Pain is Knowledge


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Without pain….

You would not know of badness,
Or goodness

You would not know what is wrong,
Or what is right

You would not know of darkness in the mind,
Or light in the soul

You would not know the coldness of ice,
Or the heat of a flame

You would not know about that feeling called sadness,
Or the one called happiness

You would not have been criticized by the ones that do not matter,
Or praised by the ones who do

You would not have anything to prove to others,
Or to yourself

You would not have shed tears,
Or laughed till it hurt

You would not have known of struggle,
Or the strength you possess

Without pain....

You would not express hatred,
Or love

You would not know death,
Or life

Pain occurs so that we may have knowledge.

Without pain….

We would know nothing.

Is pain not better than nothing?


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