Hear Me NOW!


I scream to you

I beg you from my knees

I make so much noise

I cry and plead

I plead to the gods the lords the people the demons the angels and you

 And you all ignored me 

Walking as if I had never said a word

I scream over and over and over again

Hoping I’m heard by you deaf ears 

Louder and louder I raise my voice

Wanting to be free to be saved to be happy

In pain and hopeless vulnerable and weak

I scream again over and over and over again

I’m weaker than I was before but louder as well

As I plead to those of deaf ears and blind eyes

Those who just walk away even when my screams are loud

Finally out breath and low on voice I let out one last scream louder then the others

Hoping for the hand of my savoir

Hoping to be saved at my last moment

Instead I feel my strength leave

Instead I hear my breathing and heart slow

Please help me I whisper with my horse voice

As my blood run cold and my life runs out

My life has now come to an end

My soul cry’s and screams its silent curse

But now you come to look and to help

But it's to late I’m afraid

 I'm silent now

So do you hear me now?


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Our world


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