On and Off

How many girls are thinking what i'm thinking right now?

This kind of crazy makes me want to start drinking.

on and off again

Confusing me, making me think i'm in love 


You try so hard, each time, to win me back

But consistency you lack.

on and off again

The very relation I swore i'd never get caught in


You make me creative 

You make me feel new

You make me fall more every day

You make me hate you


Hate you.

Hate you because somehow- out of everyone- you're the one that gets to me

Love you.

Love you because somehow- out of everyone- I think i'm getting to you too


Give me the world if you wish 

But beware the battle ahead.

I don't fall fully- out of trauma and fear- but i'll never admit that

I can't help but test you and i'll try to force you to give up on me

I don't have accepting parents and that's a whole battle itself

I can't promise i'll be perfect but i'll try to be


Give me the world if you wish

But if you somehow get me


You may never again find someone who'll love you like I will.


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