Mon, 06/25/2018 - 14:26 -- ShikaL

I open the internet

Go to your page

Instantly re-read all the works

You've recently done

Commiting them all to memory

Before you hide

Them all away.

Hide your true feelings 

From those who caree.


I heard you've gotten over

Oasis: got a new

Crush, had to hear this from

Second Sources - why?

Aren't we friends



Re-reading all your stories

One person coming back

For the other - over

And over again.Is

This your way of 

Sending out messages?

Someone help 

I need you?


I'm sorry.I 

Can't be that one

I know you're worried

And I'm a coward 

I can't say this

To your face but only... 


I  know you've got a lot on your mind

I keep on making lies

Tripping over my sheos

Wondering when am I 

Going to be exposed?

Fake friends, social life?

Fake AF


I know you trust me

You told about the abuse

Asian parents, who can't

Relate?But this...

Seriously, this is messed up 

I want to help you

You wanna help me


Darling. I'm too messed

Up, can't you 


And the funny rhing is,

We think the same thing.

Share everything 



I'm sorry but our

Friendship is taking a tummble 

I don't know if we can

Survive past this...

We've both endure too much sh*t 

But we'll see how it goes

If it doesn't then I hope

You know 

I'm sorry...








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