When you're gone



What am I gonna do when you’re gone?

Because you couldn’t let anybody in to hear the cries of your sad song.

So tell me what am I gonna do when you’re gone?

Nothing, because not only did you not let anybody in, you pushed me out

I remember our late night talks with you sayin “I’ll never let that happen to me”

But now it’s here and your tears are all I can see

No, not the one’s on your face but the one’s your heart cry

And what’s your mom gonna do when she has to tell her baby good-bye

Loosin a child is a hard thing to do

But since you wont get out, it's what she’ll go through

Because he’s not gone stop,

Ohhh no, not till the end

Then I’ll be sittin in a front row cryin sayin “what happen’d to my best friend”

So tell us what are we supposed to when you’re gone

When there’s nothing left but skin and bone

And when you moms sittin in your dark room all alone

Because you’re on a decent to heaven while she stuck at home

Because you let him wine, and dine and spend all that time

But that was all a part of his plan to get your mind

And yet still you didn’t even really know him.

But it doesn’t matter now because he knows you

He knows what make you tic, makes you itch

And he know you’re so dependant you won’t leave him for callin you a BITCH.

But just let us know what are we supposed to do when your GONE!!




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