choking on your lungs

smoke cough smoke cough

keep choking on your lungs love

chest pain chest pain going about another day

you keep moving but barely awake

not listening to a word anyone says

smoke cough smoke cough 

keep choking on your lungs love

appointments to be made, not wanting to go

just want the duckies in a row

behaving like a child, thinking you can run a mile

stumble stumble, only humble to the floor

needs help getting to the door

smoke cough smoke cough

keep choking on your lungs love

wanting respect your cant receive

due to your untimely deceit

not caring for anyone in the past

cause good things, they never last

play by favorite is what you do

we have done what you've asked us too

smoke cough smoke cough 

you dont think we care love?

even when we've put the past behind

yet you cant

we've stood by you, held your hand,

smoke cough nothings ever good enough

heart failure, stunt brain, chronic pain, 

what else do you hope to gain? 

stroke, alzheimers, dementia

oh and dont forget the emphazima

smoke cough smoke cough

can't i have another, love?

pass me a cigarette would ya dear?

even when i can barely hear?

wheres a lighter that i can steal

maybe death can seal the deal

my precious body can't handle this

all i want is one more kiss

not from you my love, but at nicotines tip

This poem is about: 
My family


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