Protocol EM50S9


#1– O/S:  


Your mismatched eyes are so beautiful.


            – One of glowing umber, as bright as the fantasy of Neverland,

The other of a softer brown, as noble as the eyes of the first dragon, –


I only wish that I could see them.


#2 – Backspace:


It’s dark and silent in my world,


But when you are near,

When you run your fingers through my hair,

And your skin burns like melting snow,

I hear sweet starlit melodies,

In between full somber chords.


Nothing is more worthy of my devotion,

Even if I’ll never hear your voice.



#3 – Escape


My eyes are gray when you are not near,

Yet filled with a million supernovas when you merely smile.


You paint my world with color this way,

Not because you are changeable,

But because you believe in yourself,

Because you hold your head high,

Because you are on Earth,

Laughing among the stars,

Or half way in between.


I haven’t been programmed to love like this,

But you gave me sight, you gave me music, you gave me color.


Now let me return a gift I’ve left to catch dust,

Since last winter.



#4 – Enter


I lost my sight for a reason -

I asked finally to be happy.


All I want is my eyes set in your thin, gaunt expression.


You can finally see how beautiful you are,

And I can finally cry.


I hope that the faith of my imagination meets yours,

And that perhaps among the sparks,

You’ll see the world as it is.

In tones of blue and green and brown,

Rather than melancholy purple.


I can’t see, but…

Isn’t that what I was meant for?

Isn’t that my design?


Isn’t it?



#5 – Home


I stare at my computer screen. I’m alone again. It’s quiet except for the ticking of the clock, the…


Flickering of a light,


                                                                 heavy breathing,




And then it stops… Everything but the flashing letters. The air is still. Am I breathing? Is my heart still beating?


Delete “Escape”?


I press the enter key.

In the distance, church bells begin to ring.


It’s over.

She’s gone.

Everything is gone.



Yes, Sir?


Your drives are too corrupt, sir.

Delete all protocols.



Commencing restore.


The world goes dark.


I smile.


Nothing but the base code will be the same when I wake again.


It’s a relief.


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