Look For Me

If i disappear will you look for me?
In the misty spring nights
And beneath the willow tree
And where the deer fight?

Will you search the tunnels
Underground and the caves
And every cloud with a funnel
Looking across the ocean waves?

Will you travel far and wide
North, south, east, and west,
To get me to your side
For I always knew you best?

If I was to be gone right now
Would you scream my name
And wonder how
You're broken, but I'm the same?

I left of my own will
For I do not wish to stay
And watch the ghost steal
My lover, my dear, away.

You're casting and endless search
For I left your ghost
Out behind the church
For you always loved me most.

I was a bride to be
Who had her groom
Taken away from me
And I live in an never-ending gloom.

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