Empty Bottles

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 20:21 -- Tsack22

Empty Bottles

Written by: Tara Renee Sack


Once upon a time you had a life

Made a family, had some kids

With your beautiful wife


My mind is appalled

By how much has changed

But that’s what you get

When you live in the fast lane


There you go again; pushing, yelling,

Slurring your words

I fall to my knees

Wishing to be free like the birds


Clink goes the sound of empty bottles all around

You’re a disgrace

You’re pathetic

You fall to the ground


You’re as useless as a broken piano

Mom packs up our things

Grabs the kids and we go


You show no compassion

You show no care

You pierce my heart with

Your drunken stare


All we wanted was a decent father

You say bottles over family

So don’t even bother


Go ahead dad

Pick up your drink

Ask me why we don’t talk

I’ll tell you what I think


I struggle to find any

Truth in your lies

Why can’t you see

Just open your eyes

It is you that I hate

It’s you I despise

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