I can only imagine

As I lay outside on the trampoline in the cool morning air

I feel the wind gust through my hair as the leaves begin to drop

It’s my favorite time of year, fall and harvest time

My little brother comes out to join me and jump

The leaves begin to swirl around us and land on our faces


A soft giggle comes from the fidgety body lying next to me

I respond with a smile and a giggle of my own

Feeling him roll over and stand up, I sit up and grab him

Sitting on my lap with a mischievous grin across his face

I catch a little glisten in his eyes as a leaf lands on his nose


We stand and begin to jump; the leaves start to dance around us

Laughter and happiness fill the air as the leaves fly

Another gust of wind hits my face, and he has suddenly disappeared

The laughter is still ringing in my ear and his sweet face implanted forever in my mind

It seems that perfect moments such as this only happen in heaven and in my imagination


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