Remember when the only thing that scared us was the shadow in our room.


We would be scared to look under the bed. And the closet was our only enemy.


 Life seemed simpler when we were young.


 Days were longer and laughs were sincere.


 Our worries were if the ice cream man ran out of rocket pops. Or if it was raining outside. 


And the scariest one was wondering what time the sun would set, and our moms or dads would yell out that it’s time for us to come inside. And we’d say just a few more minutes and then we will put our bikes away.


Now we worry about our grades.


If our cloths fit in.


If our hair is done to perfection.


If our makeup is good.


 And if people like us.


 Or that no one is talking behind our back.


We worry if we are going to graduate.


If we are ever going to make it out of this town.


If people are ever going to know our names.


We get scared. and this time, mom isn’t there to check if the monsters are in our closets or under our bed, or around the corner in the hall way .


And She isn’t there tuck us in.


We are alone.


 Forced to grow up at a pace we can’t keep up with.


How in the hell are we supposed to stay sane?


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