You told me you loved me

You told me that you cared

But what we did to sarah…

I guess this is only fair


You always kept me hidden

I thought you meant it when you said forever

you didn’t 


I always needed to hide

and now I’ve left 

 you have all my pride


I gave you all of me

I gave you all my truth

But you’re just a cheat

i fucking trusted you


But its me to blame

What am i to you?

another stupid game?

glad its over, whew


But I’m smarter now

i know not to trust

but seriously how

i gave you more than lust


I  gave you all my love

I gave you all my heart

sure it was young love

but there are no more restarts


you used me

abused all my love

but it improved me

because its you I’m above


next time

with the next guy

i won’t give him all of mine

that way, he’ll never  to see me cry

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