Eventually it gets old


Eventually it gets old

You get tired of arguing just to have a conversation

Your throat is still sore from yelling at the top of your lungs just to make sure your voice is heard

Sometimes you just want to use your eyes for communication

Sometimes you want to spend hours speaking philosophically with your lips

Not moving not needing anything to prove that we still matter to each other

Because eventually it gets old

And we run out of reasons to speak

And our eyes are afraid to meet in the middle

Where we were always meant to be

Our mouths keep themselves turned down to ward off any chance at a second chance

Our lies overlap and embrace each other until the truth that is sitting in our heart begins to die from neglect

And then one of us no both of us will want to leave

But are too afraid to lose the love we worked so hard to carry

But eventually it gets old

And that burden we thought was love has hardened into bitterness

And we’ll spend our lives bent out of shape because we don’t know how to make a circle anymore

Our rhymes will become nothing more than a deadbeat parent still forgetting to call on their kids birthday

Our hearts will turn off from each other and give itself away to others

That light that was in our spirits will dwindle until both of us remember that we always were afraid of the dark

Soon I will walk away looking for something new

Because eventually it gets old


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