Fake Smell


1,000 miles away from eachother, you told me I was perfect.
You told me I was everything you wanted.
And you even told me you loved me!
Yet, you were always flirting with other girls.
Telling me that you could never commit to me because of our distance.
But every other word out your mouth seemed to be "babe, send me a picture".
And just because I loved you, I'd always send you what you wanted,
But there were days where I just didn't feel like sending anything, so I'd tell you no.
Then you'd get angry and stop talking to me for the rest of the day.
So just to get you to talk to me, I'd send you a picture the next day.
Then you'd text me telling me I make you happy.
NO, I make your dick happy.
Evidently, I was only kept around to keep you hard.
You see, my mama warned me about assholes like you.
Men who think it's ok to degrade women.
Wait, I'm sorry, did I say men?
I meant boys, children, and adolescents, because only a child would act as foolish as you.
A real man knows how to treat a woman.
Your bullshit actions were as clear as day.
Then again without my glasses, day isn't so clear to me.
I have a stigmatism in my eye that inhibits me from seeing perfectly. 
So when I wasn't looking, you switched my prescription with rose colored glasses.
Thinkin' that since I was blinded by love, I wouldn't see the fake all over you.
But fake is unmistakable.
It has a really strong odor that emanates from your skin like sweat does in the middle of July.
An odor that sends a  "YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR" signal to the brain.
And damn baby... I think you need a shower.
You should try taking a shower in truth and honesty.
Then use respect to scrub your body and dignity as soap.
Rub hard until you remove every layer of fake off of you.
Till your skin is tender and raw, revealing a new person.
Revealing a MAN.
A man who will no longer be stuck in childish ways.
Who will no longer degrade and hurt women...
A man who will no longer degrade and hurt ME.


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