I Lose

When will i win a prize possession.

Something or someone who belongs to me.

Am i to urgent or never on time.

Do i belong here or just well unsure of what’s going on.

When will i see whats for me instead of what ever one wants me to be

A image they created or a woman with more morals respect than a stripper and a preacher’s wife.


When will i learn no matter how big or small you are some people have lil issues and I’m talking more than physical appearance.

Young and want someone different how could that be cool.

When every man that’s claims that treats u like a fool.

I will know love again. It might just be god.

Or a second child with no help.

But i will live and succeed with every hope into making it.

Even with nothing, i will regain sight and walk by the knowledge of faith




Your a amazing poet


Thank you so much.I try.

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