I want to be happy even if it is just for a short amount of time.
Is it bad that I just want love for love, or is it a crime?
All around me I see relationships turning to stone.
The couple who were once so happy together, are walking alone.
In this generation, we are forced to believe.
That no matter what we do , we can never be completely happy.
We must play one another before we are the one getting played.
That jealousy consists of alot of hatred and much shade.
That we need approval of others of who we truly like.
Because we hate when others look at us in spite.
Being happy is a funny thing to ask for.
When you have people selling their souls and dressing like whores.
Where money means more then loving a person's soul.
Where we love it when the opposite sex takes all kinds of control.
Control of our mind, body , soul, and life.
What happend to the time when we all had such strife.
Now we are object and material things.

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Our world


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