Never again want to live in that harsh world
I know it doesn't mean a thing
Doesn't even begin to tell you how awful I feel
But... I'm sorry


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