Fade Away


Fade away
Into yesterday
Will anyone know when I am gone
Trapped in yesterday
Wanting to escape
The sorrows that enrapture me
Trying to be brave
Woe to yesterday
Is anything left for me
Or am I slowly left sinking
On a ship without sails
And a captain that has bailed
It's yesterday
Who would want to stick around
To watch eveything tear a part
Just hoping to blink away
In the land of tomorrow
Nothing worth fighting for
Broken into little pieces
That can't be repaired
I am dead
To you and you are to me
Is there anything left to love 
In me
Or have I already faded away
Could leave right now
And see the darkness that kicked me down
Where had that light gone
 To lift me up
And rescue me from myself
But yesterday
Cannot have me today.


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