The Friendship Poem

[ This is a poem about someone who I became friends with and later realized I regretted on this bitter night i decribed. Friends arent supposed to watch you fall without helping you back up...literally] 

I continued to fumble like a child making her first steps,

I told you I’ve never gone skating before and all you said


I fell more than a dozen times and grabbed your arm trying to stop,

You yelled and screamed and told me to knock it off

I slipped, yet again,

And you skated away with her, the one that left you in your rainy days


I told you I’ve never gone skating before and all you said


I fell again well on my way,

To see you and her, hoping you’d stay

I fell again, this time I was mad,

I told you how I felt, but you still

Wouldn’t stay.

You both laughed in my face and skated away.


Strangers spoke kinder words to me than those whom I knew,

They showed me the ropes and helped me too.

But when I told you I’ve never gone skating before and all you said was


I stayed to the side talking to my new friend who was as clumsy as me,

You didn’t care as long as you could do as you please.


You stayed with her, turning your back

Until you wanted a picture of her, you and me.


I went home and as I undressed,

I saw the blue-purple mess

The bruises all over me, the aftermath of the night with

You, her and me.

Or should I say you and her cackling carelessly.


Oh, how I wouldn’t dare to leave you yelling and frustrated for help

But you left me as soon as I fell


It’s been almost a year since that very night,

I remember the charcoal sky and the rink’s white lights

You left me to fall, again and again,

It hurts when I call you my “friend”

But it hurts even more to know that I used to call you my “best friend”


I know what place I have in your heart,

I have no regrets now, it’s set and done


I told you I’ve never gone skating before and you said


You said it and then skated away.

I wobbled my way and poured out my heart

And you skated away without a second thought

I can’t begin to tell you what I want to do with your coal heart


One day,

You’ll fall and all I’ll say is “okay”.





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