Ten Tears


One tear.  From a woman.  A beautiful, elderly lady. Fifty-five years of marriage.

One tear.  Two sisters sitting in the front row, that loved him for seventy-seven years.

One tear.  A daughter who has made bad decisions, but the good deeds override the bad. A caretaker.  Selfless duty.

One tear.  A nephew.  Laying his flower on top of the casket, breaking down.

One tear.  A son who had not realized until days after.  Leaning on the silver vault that will hold his dad forever.

One tear.  Friends and Family gather.  They can still remember his laugh.

One tear.  His great-grand niece seeing her grandmother cry.  Embraces her to cry.

One tear.  This time of joy.  Remembrance of memories flooding back as a man of God speaks good words.

One tear.  The man, so happy.  Family and friends surround him with love and prayers so he can redeem strength.

One tear.  It won't be the last.  But this one is his.  Meeting his brother, sister, mother, and father in the pearly gates of Heaven.

These ten tears:  gave him his halo and wings.

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This poem is about my great-uncle passing away.  He was in a nursing home for rehab and suddenly died.  My father was a paul bearer.  I wrote this for my grandma, who was his sister.


Wow I am sorry for your loss but I bet he was a great man and he will always be in your heart heartfelt poem keep up the expression

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