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Remember when you caught me
Bleeding in my bed
Hands and face the deepest shade of red
And I was floating
Through those stars that you call eyes
That are brighter than the sunrise and
Warmer than the fires that give them life

But that wasn't enough to stop me from
Bleeding in my bed with
Thoughts of you swimming through my head
And I was drowning
In those oceans that you call eyes
That are deeper than my lies and
Darker than my moods when we fight

And now I feel nothing
Nothing but the loving caress of
Steel on skin
The clash of hot and cold again
Enough to send sparks flying through my body
Welding together the pieces of my heart
And rebuilding the castle walls
Defending from those cannon balls that are your words
Ringing in my ears
Like those secret silent fears everyone hides
But are always aware of
Mine is being alone
And now I am alone
I've lost one of the most important things in my life


So here I am a final time
No one left to catch me
Bleeding in my bed
Regretting all those words I said
While I fall
Into those caverns you call eyes
Just waiting for the sudden


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This poem is about my history with depression, loss of loved ones, and self harm. I hope you enjoy the piece. Comments and critiques are always appreciated.


This poem definitely speaks to me as someone who is going through the same emotions.


This poem is fantastic. It has so much emotion. Pain from self harm, and sadness from depression as well as losing a loved one. I'm glad you expressed your emotions so well. Please read my poems because I would like to know what you think.

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