No Child Left Behind

Hiding behind my books,
slumped over my desk
Head down in defeat,
as I stumble over each word

Sitting in the farthest corner,
silently praying for help
Miss teacher can you hear me,
I need your help

Prayers fall on deaf ears,
no response in sight
Made it this far,
without a teacher acknowledging my plight

12 years of struggle,
with one there
Dyslexia's my burden,
yet no one cares

Words dance on the page,
clusters confuse my eyes
Increasing my rage,
leaving tears to dry

No Child Left Behind ?
well I was left long ago
Barely making my grade,
yet I was told to go

It's never to late to save me,
I need your help
Miss teacher can you hear me,
I really need your help.


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